Tuesday, 13 October 2009


As I mentioned previously I went to Lush last week and bought a few goodies. I had heard about the Freshers box and wasn't sure I was going to get it until Daisy told me you could make your own kit so I went to have a look.

I used this tonight and couldn't actually smell any cinnamon, plus the little pink bits you see on the top are popping candy (I'm not sure if they actually are candy or just supposed to be like it!) but I didn't hear it popping either...it was still a nice bath though :)

I think Sex Bomb is my all time favourite bath ballistic from Lush - it smells divine! I have bought this time and time again and would be gutted if they stopped making it!

This is part of the Christmas range at Lush - which if you haven't had chance to have a look yet I would really recommend you do - and is designed after a lump of coal; like when you were naughty and your parents told you you'd get coal for Christmas? After being told that I was a bit confused to read someones review on Lush.co.uk saying they would have enjoyed the product better if it had been a better colour - dark blue with gold glitter for example, but surely the point of the product being grey is because of the coal?!

So the Freshers pack is £10 and you can pick either one of three ready made kits or make one yourself. I chose to make one myself - you get eight pieces...

A sugar scrub, which I was pleased to get as I have never even seen these before let alone used them. Truth be told I used to think of myself as a bit of a Lush fanatic but after looking on their site there is a lot of new items that I need to get acquainted with!! Apparently you use this in the shower and with it being sugary they are nice and exfoliating too. These are £2.50.

I picked this shampoo bar because it describes itself as 'the shampoo bar to calm hair which keeps starting fights with itself and ends up in tangles'. Which pretty much describes my hair to a T. There was no way I could get a brush through it on Sunday after washing it - I had to sit on a chair and let my mum work her way through it and it seriously took about half an hour - we managed to sit and watch a sitcom at the same time. It's scandalous!! I have only used this twice so not noticed any changes as yet.

I got this moisturiser for my Mum as I have quite a collection now - it's only a small pot but this one was specifically for oily skin.

I have seen a lot of reviews on this face mask so I didn't need the sales assistant to run through all of the products for me - I knew what I wanted!! It smells divine and I can't wait to use it.

Two soaps were in the Freshers Kit so I picked one of my favourites, Rock Star, and then the other one...and I don't actually know what it is. I've tried to look on the site and I think it may be Noubar? Although on the site that has lots of pistachios in and mine doesn't..so I'm not sure. It smells divine though!!

Finally two Toner Tabs were included in the kit - only one is pictured as the other went a bit manky in the bag, one of the other products was really greasy and made a hole in the bag plus made the tab all crumbly. I haven't used these before either but I am looking forward to - you pop them in a bowl of hot water and hold a towel over your head letting al the goodness soak into your skin. Can't wait to use these - my skin is rubbish at the moment!!

Sorry for all the pictures!!



  1. Cute bath products! I wish I took more baths!!!

    Thanks for the comment! I haven't been blogging much. Life is pretty good! And I'm glad you like the Twilight blog. It's way cheesy. :-) Enjoy all of your new products!!

  2. I love Lush products! They smell so divine!

  3. OMG I love Lush! I cannot get enough of them! There is only one here and it's across town, so I usually have a long list when I go there!

  4. The toner tabs are fab! I've used all three although I think they do a fourth one now, Q10 is it? Anyway, they're really good and make such a difference. I wasn't expecting much of an improvement but they make your skin look so much healthier, more even and glowing - love 'em! I have to take 'air breaks' though as I get too hot lol.


  5. wow amazing lush items!!! great review!

  6. I don't know why but for some reason your comments do not appear on my posts...crappy blogger!

    But I did read them! so...ihihih I know, I know, but I love accessorize so much!!!I can't wait til I'll be in London on Sat!

    and thanks for the other comments too xxx

  7. I love sex bomb!! I keep buying it too and the whole flat smells lovely when i've used it!!

    The want to believe looks nice too, will have to go and have another look!!

    Let us know about the toner tabs as I haven't tried these but like the sound of them :-)

    x x

  8. Sex Bomb is an amazing product. I love Lush!!! I'm hoping to buy some of it this week. Your pictures just inspirted my shopping idea...;)

  9. Love that shop and any time I'm in London I always buy loads to take back with me to the mountains of Andalucia in Spain where I have lived as an Ex pat. Previously I lived in London, where I still have a home so I am very happy to have come across someone blogging from the land of my birth!

    As a lush girl myself, I'm going to sign up to follow you. Come have a peek at my blog too. I've a feeling you're going to like it!!

  10. Ah your skin will feel like a dream!

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  12. Hi there, it's me again, Gloria! Thank you so much for all the lovely comments you left on my blog, it's truly made my day! You will find your prince but funny how we put up with so much S**t when we really shouldn't. The disease to please I think they call it!!

    Have a great day, Girl With The Golden Touch. Will be back to read more later today after completing my duties!!! xxxx across the miles!

  13. tomorrow is my wedding anniversary I gotta get me some of that sex bomb!!!

  14. You always have such great goodies! I love lush's candy bar... the one that smells like cremola foam (I think only Scottish people remember that?)

  15. I keep telling myself not to go buy one of these because I don't NEED them, but I have Freshers Flu atm (thought I'd be immune by third year) so I might go buy one to make me feel better.

  16. Do you know if you can still do this there? I mustt get to a Lush soon :(

    Enjoy your baths !

  17. @ KC ~ I take so many baths lol, I hate showers! xx

    @ Gabby ~ I know! I would love to work there! xx

    @ Whitney ~ I'm lucky enough to work 5 minutes away from one :D xx

    @ Lisa ~ Haha I bet I will have to as well lol :) xx

  18. @ Whit ~ Thanks! :) xx

    @ Lydia ~ Booo, I wonder why :? xx

    @ Jen ~ Oh its without a doubt my fave. The Want to Believe does kinda make you feel like you're having a dirty bath and you need to scrub it like mad after to get the black lines off! Will do xxx

    @ Selma ~ Glad to hear it :) xxx

  19. @ Kellie Collis ~ :) Most of the stuff has gone now though lol xx

    @ Gloria ~ I know, it's a bit ridiculous isn't it! xxx

    @ Bunny ~ Ooh yes! lol! xx

    @ CP ~ Yes! I love that too!! I love crumbling them under the water! xx

  20. @ Mara ~ Thanks! xx

    @ Rosie ~ Oh but you do need one!! Go and buy one immediatly!

    @ Daisy ~ Hey! Im not too sure actually..cos I noticed when I was posting this that the info was no longer on their website, but you may be able to? If I go in that direction I'll let you know xxx

  21. omG when I was coming back to Pakistan from America I shopped like MAD from LUSH! I haven't gone to visit yet and I AM ABSOLUTELY DYING to shop at Lush again.
    Your post has killed me!!!!!
    Btw, thanks for the pictures!

  22. I really wanted this kit!
    amazing blog, love it.

    I was just wondering how you made the corners of your photos 'rounded', if you could get back to me via my blog it would be much appreciated! :)


  23. @ Nahl ~ Haha! Lush rocks :)

    @ Emma ~ I'm kinda gutted they don't do the kit the year round :/