Thursday, 17 September 2009


I have always had really bad eyesight and have had to wear glasses since about the age of 12 I think. I absolutley detest wearing them and always have - I really wish I had a photo of my old glasses to show you, I used to keep them all purely to laugh at because they were nasty. When I was about 17 I discovered contact lenses and ahhhhhhhh life was better. I don't know if this is just me, but being able to wear contacts completley transformed my life. I am way more confident in them and I feel so much better looking in them.

About two years ago I was wearing contacts pretty much every day, from about 7 till midnight, and I got a very lovely ulcer on my pupil. Niceeeeeeeeeee. The hospital told me I couldn't wear contacts for about three months and then when I finally could begin again I couldn't wear them as much as I used to do or it would happen again and they wouldn't let me wear contact lenses anymore. My life would be over!!! I bought some chic Dior glasses and changed my scheme with Vision Express to a lower amount of contacts. The scheme that they do - I think it is called Grand Advantage, but I may be wrong - is paying a certain amount of money each month, you get your contacts and also eye tests and aftercare included so you don't need to pay more for that, and they also knock £80 off any frames for you which is quite handy if you like the more designer glasses.

Now almost two years have passed since the ulcer indicent I have wanted to wear my contacts more so have been looking into how much more that will cost me... and I have been getting increasingly pissed off to say the least with them, questioning the scheme I am on. I pay £18 a month and I only get 10 pairs of contact lenses for that. The last pair of glasses I bought were in October 2007 and to be honest, £80 off frames meants nothing to me - I'm so bloody blind that I wind up paying over £300 for a pair of glasses anyway becuase the lenses are so much. To change to getting 30 pairs a month, I would have to pay £42 a month! I couldn't believe how ridiculous that was. I decided that I would have to have a think about what to do (i.e. source other opticions etc) but in the meantime asked them to leave me a box of contacts (15 pairs) to pick up as I had run out. I sent my brother to get them and she tried to charge him £80+! He thought this didn't sound right so rang me, and it turned out she was trying to give him my entire three months supply - WTF would I be buying a three months supply when I am due my next three months supply in the next month? I rang Specsavers and got some prices from them.

I ran out of contacts again last week so had to go out of my way to pick more up last night. When I got there, despite their being a member of staff dealing with a customer in the same room as me it still took her 15 minutes to go and get another employee to serve me. The women that served me was totally uninterested, gave me a box of contacts and passed me to someone else to pay. When I opened them this morning I found a box of contacts the completley wrong prescription! To say I am mad, pissed off and f*cking angry is an understatement. I wasn't planning on going home tonight or tomorrow and now I am going to have to go out of my way to sort this mess out. I had already put these contacts in before I realised (my prescription is -5.75 and these are -5.00) and I can't see a damn thing! I nearly got knocked over on my way to work because I couldn't see the driver of a car - perhaps I should have checked they were right before I paid for them but since I have been on -5.75 lenses for over a year, I would presume they knew what they were doing.

I am so mad that I have to take time out of my day now meaning I will have to owe work time to sort this all out. In August and September I have spent £75 on contacts and it is just ludicrous!

I need you to help! I am going to cancel the direct debit when I see them today so I need my UK girls to give me some heads up on where they go, how much you pay etc etc etc. I'm anti Boots so thats a no no, I am going to try Specsavers and there is no D&Aitchinson (can't remember the name of it!!) near me so thats out too. PLEASE help me!!!

Either leave a comment or if you can offer any more advice send me an email ------>

Love, a mad me! xxx


  1. Wow i understand your mad, thats mental!!

    Ok well i wear contacts, from specsavers and i pay £15 a month for three month supply of lenses that you wear for a month and can sleep in? i can never remember the name though, i think its purevision tonics? this charge also includes eye test, 2 extra sets of lenses free (a yr) should i loose mine, discount on frames.

    I used to be with Scrivens who charged me £30 a month for a similar deal and those were the same lenses!!!

    Hope you find a good deal :o)

  2. Try Asda! No hubs was with a local optician and they were charging £30+ a month so he looked elsewhere and Asda charge about £21 for a month(I think.)

    Plus if you buy 3 months at a time it's cheaper again.

    (I feel the pain of thick lenses in glasses though. I would have to have had lenses so thick in my glasses for my left eye that the optician gave up and just gave me basic magnification as my lazy eye couldn't cope! LOL! Not that I wear them mind.)

  3. Ahem- glasses rock!! lol
    I can't help you- i go to my local op's. No big companies for the small town gals like me lol

  4. My wife swears by They're very cheap compared to high street opticians (think my wife payed £40ish for a six-month supply) and the contacts are the same.
    They will only supply you with contacts you have previously been supplied with at an optician, so all you would have to do is ask Vision Express for a copy of you last eye-test (apparently by law they have to give you one) and then fax it to getlenses.

