Wednesday, 2 September 2009

200 Follower Giveaway and De - Lurk Time!!

I am so pleased that I have got over 200 followers. You have no idea how much it means that you people are interested in reading what I say! I remember when I was watching it go up to 50 and I couldn't believe it so you have no idea how *cheesy grin* I am now at the amount.

I did say I would do a contest before and I just didn't get round to it, but I am going to hold one this month.


  • You must be a follower of this blog
  • Leave a comment saying 'Please Enter Me'. As you know, I am a total DVD hoarder. I also want you to tell me what your favourite and most watched DVD is! (Mine is Love Actually, actually)
  • For a second entry you can repost this on your blog. Be sure to leave the link so I can check.


I wanted to give away more than one prize, so there will be two, and are as follows:

First prize

My first lucky winner will receive one of The Body Shop new Autumn Trend eyeliners. The colour I am giving away is the Gunmetal. I received this at The Body Shop Event but I already own one so this is a newly wrapped one. It is a gorgeous colour and I am really impressed with these eyeliners - I have been living in the purple one! I am also giving away a Sleek palette. I have mentioned these time and time again and I really love them. I have almost all of them and as I couldn't possibly choose my favourite I am going to leave buying this until I have drawn the winner because then one of you lovely ladies can pick your own palette! On the subject of Sleek Palettes can I just add that I am selling my 'Chaos' palette. These cost £4.49 in store and I am selling mine for £4 inc P&P (to UK buyers only - US readers are welcome to email me also and I will work out P&P costs). I have only ever swatched it and the only wear and tear on it is the white is very slightly dirty - a bit of black from my brush dropped to it, so I have wiped it off. If anyone is interested in this please email me at and I will happily send photos and arrange. :)

The final thing in my first prize will be The Body Shop Soft Hands, Kind Heart Hand Cream. I have also told you all just how much I love this and urge you to go and buy it. It is supporting a good cause and you can see my original blog on this here.

Second Prize

My second prize consists of a Barry M Nail Varnish in 'Coral'. This is one of my favourite Barry M colours and who doesn't love a good coral?! Also will be a 25ml Boots No 7 Revitalising Hand Savior.

Onto my next point, I have over 200 followers but only a handful of you comment. So I want to have a de lurk please! Whether you are a follower of a first time reader or whatever, comment and say hi! It makes me feel loved!

The closing date for this is Friday 11 September. I will be drawing the winner on the 12th. I am most likely going to be hungover that day so I am planning a mundane task for me to do!!


***ETA: Giveaway is open to all readers, UK and otherwise!***


  1. enter me please! ive posted on my blog xx

  2. Please Enter Me.

    Favourite and most watched DVD has to be Save The Last Dance. It was great when there were no other dance films knocking about.

    I'll blogpost you shortly.

    Be sure to enter mine.

    Only 48 hrs left and few people have entered because comments system messed up!

    P.S. Love the blog!

  3. Enter Me Please - My most watched is Sleepless in Seattle - I love this film so much it makes me laugh and cry at the same time and it has New York in it what more do you need xx I will post a link on my blog when I am finished editing a yt vid ;)

  4. Ooh fab giveaway hun. Please enter me :). My most watched film would have to be "Save The Last Dance" i swear i know almost every song and move to that dvd ;), love it and can watch it over and over again and never tire xx

  5. Hey hun, please enter me into your lovely contest, I have blogged about it here

    My fave dvd is either mean girls or clueless...probably clueless but then I like the holiday as well and soul plane (eek too many to choose)!

  6. enter me please :)
    & pretty woman!!

  7. enter me please :) and mine would have to be stand by me, have loved that film forever xx

  8. Enter me please! Mine would have to be Becoming Jane. Its sucha sad film :( xxx

  9. WOW 200 followers is fab.

    Please enter me!! I've been here since the start! My most watched DVD is Dirty Dancing, i love love love it! x

  10. Enter me please, mine would have to be Pearl Harbor x

  11. Enter me please chick!!! I will try and remember to mention it on my blog and if so, I will leave another comment for my 2nd entry :)

    Fave film.... THE NOTEBOOK! Whoop whoop.


  12. Please enter me!!

    My most watched DVD (i really can't believe i'm gonig to write this online) is Anchorman! So embarassing but I think its hilarious. My bestie and me will watch it over and over when we're gettin ready for a party!

