Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Clothes & Shoes!

I feel like my heart really isn't in blogging at this moment in time; I haven't bothered to read hardly any of the ones I follow and I honestly am drawing a blank at what to even write about myself. I don't know why; it's just a blip....I'm not feeling myself really at the moment, I'm sure within a few weeks I will be back blogging more than I am right now...

I got the new Style magazine in todays post which is Dorothy Perkins monthly (I think) magazine and I think it is pret-ty good. I actually looked at their newsletter today when it pinged into my inbox, I usually skip it; I tend to just skip my emails and mark them read then after about three months go through and see everything. One upside to this is if I don't look for ages by the time I look at the fashion newsletters the stuff I want is on sale, especially with ASOS! Anyway there is quite a good few bits in Dorothy Perkins at the moment, great Autumn clothes and colours and I'm SO excited - Autumn is without a doubt my favourite season, followed by Winter and this time of year gets me so geared up! I'm loving all the purple things this year and bright pink seems to be in also which is always good, I'm a pink girl at heart! I took a few bits from the website to show you what I really want to order...but I have to be good, I'm flat hunting and trying to get my brain around the fact that when I move out I won't be able to spend half my wage on pay day..I won't even have half of it left for myself...boooo. :(

Feel free to purchase things for me and send them my way peeps!!!

Then onto the knitwear accessories which have got me pretty excited...

I just like this because I can imagine having nicely blonded hair and the pink against it with the black coat and a pink bag... not sure the style would suit me though, there are lots of lovely slouchy berets on the site though that are worth a look...

I love these snoods so much I want one in three colours - they are gorgeous and look so warm!

And then onto the best part, shoes :D

The top ones are actually Topshop but I saw them a few weeks ago and I want to buy them so much! The other two are DP - ruffle shoes always remind me of Sex and the City, in my all time favourite episode, I Heart NY, when Carries buys those pink shoes, is it just me.... and the boots at the bottom are gorgeous..they do them in black too, I want them as well... I don't buy man shoes any more so I think I should treat myself!!



  1. i think we all put a little too much pressure on ourselves to blog and to read blogs. i should really be sleeping, but i don't want to miss anything. silly, isn't it?

  2. It is hard, sometimes, to feel inspired. I agree that DP has got some amazing stuff in at the moment. Their coats are brilliant.

  3. I love every single piece of clothing you posted especially the shirt! And the coat!

  4. I love love love the shirt! Not sure about the snood though, I had one when I was in primary school (it was the 80's!) and I remember I could never get it to sit right, and it never looked good with anything. I might stick to scarves this winter!! xx

  5. like alexkeller said sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to blog. I know with my personal blog sometimes my posts can be a little lame as I feel I have to post something just for the sake of it so that the readers know I'm still there, but then my blog is just full of rubbish :) Don't post if you don't feel like it, people will understand!

    The purple boots are beautiful!!! I am now going to have to try really hard not to buy them when I get home....why oh why did you put them them here! :)

  6. I love all three pairs of shoes - all my style!

    Hope you're feeling back to your bloggy self soon, your blog is one of my favourites :)

  7. I love those shoes! Thanks for posting. Hope to see you blogging again soon

    Kate x

  8. Love all the items that you posted and hope that you manage to get some of it in the near future! :)))


  9. I love the dogtooth coat. Hope your back to yourself soon. I'm having a little giveaway on my blog at the min, thought i'd let you know incase you wanted to enter x

  10. Love the bubble coat!! And don't worry about taking a blogger break. Sometimes you just need to refresh.

  11. EEEE!!! I love them all! Its so much fun making lists and dreaming, I hope some of yours come true.



  12. Great items I love that hat and the purple boots.

    I have a little something on my blog for you!!xx

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  14. Good luck with the flat hunting hun, hope you feel back to your normal self soon xx

  15. Oh my goodness, I love all of those picks! Especially that tunic and the bubble coat, too adorable :) Hope you found some great shoes and that you'll be feeling like yourself soon <3