Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!!

So as it is only once a year I wanted to share some of the many Halloween photos I have been saving to my laptop over the past few weeks...Tumblr certainly has a lot to answer for!!

What are you all doing for it? Dressing up, going out, staying in and dodging the trick or treaters?


Friday, 30 October 2009

D Day

By the time this posts (I've scheduled most of my posts this week) I will be the proud owner (well, I don't know if you can still class it as 'owning' when you're only renting) of a gorgeous, cute, amazing little duplex apartment.

I've lived with my parents all my life and this is a major step for me - I'm nervous and excited at the same time!

Currently my bedroom looks like a bomb site - there are bags and stuff all around, I can hardly move, so I can't wait to get moving in and sort it all out.

I'm not sure what is happening about my internet connections yet so I may be a little MIA but I will always (fingers crossed) have work so will still be able to blog, just no pictures for a bit.

A few things to end this post on:

True Blood

I don't get it. When I got Twilight I read all four books within a week - it literally consumed my life. I didn't care about anything else - I lived in a Twilight World in my head (and loved it) and thought True Blood would (foolishly) be better. I bought the first three books and I've just finished the first and I just don't really like it. I watched the trailer for the series and I don't like it either and I don't fancy Bill! Dunno. Maybe he's just not Edward/Jacob! I will continue reading.

The Memory Keepers Daughter

Read this after reading True Blood in a day. I did not for one minute think I would enjoy it, and read it so fast, as much as I did, thats why I've never read it previous. Who else has read it? Did you shed a few tears? Or do I just cry at everything?!

Barry M Nail Paint in 119 - Baby Pink

I hate this polish! It is the worst Barry M colour I have ever used - the application is awful and so streaky. It looks awful and I'm peed off that I've wasted time applying it!

Cadburys Giant Chocolate Buttons

I bought two bags today. This is bad! It's because they were on offer (2 for £2.50 from Tescos for all you buttons lovers.

Nik Naks

I have consumed three packets in the last two hours. One Nice N Spicy and Two Rib N Saucy or whatever they are. I feel a bit sick now, maybe I O'D on them! (Again, Nik Nak lovers, 50p for six packets in Tesco!)

So...wish me luck on my first weekend as a big girl! :D


Thursday, 29 October 2009

Tagged: Seven Things

I was tagged in the 'Seven Things' tag doing the rounds at the moment by a couple of different lovely bloggers. The colour picked was 'purple' which I found easy enough - I love purple, especially at this time of year!

Starting with make up, these are my probably my two favourite coloured eyeliners in my collection. The Body Shop one is so easy to work with - I find the 17 one a bit harder, being chunkier, but I still love the colour. (I tried to do swatches too but my camera just wasn't having it!)

For about 5 years now I have desperatly wanted some Ugg Boots in what I call 'plum' colour. They used to do them as well and I can't for the life of me find the right colour nowadays - they still do purple ones but not plum. Carrie Bradshaw wore them in an episode with a long Pringle jumper and it is one of my favourite outfits in the entire series. I saw these in Asda the other night for £8 and I had to pick them up - I am going to mooch around in my new apartment in them and look cool. :)

I have quite a collection of purple bangles but when I was taking the pictures these are what stood out to hand. The big chunky one is gorgeous - only from Primark too.

I'm going to do the bathroom in my apartment purple and I picked up these tea light holders to go in there on Tuesday from Asda. They were only £2 each and are better IRL, the colour is more wishy washy in this picture. :/

I'm so mad - I've just remembered that I have again forgotten to pick more of this up and I need it for tomorrow morning! I will have to use talcum powder instead! I think I used half a can of this last Friday, it's so good!

A brilliant (and one of my all time favourite) film and just in time for the right season too!! I can't wait to watch this this year - I used to want to be SJP and sing that song: Come little children, I'll take you away, into the land of enchant--mentttt!

