Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!!

So as it is only once a year I wanted to share some of the many Halloween photos I have been saving to my laptop over the past few weeks...Tumblr certainly has a lot to answer for!!

What are you all doing for it? Dressing up, going out, staying in and dodging the trick or treaters?



  1. aww I love the little mice on the stairs.
    I'm off to see Jennifer's Body tonight - spooookeeeee!!
    Have a good night! x

  2. I love Hocus Pocus! :)
    We are taking Zoey trick-or-treating and Nick is going with his dad and their'll be a quiet night for us!

  3. Happy Halloween! Love the first picture...very similar to mine...and i do love the mice on the stairs!! Nice touch! :)

  4. Awww thank you, lovely!

    I should vary more with my recent looks. I have been wearing lots of neutrals with blue or green on the waterline lately. I have actually tried some deep and smokey blues, but my camera sucks at taking good pics of them at night time. :(

    hope you had a blast for halloween

  5. EEEKS! I don't like cemetries! haha... all the rest of the pics are cool though!

    btw I've just started a little game on my blog, so if you want to join, go check it out!

    Have a lovely sunday!

  6. great pictures! (: the bazillion mice kinda scared me for abit (; I spent halloween in London! very interesting indeed (: hope u had a great weekend! x

  7. I've been seeing so many references to hocus pocus all over and it makes me want to watch it again.