Tuesday, 27 October 2009


It's been around a month now since I did my 'fablera' post so I thought it was time I did another to show you what I'm loving at the moment.

X Factor

As always I am loving the return of X Factor. I do love the auditions part when it first comes on telly but I equally enjoy the live shows. I think this year there are some great acts in the final and it's too early to say who I think will win, or even be in with a chance of winning...well, I do think Olly Murs will be in the final, he is fabulous. This year the twins John and Edward have pretty much divided the nation but I have to say, I love them! and I'm outing Victoria as a fan too so don't all hate on me for liking them lol. I think they are funny! And I feel sorry for them - they are only young, and there are so many people slagging them off all the time! I also love Miss Frank, they have so much attitude and are fab, it would be great to see them in the final too.
Lloyd Daniels

I know, I know...he is only 16 but damn...he is fit!! I just love him and if I'm honest he is one of the main reasons I tune in to X Factor! He's so cute! I loved when Cheryl was crying how he went and hugged her :)

Lucy in the Sky

I picked up this book a while ago and only got round to reading it last week. I picked it up at about 7pm...I'd finished it by lunchtime the next day, and it would have been sooner if I hadn't had to force myself to sleep and then go to work. It was so good...it's about a girl who boards a plane to Australia and just as she is about to fly gets a text from her boyfriends phone from a girl claiming to have slept with him...I won't tell you anymore but if you haven't read this I would urge you to pick it up! Has anyone read it?

Galaxy Ripple

Yesterday I ate a Dairy Milk Flake and two Galaxy Ripples. And another ripple today. Why are they so good? Galaxy chocolate is so much better than Dairy Milk - it totally melts in your mouth!
Dionne Bromfield

You might have guessed from my Whitby post where I mentioned buying an Amy Winehouse biography that I'm quite a big fan of Amy. A while ago - when she was in that stage of being in the papers every day off her face - a video was put on you tube of her and Dionne Bromfield, her god daughter, singing, and I couldn't believe how good Dionne's voice was. I guess if she is 13 now she will have been around 12 in the video and I'm really happy that she has now got a record deal and released an album. I bought it the day it came out and I haven't stopped listening since - my favourite song is Beachwood 45789 I think! Have you heard anything by her yet?

What are you loving and hating at the moment?



  1. it is wrong! It really pissed me off!! :(((

  2. All the girls at school fancy Lloyd- I can't help but think he reminds me of the meerkat from the Compare the Market/ Meerkat advert!

    Love Wino too- saw her at her last gig in Hammersmith. Was over an hour late, off her face, kept walking off but oh my god that girl can sing even in that state. Gave me goosebumps.

  3. Lloyds my driving instructors step son & i totaly agree he is GORGEOUS! xxx

  4. WHHHATT???
    that guy is 16???
    DANGEROUS! haha

  5. I agree with you about the twins, they are hilarious! I love their performances, will be gutted when they go. Such excellent acts this year, I thought that young welsh lass should have gone though last week instead of Danyl and MissFrank being in bottom two!

  6. Haha I love Lloyd, although he'd be far better suited to a boy band!x

  7. Galaxy Ripples are the best thing ever. Fact.

    Re the twins- they're atrocious but all the more entertaining for it. Lloyd is a bit young for me!I want Olly or Joe to win.

  8. I've read Lucy in the Sly and I loved it!! It usually takes me a while to read a book but that I read super fast!!

    I recommended it to my mum and she loved it too!!

    x x

  9. Every year I tell myself i won't watch Xfactor, and every year I end up watching it! I hate hate hate John and Edward!! So annoying! Can they sing?? I don't like Jamie either. I quite like Stacey and Rachel though, but not sure who I want to win!

    ps: thanks for your lovely blog comments!


  10. Lloyd is super cute! Thankyou for the book recommendation, I need a new one so i'll definately check it out!xx

  11. No no no! Lloyd is TERRIBLE! We don't need another pop puppy! He's only still there because teeny boppers vote for him - he really is the worst singer on the show.

  12. I just wanted to say that I helped with a styling shoot at the house they're staying in! Its amazing inside :D

    Mmm, Galaxy chocolate..

  13. Aww I LOVE Lloyd! He's super cute and gorgeous! ;)
    But not the twins!!! They're funny but they're knocking the good acts that can actually SING out of the competition!

    Yuuuummm... ok I need to go have chocolate now! :)

  14. Galaxy ripples look so yummy. I LOVE English chocolate.