Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Aussie Pamper Session

The lovely Victoria invited me as her guest to the Pamper Session by Aussie Haircare held in Manchester a few weeks back. Unfortunately she wasn't too well and wasn't able to go but I still got to go as Daisy's guest instead :)

We arranged to meet at Leeds Train Station at about quarter past three and went for a much needed McDonalds, I was suffering pretty badly from the night before and was really panicking about the train down - I took travel sickness tablets, paracetamols and a Big Mac and large fries to soak it all up and we took our seats. After catching up on all the blogy gossip doing the rounds and having a good chat I started to feel really ill so I had to let Daisy just read her magazine while I concentrated on not being sick and try to sleep a little!

We met up with Phoebe in Manchester Victoria Station and then made our way to the David Rozman Salon. It took a little while to find it and we had a stop off at Boots for some 3 for 2 goodies and then sat outside the Salon for a little while where we spotted two girls doing the same thing and wondered if they were here for the Event...

Photos above taken from David Rozman Website

When we were seated in the Salon we met Lauren and Thom from the PR company and champagne was opened and little gorgeous sandwiches and crisps and dip were waiting for us which was lovely. Oh, and two other girls walked in confirming what we had thought earlier - Daisy and her friend! The Salon was gorgeous - I don't go to a 'posh' salon for my hair doing, just a small local hairdressers (moneys tight girls!) so it was very nice to have the experience to be in one. I loved the chandelier (pictured above!) and the layout of the place. We were each taken to a seat and decided between ourselves and the stylists what Aussie products were best for our hair - both me and the lovely person doing my hair (I'm so sorry! I've forgotten her name!) decided that as my hair is a big frizzy mess at the moment then the 3 Minute Miracle would be best! All the sinks were situated at the back of the shop, hidden from the rest of the place and together with the soft music playing and the end of the day setting it it is a wonder I didn't fall asleep!

After my hair had been styled more chit chat, champagne and crisps happened until everyone was all trussed up and beautiful!

Modelling our free Aussie products!

When everyone was finished we were taken to The Living Rooms where we had free cocktails, or in my case wine, and it was a lovely end to a great day - I just wish there was an event like this in Leeds, the only thing that really spoils the Events I have been to in the past is having to rush off and catch a train at the end.

Luckily me, Daisy and Phoebe could catch the same train back, which was rubbish and full of drunken people at the end of the journey, two very drunken weird women sat opposite me and Daisy for the final part of the ride and we just wanted to laugh at them!

I had a great day, it was fab to meet up with Daisy and Phoebe again and also meet the other Daisy and all the people involved with arranging the event.


*All photos (apart from the one of Phoebe!) are taken from 1000 Heads


  1. Great night :) Hope to see you soon! xx

  2. aaah... I need some MD french fries :P

    free goodies, always fun! haha!


  3. Looks fab, i know exactly what you mean about being on the train hungover, its such a bad feeling! x

  4. Very nice! I want to be pampered, too!

  5. WOW you're very lucky! Check out my blog if you have time?

  6. Ahh stupid holiday. I sooo wanted to go : (