I hope you people know that I forced myself to buy these today just to take a picture of the empty packet for this post!! Gorgeous sweets. Taste so much better when in a big 'share' (yeah, right) bag too!

I tag:

You know the items of my chosen colour...I'm going to go for red!


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Aussie Pamper Session

The lovely Victoria invited me as her guest to the Pamper Session by Aussie Haircare held in Manchester a few weeks back. Unfortunately she wasn't too well and wasn't able to go but I still got to go as Daisy's guest instead :)

We arranged to meet at Leeds Train Station at about quarter past three and went for a much needed McDonalds, I was suffering pretty badly from the night before and was really panicking about the train down - I took travel sickness tablets, paracetamols and a Big Mac and large fries to soak it all up and we took our seats. After catching up on all the blogy gossip doing the rounds and having a good chat I started to feel really ill so I had to let Daisy just read her magazine while I concentrated on not being sick and try to sleep a little!

We met up with Phoebe in Manchester Victoria Station and then made our way to the David Rozman Salon. It took a little while to find it and we had a stop off at Boots for some 3 for 2 goodies and then sat outside the Salon for a little while where we spotted two girls doing the same thing and wondered if they were here for the Event...

Photos above taken from David Rozman Website

When we were seated in the Salon we met Lauren and Thom from the PR company and champagne was opened and little gorgeous sandwiches and crisps and dip were waiting for us which was lovely. Oh, and two other girls walked in confirming what we had thought earlier - Daisy and her friend! The Salon was gorgeous - I don't go to a 'posh' salon for my hair doing, just a small local hairdressers (moneys tight girls!) so it was very nice to have the experience to be in one. I loved the chandelier (pictured above!) and the layout of the place. We were each taken to a seat and decided between ourselves and the stylists what Aussie products were best for our hair - both me and the lovely person doing my hair (I'm so sorry! I've forgotten her name!) decided that as my hair is a big frizzy mess at the moment then the 3 Minute Miracle would be best! All the sinks were situated at the back of the shop, hidden from the rest of the place and together with the soft music playing and the end of the day setting it it is a wonder I didn't fall asleep!

After my hair had been styled more chit chat, champagne and crisps happened until everyone was all trussed up and beautiful!

Modelling our free Aussie products!

When everyone was finished we were taken to The Living Rooms where we had free cocktails, or in my case wine, and it was a lovely end to a great day - I just wish there was an event like this in Leeds, the only thing that really spoils the Events I have been to in the past is having to rush off and catch a train at the end.

Luckily me, Daisy and Phoebe could catch the same train back, which was rubbish and full of drunken people at the end of the journey, two very drunken weird women sat opposite me and Daisy for the final part of the ride and we just wanted to laugh at them!

I had a great day, it was fab to meet up with Daisy and Phoebe again and also meet the other Daisy and all the people involved with arranging the event.


*All photos (apart from the one of Phoebe!) are taken from 1000 Heads

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


It's been around a month now since I did my 'fablera' post so I thought it was time I did another to show you what I'm loving at the moment.

X Factor

As always I am loving the return of X Factor. I do love the auditions part when it first comes on telly but I equally enjoy the live shows. I think this year there are some great acts in the final and it's too early to say who I think will win, or even be in with a chance of winning...well, I do think Olly Murs will be in the final, he is fabulous. This year the twins John and Edward have pretty much divided the nation but I have to say, I love them! and I'm outing Victoria as a fan too so don't all hate on me for liking them lol. I think they are funny! And I feel sorry for them - they are only young, and there are so many people slagging them off all the time! I also love Miss Frank, they have so much attitude and are fab, it would be great to see them in the final too.
Lloyd Daniels

I know, I know...he is only 16 but damn...he is fit!! I just love him and if I'm honest he is one of the main reasons I tune in to X Factor! He's so cute! I loved when Cheryl was crying how he went and hugged her :)

Lucy in the Sky

I picked up this book a while ago and only got round to reading it last week. I picked it up at about 7pm...I'd finished it by lunchtime the next day, and it would have been sooner if I hadn't had to force myself to sleep and then go to work. It was so's about a girl who boards a plane to Australia and just as she is about to fly gets a text from her boyfriends phone from a girl claiming to have slept with him...I won't tell you anymore but if you haven't read this I would urge you to pick it up! Has anyone read it?

