Monday, 7 September 2009


Above are pictures of the things I have lost in the past three or so weeks.

Yes, that is my new beloved Barry M polish which is currently residing on my fingertips and will have to be taken off and replaced tonight. I am SO not pleased about this. I loved this colour! I want to cry. I took it to work on Friday and thought I must have left it there but I can't find it today which means it must have fallen out of my bag on Friday night :( I must replace this :(

A phone charger. I had two chargers for my phone, one to keep at home and one at work. I cannot find the one for work anywhere. I don't understand where it can possibly have gone. I wish it would turn up, it used to come in handy.

£20 note. This was on my bedroom side, the next day it had gone with no explanation. I mean, it is weird. Unless my brother has pinched this there is no where it can be - I have looked everywhere! I've had all the drawers and bags out, purses - I literally do not know where to look next.

A box of tissues. I mean, the nail polish must have fallen out of the bag, the £20, who knows, maybe thrown in the bin? The charger, borrowed? But a box of tissues? From my bedroom. W...T...F? I had them, I remember one morning sitting on the floor and brought the box of tissues down. Then I left them on the floor cos I'm lazy like that. And they disappeared! I mean, it isn't even like questioning who was in the house when the money went, because a box of tissues, seriously?!

I think there are three explanations.

A, I am extremley forgetful and stupid and can't remember where any of this stuff is.

B, There is a man living in the loft (dad won't check so this could be true) who sneaks into my room when I am at work.



I'm definitely plumping for option C. The Borrowers rocked, I'll let them have my stuff anyday. Well, as long as they leave the make up stash alone.


  1. It would be cool having borrowers round the house. They are so cute!

    As if you lost all that stuff, haha. If I lose anything I know 100% it is due to my boyfriend "tidying" it away :I


  2. LOL at your dad not checking the loft!! I made my dad do that once (I too was convinced their was a man living in my loft), it was just birds on the roof though!! :-)
    Im always losing things too if that makes you feel any better!! x x

  3. Losing stuff is so annoying! Hope you find everything. I laughed at you mentioning the borrowers - they were super duper cool! :) xo

  4. There is a fourth possible explanation if you have read A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern. In the book the protagonist discovers a place where all missing things and people end up! Lol

  5. @ Victoria ~ Yeah, I accused my mum of that but she hasn't seen any of it! It's not funny I'm £20 down that I could do with! :p xxx

    @ Jen ~ :D When I watched Saw I was convinced there was a man in my wardrobe - this was about 5 yrs ago and I STILL check my wardrobe when I get home, or if I go for a wee in the night. xx

    @ Emma ~ I know - I want to rebuy the books now I've mentioned it! xx

    @ Kess ~ OMG! I totally forgot about that option! That book weirded me out because I kept thinking about all the missing people in the world and if there are in a weird world - or like bemuda triangle? WTF is up with that? OMG You have freaked me out mentioning it again haha xxx


  6. LOL!!!! That made me laugh!!

    We are so the same!! When I moved in to my flat with the boyfriend, as we're on the top floor we have a loft and first thing I got him to do was check the loft!!

    I have to check my wardrobe when I come in too as the loft hatch is in my walk in wardrobe. Im still convinced that theres someone up there sometimes but I think thats thank's to horror films!!

    x x

  7. When I read your post that was the first thing that sprang to mind. I bet there is a place where all our missing stuff goes. Sometimes you can search and search, and never find it, as though it's simply disappeared without a trace. It's either that or borrowers! xxx

  8. oaf im sorry but a part of found this post quite funny & on the other sidei so know how u feel i HATE when i cant find something it happens to me all the time but your loss of stuff is kinda weird huh? hmmm hope they turn up soon or you will have to get that loft checked! xxx

  9. I remember the Borrowers but I always thought they were a little bit too obnoxious about what they took. They were all, "We don't STEAL, we BORROW." Okay, so I can have my stuff back...WHEN?

  10. @ Jen - I seriously don't know how I'll cope when I move out I'm such a scaredy cat! xx

    @ Kess ~ It's so weird! xx

    @ Music Fashion Clutter ~ I know, I just don't understand where it could have gone! xx

    @ Sadako ~ LMAO!!! That is hilarious. You're right! xx

  11. I think there is a man living in everyones loft and one day we'll go up there are there will be piles of our lost stuff :o scary! x

  12. Hopefully you find everything soon...maybe you have little elves helping themselves to your stuff and in NO way are forgetful. :)

  13. there was a twilight zone episode about this - in between seconds, little gnomes or elves recreate the moment. sometimes they forget to put things back. then things just show up out of nowhere...

  14. I loved the Borrowers!! :) While I hope you find your stuff soon, that'd be a pretty cool reason to be losing it.

  15. Haha great post. Hope you find them soon x

  16. Lol, funny blog!! I hate losing things I get really agitated and end up looking in the fridge or the shoe rack, because you never know. And I'm always sure I left it a certain place and I repeatedly go back to it and look over and over. I once lost my memory card and I look EVERYWHERE for it, for ages and I eventually found it in my dressing gown pocket about a month after I'd given up on it...:) So don’t give up on your nail vanish just yet, hopefully you'll find it randomly once your stopped looking :D
    Just become a follower, really liking your blog

  17. ha ha! i just love the idea of the borrowers living in your house so my vote goes for option c.

    years ago, i was in a school play 'the borrowers' we had gigantic props like massive spoons. I took one home, it was taller than me. Amazing.

  18. LOL yes I was wondering how a person could lose a box of tissues..

    Of course I'm quite forgetful too. I once stuffed my shoes in the closet but forget where in the crap I put them for a week.

  19. Thanks for your comment!
    I feel honored that someone wants to copy the look, so go ahead! :) And maybe post pics of it, I'd really be curious!

    The Acid palette is so far the only Sleek palette I have (Leon sent me one, how kind), but I love it! You can create all sorts of look with it. Next time I'll do a purple one!
    I'm really looking forward to their site to be running, so that I can purchase all the other palettes :D

  20. I would go insane if I lost my cell phone charger! I could not live without a cell anymore! lol!

    By the way, you have an award waiting for you on my blog!! :)

  21. Got to be the borrowers i think!! I'd check your underwear drawe too- cheeky little buggers

  22. I hate losing things, haha that made me laugh about the borrowers, i soooo wanted them to be real that i whilst younger i used to go around looking for them *cringes*.

    P.S. Will reply to your text a little later, felt so ill today, got a head cold :(, dosing up on tablets as i so want to go on Thursday xx

  23. @ Em x ~ Lol! OK I am staring @ the ceiling with a scared look on my face now ... xx

    @ Jenny Mac ~ Another possibility :) xx

    @ AlexKeller ~ I have seen something like that! I believe it! lol! xx

    @ Teasingley Diverse ~ Haha, wouldn't it just?! xx

  24. @ Peonies & Water Lillies ~ Thank you :) xx

    @ BB ~ Haha the fridge! Oh I've done the dressing gown pocket one LOADS before! I haven't actually looked to check now! xx

    @ Shopaholic ~ Cool! Have u still got the props?! xx

    @ WW ~ Haha. Not forgetful! BORROWERS!!xx

  25. @ Lyd ~ My FOTD#s look rubbish but I will certainly try post a pic! The Acid one is brilliant I love it. xx

    @ Renee ~ I'm not so bothered about that any more...if i lost the laptop charger however... thanks for the award! xx

    @ Emma ~ Haha - I already have :D xx

    @ Sadie ~ No problem hon - just make sure u are better for Thursday!!