Sunday, 25 October 2009

Illamasqua Goodies

I was invited to the Illamasqua Bloggers Event to celebrate the release of their Dystopia Collection but I unfortunately was unable to make it due to problems getting time off work. The lady who organised it, Alex Cummins, said she would send me some information in the post and it came through about two weeks ago and I was very pleased to receive not only some posters and information about the collection, but also some freebies!

I haven't bought anything from Illamasqua as yet so it was nice to be able to try before I buy kind of thing. I've had a look on the website at some of the swatches of the other polishes and there are so many I like - the pinks in particular. This purple one - Velocity - is perfect for this season, before hitting straight into the deep plum colours for Winter. I really need to buy a top coat - I will do next week I think - because the only problem I had with this was chipping, but I do really love it. The application is great and the colour gorgeous. I love the shape of the bottle too :)
The other product I received was the intense lipgloss in Galatic. Whilst I would never buy this I am pleased I received it because it is something different and I've enjoyed having a play around with it! I have seen some reviews on blog land of this, just a tiny bit with a pink lipstick looked great so I think that is how I am going to use it.

Here's a quick pic of me wearing it - this was about midnight and my eyes were all over my face I'd rubbed them so much so ignore the picture as a whole - concentrate on the lips!

Also when I used this for this picture, I could hardly get it off! I think I will definitely be picking up more of these lipglosses - does anyone know where the nearest counter is for me being in Leeds?

Both the nail polish and the lipgloss retail at £12.50.



  1. Oooo you lucky thing, the nail polish is fab. I bet the lipgloss will look really good over pink or purple for a night out. Hope you've had a good weekend x

  2. Lucky duck! I would love to try the lipglosses but have found the SA's at the London Selfridges counter so scary (i.e. I am pounced upon and walked around not allowed to browse and when I said erm I can't afford any more items got tutted at!) so I might just order from ASOS as its safer lol!

  3. Love the look of the Nail Polish!! x

  4. I have Velocity, it's really nice as an 'in between seasons' colour like you say :) I have a little stash of Illamasqua products but haven't tried the lipglosses yet. I think the nearest counter to you would be Selfridges, Manchester if you can get there xx

  5. I love that nail polish color!!

  6. That nail polish is soo pretty! xx

  7. Love the purple (??) nailpolish! Awesome color! This kinda makes me want to go out now and buy some new make-up. Hmmm...not that I need any.

  8. ohhh i LOVE that polish color! so perfect!

  9. @ Louise ~ It's gorgeous isn't it :) xx

    @ Em ~ Yeah I hope so! Thank you hon! xx

    @ Sarah ~ I know but I've heard the swatches aren't too good, I hate snobby SA's!! xx

  10. @ Sadie ~ Thanks hon! xx

    @ Lisa ~ I think I need a shopping trip! xx

    @ Jeannie ~ Thank you! xx

  11. @ Coco Bella ~ :D xxx

    @ Selma ~ Just do it! :) xx

    @ Alicia ~ It's gorgeous isn't it! xx

  12. Fantastic nail the color.

  13. Love the photo of you wearing Galactic, very glam! ;)))