Galaxy Ripple

Yesterday I ate a Dairy Milk Flake and two Galaxy Ripples. And another ripple today. Why are they so good? Galaxy chocolate is so much better than Dairy Milk - it totally melts in your mouth!
Dionne Bromfield

You might have guessed from my Whitby post where I mentioned buying an Amy Winehouse biography that I'm quite a big fan of Amy. A while ago - when she was in that stage of being in the papers every day off her face - a video was put on you tube of her and Dionne Bromfield, her god daughter, singing, and I couldn't believe how good Dionne's voice was. I guess if she is 13 now she will have been around 12 in the video and I'm really happy that she has now got a record deal and released an album. I bought it the day it came out and I haven't stopped listening since - my favourite song is Beachwood 45789 I think! Have you heard anything by her yet?

What are you loving and hating at the moment?


Monday, 26 October 2009

Giveaway: Perfect Chic

One of my favourite girls, Natalie, is holding a fantastic giveaway on her fashion blog at the moment.

The closing date is 30 November so you have plenty of time to enter and the prize is...well why don't you head on over and see for yourself :)

Good luck to everyone who enters! :D


Leeds Shopping Week

From the 15 - 25 October Leeds held Leeds Shopping Week, an annual event with lots of different things happening, including the Lady Boys of Bangkok, competitions and giveaways/events in certain shops. I had hoped to see more of it and I meant to do a post before to let anyone in my area know but I haven't really had chance unfortunately. I did manage to get into Leeds last Saturday (17 October) to see the Vintage Arts and Craft Fair held in Leeds Town Hall - believe me, with the hangover I had just getting to the bus stop was a success let alone getting to the Fair!!

It was £1 entry and lots of little stalls with various things being sold. There was one stall in particular which I just kept getting drawn back to, lots of vintage jewellery and I could not decide whether I actually needed a silver ring with a dark blue stone. I decided against it on grounds of my ring collection actually being quite big at the moment and instead bought this from a gorgeous little stall called Ruby Tuesday.

It reminds me of a Pandora bracelet, and in the same way you can with those you can add beads/swap beads to this necklace. I haven't had chance to wear it yet but I can't wait to because the blue is just gorgeous.
Did anyone else manage to get to any events in Leeds Shopping Week? I really wanted to go to The Light and see Mary Portas but I had too much work on!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Illamasqua Goodies

I was invited to the Illamasqua Bloggers Event to celebrate the release of their Dystopia Collection but I unfortunately was unable to make it due to problems getting time off work. The lady who organised it, Alex Cummins, said she would send me some information in the post and it came through about two weeks ago and I was very pleased to receive not only some posters and information about the collection, but also some freebies!

I haven't bought anything from Illamasqua as yet so it was nice to be able to try before I buy kind of thing. I've had a look on the website at some of the swatches of the other polishes and there are so many I like - the pinks in particular. This purple one - Velocity - is perfect for this season, before hitting straight into the deep plum colours for Winter. I really need to buy a top coat - I will do next week I think - because the only problem I had with this was chipping, but I do really love it. The application is great and the colour gorgeous. I love the shape of the bottle too :)
The other product I received was the intense lipgloss in Galatic. Whilst I would never buy this I am pleased I received it because it is something different and I've enjoyed having a play around with it! I have seen some reviews on blog land of this, just a tiny bit with a pink lipstick looked great so I think that is how I am going to use it.

Here's a quick pic of me wearing it - this was about midnight and my eyes were all over my face I'd rubbed them so much so ignore the picture as a whole - concentrate on the lips!

