Sunday, 4 October 2009

Eye Like

At the Maybelline event in September we were given quite a few eye products in our goodie bags, including the new Pulse Perfection mascara. I've waited until now to try the mascaras out because I wanted to use up my current ones first. I've been using Maxfactors False Lash Effect mascara for the last couple of months.

When I first started using this I wasn't overly impressed. My fail safe and most used mascaras are Benefits Bad Gal and Rimmel Magnif'Eyes, and lots of it. I didn't think M'F did as good a job as Benefit but I've gradually got used to it and felt a bit sad when I came to the end of my tube as I knew I wouldn't be buying another until the others I own are used up. I decided to use the Pulse Perfection first. I've seen so many mixed reviews on this product, my favourite being Michelle's as I just love her before and after pictures - I hoped this was what it would do to me!

This product retails at £14.99 which a lot of bloggers have said is slightly pricey for a high street brand. I think the most expensive mascara I have bought is Bad Gal which is around £14 but I don't think I would really want to go above that, but I probably would have liked to buy it after seeing peoples before/after photos just to try for myself. The idea of the mascara for those who don't know is it is a vibrating mascara - unscrew the tube, press the on button and apply. As it goes, I am pleased I was given this and didn't have to waste my money as I wasn't that impressed with it. I found it a bit hard to apply and the brush isn't a chunkyish one, like I am used to, and I didn't like the finished result. I have a feeling I might be allergic to this too as my eyes were SO itchy when I had it on, I couldn't wait to get home and take my contacts out and scratch the hell out of my eyes. So a thumbs down from moi,

We were given four mascaras in total - as well as the Pulse Perfection, Lash Stiletto, Great Lash and Colossal. I have discarded PP to my mascara drawer and decided to use Colossal next as it is quite a fat brush. I'm liking this better than PP but I have to put quite a bit on for it to look how I want it's no False Lash Effect. I'm quite looking forward to using the Great Lash too - I have never used this before, although I remember friends etc using this over the years, everyone had it at school lol while I used Constance Carroll or whatever that brand was!!!

The other bits and bats we got eye wise was eyeshadows in Black Metal, I Love Lilac and an Eye Studio in Smoky Glam. Eyeliners in Metallic Blue which is gorgeous, a black one and a liquid eye definer in black. I have quite a nice collection of coloured eyeliners now, I need to use them more :/ The last product, which I think is actually my favourite of everything Maybelline gave us, was the Eyecolor Express in Vintage Rose. I absolutely adore this - it is so easy to apply, my only downside to this is they only stock it in four colours. I'm not quite sure when Boots are stopping the 3 for 2 they currently have on but I nipped in the other day and picked one up - I was gutted to get home to realise I had accidentally picked up another Vintage Rose. Meh! It was in the wrong space :( Still I'm sure I'll run out of this soon so I have a backup.

I'm going to watch X Factor now - I really, really hope Louis doesn't put those god awful twins through!!



  1. ahahaha .. he put them through!!! XD

  2. I've been trying collossal too and I haven't been overly impressed. I'll be interested to see how you like the others.

  3. Collossal is my fave of the bunch, with stiletto a close second!
    Surely with the 3for2 you could just be the other 3?!

  4. I can't believe that he put the twins through arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm glad you reviewed these, i think i'll stick with my Max Factor mascaras! x

  5. @ Sweetypopsx3 ~ I knew he would! I can't stand them! xx

    @ Kimmy ~ I'll let you know! xx

    @ Phoebe ~ I have a feeling I won't rate Stiletto. I meant to say, I might go get the other three but I know I don't *need* them and they're almost £6 hoping to move out this month so I need to save FAST! xx

    @ Em ~ TBH I rather it be them that went through than Project A or whatever they were called...hated them! I think I might have to cave and rebuy MF :/ xx


  6. I've recently switched to the Lash Stiletto and I love it! :) I have rather pathetic little lashes and it really makes them long and beautiful!

  7. I love all the goodies you got ! Nice review :D

  8. I was never sold on a vibrating mascara - just sounds weird!

    I always always get Rimmel mascara, I try other when they're on offer but I'm always dissapointed so I go back to Rimmel

  9. Well that's £14 you've saved me then ;)
    Was never completely sold on it anyway but don't think I'll be wasting my money.
    I like Benefit or MAC or the failsafe Rimmel.

  10. oh! i actually quite love using max factor's false lash effect (waterproof). Too bad I'm now in Singapore and they dont sell it here! :( I decided to try bourjois' eyeliner effect mascara (can't rem the exact name) but i think i still prefer MF!

  11. Ah, thanks for the review! I've never tried Maybelline -- I usually stick with Covergirl, NYX, or Rimmel. I've wanted to try L'Oreal's new one, I've heard it's good as well!

    By the way, I've left something for you at my blog :D

  12. I was wondering about that stuff! Thanks for saving me the monies ;-)

  13. @ TD ~ Yeah I know a few pl that are in love with it! :) xx

    @ Daisy ~ Thanks prawn cracker :) xx

    @ Rhianne ~ I was scared I'd get it stuck on my eyeball haha! xx

    @ AGITC ~ Yeah, maybe we should stick to what we know works! xx

  14. @ Becks ~ Aww gutted! Can't you get someone to send you one over? I'll do a lil swap if you fancy! Email me xx

    @ Nikolett ~ I've heard some good reviews on L'Oreal one, you should try it. Ooh thanks! xx

    @ LiLu ~ :) xxx