    My wife has been using them for years and has turned the other half-blind members of the family onto them.

    Good luck.

  5. That sounds so frustrating, I don't need glasses so really can't help but hope you get this sorted hun xx

  6. I'm a spectacle wearer but always have a supply of lenses for weekend and nights out. I get mine from and you just order them as and when you need them. I get 45 pairs of focus dailies for £28.90 and have been using them for years - they are great!

    The doll on fashion

  7. I've had the same problem at vision express!! my perscription is -5.00 but on 3 or for occasions they have given me -4.50 lenses. Once I didn't realise untill i had them in a few days (and thought oh dear my vision has got worse?!) and once I took them back to vision express (which is 3/4 an hour away form where i live) they swapped them but because one of the boxes had been opened they wouldnt replace that box for me!!? i was like, well what on earth am i going to do with fifteen contact lenses which arn't even my perscription! grrr! sorry for the rant but i definately feel your pain! I'm looking at changing to a different opticians so i'll let you know how i get on! xx

  8. I have redicouly bad eyes and the only time I wear my glasses is to drive. I so want contacts.. but I have a phobia of the opticians :( the last time I went it was horrible, I can't stand anyone messing with my eyes and when he shot that bit of air or whatever it is into my eye.. tortured me haha.

    Many people think Im ignorant because of this too. As so many people think I ignore them and never say Hi when I see them.. but really I just can't bloody see them haha :(

  9. I can understand why you would be angry i would be also !! I know you're anti boots but that is where i get my contacts from even though there customer service leaves alot to be desired!! I pay arounf £7.42 for mine & i get 6 contacts as i only need the one contact in my right eye & i have the ones you can wear for up to 10 hours. They include a free eye test & aftercare..... I don't know where else to suggest though

  10. Hi,
    I feel your pain having awful eyesight too i rely on contact lenses. I ahve actually always found the small independant opticians to give the best customer service and generally very good prices. Failing that Specsavers are pretty good.

    Good luck

    Kate x

  11. i think i'm one of the few that LOVE wearing glasses! i hate boots too they always mess up my inhalers!

    For all things fashion:

  12. I stick with glasses - the idea of contacts freaks me out. Plastic on my eyeball - eeurgh!! I get my glasses at Optical Express. They are always quite reasonable. My friends also swear by Asda for contacts. Sorry not more helpful!! xx ps: so glad to be back!!

  13. I'm offering no help at all, but god i can see why you're pissed off x hope it gets sorted x

  14. Sorry I can't help you as I go to a locel opticians and not a big company. I just wondered how you got so comfortable with wearing contacts, I've got really bad eyesight and my lenses are so thick I have them thinned down paying nearly 400 for frames, lenses and having them thinnined so I was considering wearing contacts but I just seem to feel them all the time and never have the time to put them in! Good luck with changing your opticians. x

  15. Contact lenses were like a god-send...haha. I've had horrid eyesight since I was almost 5 and was confined to glasses until I was about 13. I had an incident one year when I ran out of contacts and just NEEDED to get some asap. You could always try an online contacts shop. I'm in the US and I've used When you know your prescription, online ordering is pretty nice. You select the lenses you want (brand/type) and just enter in your prescription. If you prefer to go to actual eye doctor and order lenses, then I'd say stick with that. It was only my suggestion. ;)

  16. I always get my glasses from glasses direct website, I just got my lenses changed at vision express and even that was twice the price of a pair of glasses from glasses direct.

  17. I just order my lenses on line - there are a number of companies out there who dont have a shop based business. You just order the number of pairs you want. The first time you have to have an optician fax your prescription to them so they know your eyes have been tested recently. I then just go to my small family-run local opticians for my lens checks.

  18. Argh how frustrating, hope you sorted something xx

  19. I hate when opticians mess up, I am with Specsavers at the mo but I am moving soon as they gave me glasses which cost like £300 for all the extras (one which included non scratch glass and my glasses got scratched and they refused to fix them for free). Thus, be careful with SS if you have thick glasses like me.

    I am currently wearing out all the lens they gave me (I got six months supply) and I have one month left to go after this month is up. I have been to two branches of Specsavers and the service has been dire. In the second branch they gave me six months supply of lens for one eye? Even though I had a check done and asked for both eyes, even still, who would need 6 months supply just for one eye?

    I am moving to Vision Express because my brother's friend works there and I can get a nice discount on glasses and the prices are a bit better.

    Sorry about this essay like reply but these things annoy me. Another thing which is a bit funny about Specsavers is that if you run out of solution, they charge you £17.50 to buy it in the shop whereas online they tell you it's £12.50 and packaging is £3.99 and then when your bill comes they claim to have only charged you the £12.50 which is a lie, it takes a while to get your money back.

    *and breathe*