Also when I used this for this picture, I could hardly get it off! I think I will definitely be picking up more of these lipglosses - does anyone know where the nearest counter is for me being in Leeds?

Both the nail polish and the lipgloss retail at £12.50.


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Whitby - Part 2

My favourite part about the shops in Whitby is the book shops or the charity shops. I am a total book whore and I buy SO many - I keep meaning to do a post and show you the pile of books I have lying around to read. I try and refrain from buying them but I just can't - I can't jusitfy that buying nine books in a chain store would cost £71+ but in a charity shop they cost less than £15. I feel like I am being bad by not buying them!

I found a little boutiquey kind of store this time and picked up a gorgeous snakeskin kind of purse in pink which really matches a bag and a pair of shoes I have. It was in the sale too - only £7. I've used it loads since I got back. I also found two rings from the same shop which were on an offer, I can't remember how much I paid for them though, they are gorgeous:

So onto the books...
That bottom one is an Amy Winehouse biography. I didn't even mean to go into that shop; in Robins Hood Bay we passed it and I saw the Amy book displayed in the window along with other hardbacks and I thought it was a 'proper' (i.e. expensive!) so I passed it by and then on the way back my mm hesitated for something in her bag and I just had a peek and found a few books and then realised the Amy one was only £2 - it should be £17.99!! The other books were all under £2. I have read Something Borrowed by Tina Reilly already. I need to sort out my tons of books for Read It Swap It, I mean would you lot be interested if I wrote a list of all the books I have read and then maybe a whittled down list of books I am after, maybe doing swaps? Is that a silly idea, I just have so many, there must be nearly 40 books there now. My mum said she wants to take them to a charity shop but I want to keep them so I can swap them for books I want to save money!

I have a bit of an obsession with sheep - lambs, to be precise. I have a lamb teddy and take it with me on holiday (sad, I know) - I just pick random lamb bits up all the time. So I couldn't not pick this up! It's a handpainted stone.

I bought a wire heart wall frame that you can slot photos in but I haven't put a picture on because people, I am moving! I am so excited, as you know I currently live with my brother and parents and my moving date in 30 October. So thats partly why I'm busy...I have a lot to do! I will show you the heart thing when it is up in my new pad (and also other pictures too!)


Monday, 19 October 2009

Whitby Part One


I started last week with hopes of posting everyday but life kind of got in the way! I'm a bit busy at the moment and all the editing with pictures and uploading not to mention Blogger still messing up all of the time (sort it out already!!) takes a bit of time but I am trying to get posts done when I can so I can just publish them as and when really. I wanted to do a post about Whitby, which as you know I spent the weekend there last week now and it is one of my favourite places in the whole world! I had a great time so hope you like some of these photos and my little talk about what went on. I do think blog as much for everyone else as I do myself and being a bit of a diary freak I'd like to look back in a year and remember what I did this time this year so I don't mind if you just skip read lol :)

So I had half day holiday on the Friday and had to do a bit of a rush pack, which actually turned out to be pretty useless as I didn't even unpack the whole time I was there lol. After making dinner for my mum and dad we set off down to Whitby which only took about an hour and half if that, it is usually a bit more. When we got there we had to wait around for the woman to let us in the flat which unfortunately I don't have any pictures of... It was a nice newish flat just near Whitby Hospital/Police Station/Train Station...somewhere amongst all of those! After we'd unpacked (or should I say after they unpacked while I just read my book) we went for a wander up and around Whitby, up to the Jaw Bones.

I love this picture! When you zoom on my laptop the guy is just looking at the girl and I think it is really cute (I'm not a stalker by the way, I didn't intentionally take a picture of strangers!) and sweet!

