Sunday, 13 September 2009


This Thursday was the Maybelline Beauty Bloggers Event at L'Oreal Headquarters in London. I was really excited to be invited, a little more that The Body Shop Event because I knew what to expect this time whereas I was pretty scared and nervous for The Body Shop!

I travelled down with Daisy, Victoria, Helen , Kelly and Karen and we got to London and met up with some other bloggers and made our way to L'Oreal. Once we had signed in and got our badges we went up to the room the event was being held in and had some drinks and cakes :)

After that a presentation was held by three lovely ladies who talked about the newest Maybelline products, Pulse Perfection and Colour Sensation, as well as their other, most loved, long standing products. Over the years I have tried various Maybelline products - their Dream Mousse foundation and blush to name a few, and I have always known about other items they sell, such as Great Lash Mascara. Although I remember this as far back as being 13 I have actually never tried it!
I just wanted to add a small paragraph about something that is beginning to get slightly tedious, and which myself and some others spoke about on the day. I think a lot of people are getting a tad too expectant of these events and are far more enjoying going for the free make up and slating it all at the end of the event - getting on their high horse a bit if you know what I mean. At the end of the day these are events which some bloggers would give anything to be invited to, and who I know would go purely for the event itself and to meet their friends rather than go and slag a company off. Companies are paying for a number of us to travel down, putting food and drink on, presentations and slide shows etc, make up tables for us and make up artists, and for some people to go and just complain that the presentation was rubbish, get their freebies and basically eff off leaves a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. Then to review the products that a company has generously given us and say it is pretty much all shit is just really ungrateful. I fully understand that some products are not as good as others etc etc, but I don't think there is any need to be so...I don't even know the word for it, it's a bit spoilt brattish, a bit trying to be controversial...I don't know. Some of the reviews I have read from the Illamasqua Event in London sound shocking. If you know you aren't going to like the event, the products and only moan then at least have the sense to decline your invitation and save it for the people who really want to go.

Anyway, back to the niceties...After the presentation we received our two goodie bags and were free to wander round, chatting to other bloggers and the reps. Here a few pics I took of the afternoon!

Me and Sadie...finally get to meet after what feels like years of talking!!

Victoria and Daisy!

Me and Nicola

Daisy getting her make up done by one of the two make up arists on hand!

Nicola getting her make up done!

Victoria getting hers also!

Phoebe on the tube after the event was over!
Daisy, Victoria and Nicola on the tube
We got a pretty large goodie bag - two, actually! I have sorted these out and am not going to include them on this post here, I will speak about them separately and review them. There are a few bits which do not suit me nor my Mum so I will be giving them away at a later date.
It was lovely to see all the girls again, and meet some new people who I haven't seen before! Can't wait to see you all again - and can all us Yorkshire girls arrange a meet up at some point?!


  1. Great post hun, i haven't came across anyone slagging the events off etc, quite sad really if that's all the aim is, to get the goodies and go. Don't get me wrong, we all love freebies don't we? But to slag the brand, event etc off that's rude, yes we all have opinions on things and i like to think i give my honest reviews on products but to diss something intentionally for no apparent reason then that's just petty, if they don't like it then they shouldn't attend, simple. People like that piss me off.

    I hate having my photo taken, that ones quite nice though, do you mind if i take a copy? Was great to meet you after all this time, you're lovely :) xx

  2. Hey :) Yes, it's rude and I don't like it - and some stuff gives the rest of us bad names!!

    Yeah of course, take it! You too :D xxx

  3. Ohhh i wish i had been there, all these posts are making it look so much fun! I love the way you write Carla i missed all this event drama on twitter this week!! xxx

  4. Great post - sounds like you had fun!

    Check out whats on sale this Sunday:

  5. I can't believe people are slagging off events like that, its just so rude. Looks like a fab day, and i'm jealous you met Sadie!! I'm so up for a meet x

  6. Ahh you've got some really nice pics! I've save them to my computer :)

  7. I love the mousse blush stuff they do. I can believe that people have been so horrible about the products! Some people are just so ungreatful - I'd love to be invited to such an event! :) x

  8. Aww thanks Em, would be good to meet you too :).

    I agree that a meet would be fab, somewhere central, i wouldn't mind travelling. Be good to do a overnight stay so we could all go out on the razz haha xx

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  10. Yay for being invited to such a fun event! It looked amazing! :) Can't wait to read your reviews!

  11. Check you out with all yer posh beauty events! Great stuff! I agree about people slagging these events off- you have to just feel lucky that you get to go really.

    P.S Hi Sadie! Its lucyinthesky from the 'bag!

  12. Hey,

    Sounds like a really fun event - can't wait to read your reviews

    Kate x

  13. @ Michelle ~ I wish you had too I missed u! :( xxx

    @ Missy ~ Thanks xx

    @ Em ~ We should so arrange something! I'd love to meet u! xx

  14. @ Daisy ~ I love the ones of you with your makeover! xx

    @ Flocka.t.Clock ~ Yeah - they do a shimmer one which is lovely! xx

    @ Sadie ~ Yeah def!!! xx

    @ A&Brian ~ Thanks!! xx

  15. @ LV ~ :D xx

    @ Natalie ~ I want you to come so I can finally meet u!! xx

    @ Kate ~ xx

  16. To be invited to an even like the Maybelline/Illamasqua one would be really nice. I can't believe some people are rude enough to take the companies money, eat and drink for free and then slag off the company who is providing them with free goods. I've read that some people even stole the testers at the Illamasqua event, RUDE!

    I love Maybelline's Colossal mascara and really want to try the vibrating one but I'm scared!


  17. This seems like such a fun event. i am glad you got to meet all the other bloggers as well...

  18. I'm totally with you on this one. I was so excited to get invited, and i didn't even care about freebies. Of course they are a fab bonus (i raved about them for ages to the boy) but not the reason to go to an event. And i agree some people would give their right arm to go to an event and i think some of the 'bigger' bloggers are getting too used to it and not wanting to let new people into the 'club'
    Rant over
    Loved meeting you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emma <3 Carla lol
    A meet up would be fab

  19. @ Risyaa ~ Helloo! xx

    @ Rham ~ Yes I know thats what I mean, the reviews on some Illamasqua ones sound shocking! I'm going to try it when I have finished my current one! xx

    @ Firecrakcers ~ It was really great! xx

    @ Emma ~ Couldn't agree more. LOL!! Carla <3 Emma!! haha. Loved meeting you too, I wish I had a picture of us! Boooo. xxxx

  20. Wish i had made it!! Looks like it was a great event..great photos!! xox