Monday, 26 October 2009

Leeds Shopping Week

From the 15 - 25 October Leeds held Leeds Shopping Week, an annual event with lots of different things happening, including the Lady Boys of Bangkok, competitions and giveaways/events in certain shops. I had hoped to see more of it and I meant to do a post before to let anyone in my area know but I haven't really had chance unfortunately. I did manage to get into Leeds last Saturday (17 October) to see the Vintage Arts and Craft Fair held in Leeds Town Hall - believe me, with the hangover I had just getting to the bus stop was a success let alone getting to the Fair!!

It was £1 entry and lots of little stalls with various things being sold. There was one stall in particular which I just kept getting drawn back to, lots of vintage jewellery and I could not decide whether I actually needed a silver ring with a dark blue stone. I decided against it on grounds of my ring collection actually being quite big at the moment and instead bought this from a gorgeous little stall called Ruby Tuesday.

It reminds me of a Pandora bracelet, and in the same way you can with those you can add beads/swap beads to this necklace. I haven't had chance to wear it yet but I can't wait to because the blue is just gorgeous.
Did anyone else manage to get to any events in Leeds Shopping Week? I really wanted to go to The Light and see Mary Portas but I had too much work on!


  1. The necklace is so so gorgeous. xxx

  2. The pendant in the centre look Pandora Charm(ish!) Beautiful :)
    Thankyou for following my blog!

  3. cute, and I love the stall name!

    Have a great week ahead!

  4. Gorgeous necklace, i didn't even tknow this was on, will have to go next year x

  5. Lovely necklace hun :) xx

    P.S. I've tagged you on my blog x

  6. @ Louise ~ Thanks honey xxx

    @ Jo ~ Thank you! xxx

    ~ Emma ~ Yeah it really reminds me of Pandora too! :D xx

  7. @ Toothfairy ~ Ah you too beautiful! :) xx

    @ Em ~ Aww man, I wish I had posted earlier, I really meant to! :( xx

    @ Sadie ~ Thanks :)xxx

  8. Oh no, I cant believe I missed that - I was in Leeds on Saturday as well - gutted.

    Love the necklace!

  9. The necklace is beautiful! Jealous.

    Kate xx

  10. I love the gorgeous midnight color of that necklace. Fabulous score!