Last year, my Dad and Brother went up the Lighthouse but me and my mum were way too scared of the height...I kept thinking what if I was too scared to get back down! I love I've been up the Empire State Building but a lighthouse in Whitby, no can do. I also bought a ghost story book last year and there was a story about the Eastern Lighthouse (although it does actually say they are both rumoured to be haunted. See! What if a ghost had pushed me off when I reached the top! That's why I didn't go really!) The story about the Eastern Lighthouse, which has never been open for the public to see, unlike the other which opened around the time of the First World War, is about two brothers, Peter and John, who competed for the love of a seventeen year old girl, Sylvia Swales. Her father decided to pick which one she would marry based upon who worked the hardest that Summer. On Christmas Eve he decided the brother to bring in the biggest catch (as they were both fishermen) would marry Sylvia. By the time night fell, the lights from the lighthouse shone into the sea as people gathered to find out who would marry her, Peter or John? As the boys got closer and people chanted, they began to race each other and John was inn the lead. Sylvia shouted out "Come on Peter!" and her voice carried over the water - straight to John, who threw up his hands and threw himself into the sea. Peter immediately turned around and attempted a rescue mission, but the brothers were washed away and drowned. And in case you were wondering, Sylvia never married, and instead spent hours on end looking out to sea from the Eastern Lighthouse. The ghostly aspect? You can sometimes hear a noise...Peter.....Peter....or is it just the wind? Ooh I feel like a cheesy ghost writer now I've wrote all that. :)

On Saturday we went shopping again and for a gorgeous meal at The Shambles pub which is well worth a look (I should know, I am forced there every time I go) and then onto the Ghost Walk! Which was really rubbish and awful so we left after about half an hour without paying (which also meant I got to watch X Factor woop!!).

On Sunday we headed up to Robin Hoods Bay and the weather was brilliant. We had a look around the shops, went for a long walk on the beach, ate cinder toffee ice cream (yum) and it was a brilliant day. I took a picture of these which I thought were pretty cool:

Sunday night we got fish and chips and watched X Factor and some films and packed ready to set off early Monday morning. I was so tired I nearly fell asleep in the car, but not before I'd snapped pictures of these....

Which left me so excited for Halloween!

I'll do a part two with the things I bought.


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Right About Now

I thought I'd do a quick post of things that I'm using at the moment and loving!

MAC Studio Tech Foundation ~ I think I've used this religiously every day since I bought it! I love it.

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush ~ I got this given at the Maybelline Event but I did already have one of my own in a different colour. I had cast it aside in favour of different blushes in the past few months but getting this new one has made me rediscover my love for it, especially when buffed in with a brush which I would have never used before :)

This is a new purchase which I have seen on blogs in the past and has been on my wishlist for a while. I find it pretty drying so have to wear it with the lipglosses...

One of these was given at the event and the other I have bought since - I love these! I can't get enough of them. They are pretty cheap and handy enough to put in your handbag and they smell gorgeous. I want them all! They only downside I find is that they aren't very long lasting, but I'm the sort of person who constantly reapplies lippie anyway so I still love them :)

I bought F.Y...Eye! by Benefit on eBay a while ago for about £4 and it was barely used. I used it a bit and then forgot about it but recently I have used it so much. My eyes are pretty bad itching a lot recently and I have had the worst bags ever! It is essentially a primer but I actually like to use it alone and find it covers my bags up really well and I can put it all over my eye area and then just lashings of mascara.... which I actuall switched from the above today. I think, and it pains me to say, having another two to test, I am allergic to Maybelline mascaras. The itching I think it causes is unbearable and makes my face swell up. I switched back to Benefit Bad Gal today which I haven't used for about three or four month if not more, and hot diggegy damn, I have missed this baby!!! I forgot how damn good this stuff is - one coat provides more sexy lashness than about ten of any other mascara I have ever used - I love it. So put a big cross against the Collosal above and a big green tick here...

I took a quick picture of my nails that I did the other night when I was bored but adjusted the colour on picnik...I used Barry M Raspberry and one of the Barry M glitter ones on the ends. I needed to do two coats of Raspberry really, but it looks pretty fun :)

What are you rating and hating at the moment?