Sunday, 27 September 2009

Cosy ♥

As Autumn has officially arrived, my toes are in dire need of a pair of cosy, warm, snuggly boots like these.

When Ugg Boots first came out I hated them. I thought they were so ugly, and I couldn't stand that front part of the boot. But then after a few years I needed some. I don't know where the obsession came from but within a month I had bought a pair and lived in them all Winter(Although I hate that you want to wear them in Winter to keep warm but you can't wear them most of it because of the rain, and the boots are suede so they can't really get wet....). I walk inwards though, and because of this eventually I was walking around looking like those chavs that wear them and they are all slouchy and sloppy - do you know what I mean? I was basically walking on the floor on the actual boot bit, not the sole...if that makes sense? So they had to go in the bin and I decided I couldn't really justify buying a new pair for £140+ when they weren't going to last as long as other boots I had...also I didn't think they were doing me any good me walking like that. I did mentally add a pair to my wishlist, the wishlist that I never get around to purchasing anything from...

I was browsing the ASOS sale at the beginning of the year and spotted some Emu boots that were pretty cheap (can't remember how much now, only about £30) and bought them as a substitute. I think they're more sturdier than Ugg Boots, the harder part on the sole is stronger than on Uggs, but I haven't got as much use out of them as I did my Uggs because they are the small ones - I preferred the taller ones.

Anyway, the point of this post is A, that I really want some tall new cosy boots, and B, that if you click the picture you can find out how you can win a pair from Whooga Ugg Boots. ETA: OK, I don't know how to do the link so you can click the picture, so you'll have to click here instead.



  1. Ooh i love my UGGSs, so cosy, i spray mine with water repellent spray so they're fine in the rain/snow.

    What other styles of Boots do you like? x

  2. I have three pair! I love them and had them on last night. Its not cold here yet but they are a great accessory for winter.

  3. I still can't make my mind up about UGG's, they are lovely and toasty but i like pretty shoes!!! Maybe get yourself some leather riding boots? x

  4. I had never been a huge fan of UGGs, but there was a girl in my class that wore them all last winter. Considering it rained maybe a dozen times all winter and never got below 40 degrees I'm not sure why she needed them, but seeing them Every. Single. Day. made me kind of want a pair for myself.
    And this post just adds another stick to the fire :)

  5. I still haven't tried one, but apparently they are super-comfy!...i think i'll enter to win a free pair...that would be better than forking hundreds of dollars for something i might later regret!

    Thanks for informing us about the contest!

  6. As you know, I recently sold my Uggs for £92 on ebay (whoop). They were really cosy, but I just felt very clompy when wearing them.

    If you spray them with suede protectant you can wear them fine in the rain (as long as its not torrential). xxx

  7. You should try some love from Australia boots or snowjoggers. I own both and find these much better.

    For all things fashion:

  8. i dont think i can survive the winter without my booties. How exciting that you are giving us a link to win some. Good luck with your search!

  9. I have had a couple of pairs of the cheap ones, first ones I bought I did walk inwards in them, they were terrible, the second pair i bought last winter for £15 from that shoe shop next to the market (Prague??) anyway they were great and lasted me all winter, I can't decide if it's too early to get them out again?! I don't have the £100+ to spend on some so i'll be getting another pair for £15 when these get tatty!