    Your blog is super cute, doll! Sorry I don't comment much, it's just that things have been so busy! I always read though!

    xxx Lisa Kate

  13. Please enter me :)
    My most watched DVD is probably Bridget Jones' Diary! Its one of them DVDs I will always put on if I'm feeling a bit down, bored, want a laugh, anything!

  14. Enter me please! My most watched DVD is White Chicks!

  15. Please Enter Me!
    New follower most watched dvd is Stomp the Yard starring Columbus Short, I got a crush on him big time. I love this movie and it never get old to me.

    btw, is it ok for US readers to enter?

    Thanks dear!

  16. Please enter me!!

    My favorite movie to watch over and over is...

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall. That movie never gets old!

  17. Please enter me!

    My favourite is probably Love Actually aswell! Good taste :) Or Home Alone for the christmas novelty!

    Oh and i mentioned your give away on my latest post

  18. Enter me pleasse! my most watched dvd is my FRIENDS dvd. i watch the same one over and over :p the one where ross says rachels name at his wedding


    My fave dvd is HONEY w/ Jessica Alba.

    I posted about your giveaway.

  20. please enter me :)

    my most watched/favourite has to be twilight, I just love it and cant wait for new moon


  21. Enter Me Please!

    My most watched DVD is Juno - I love that film!!

    I've also posted on my blog:


  22. please enter me :)

    my favourite film/ most watched has to be the sex and the city film; i just love the lifestyle and im so happy that there filming satc 2 x

    congrats on so many follower <3

  23. Congrats on 200 followers!! YAY, excited about this giveaway - great prizes.

    Enter me, please :)

  24. Congrats on 200 followers!!
    Enter me please hun!
    My fave dvd has to be, Kidulthood!

  25. Please Enter Me!

    I love The Notebook...or for the child in me, Madagascar. Crack-a-lacking!

  26. Please enter me!!!

    my most watched DVD is The Thing Called Love, I was seriously in love with River Phoenix and was so heart broken that he dies..and this movie was his last completed film..and he sings in it so yeah i love it!!

  27. Please Enter Me!

    What a fantastic giveaway! ^_^ My favorite and most watched DVD is Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. I just love Johnny Depp!! <3

    For my second entry, I blogged and posted a link about your giveaway here:


  28. Enter me please!! My fav. DVD is Clueless..and Sex & The City xx

  29. Please enter me! :-)

    I like watching TV shows on DVDs, as I can watch all episodes back to back. My fav show is Lost :-)

    My post:

  30. Hi Hun,


    * im your 218th follower..
    * My fave DVD is My Sassy Girl (i believe me i watched it over and over and over.... haha..
    dear.. i really wanted a SLEEK PALETTE for a long time, but that palette is not readily available in our country.. and thanks for such an awesome prizes..
    * and i spread the word here:

    love lots,

  31. Please Enter Me!!

    I'm your new follower =)
    I like to watch Lord of The Ring on DVD, never get tired to watch it!

  32. Please Enter Me! My favorite DVD of the moment is Twilight & my most watched is The Notebook.

  33. enter me please
    i linked to this giveaway on my blog (:

  34. Please enter me!

    My favorite DVD is The Notebook, and most watched is Twilight. (I think I watched it for more than 10 times already.)

    My blog entry:

  35. 'Please Enter Me'. My most favourite and most watched DVD is The Notebook!

  36. Please enter me ^_^.

    My most watched DVD is Twilight. (I'm a Twilight Addict ^_^)

    I'm a new follower & tnx so much for this beautiful giveaway :)

  37. Enter me please.

    My most watched film at the minute is Hoppity Comes To Town.

    I thought i had seen films like Dirty Dancing a lot untill my daughter got this film and now its more popular than In the night Garden

  38. Please Enter Me!

    Hello there, I'm a new follower of your blog and am thrilled bout the giveaway! My most watched film would be 10 things I hate about you (though Love actually is pretty high on the ratings too). I just love Heath Ledger in it:)

  39. Hey there, pleeease enter me ;-)
    My most watched DVD is probably "Mean girls". I have watched it over 10 times already I think

  40. Hello :)
    Please Enter Me

    I blogged about your giveaway here:

    I like Twillight!

  41. Please enter me!

    I guess my most watched DVD would be Harry Potter! I was so obsessed with the books and the movies!

    I blogged about it here:

  42. Please enter me. My most watched DVD is Moulin Rouge.

  43. Please enter me!
    I love watching legally blonde for a pick me up! Watched it so many times I can recite most of the words.
    I blogged about you

  44. please enter me.
    my most watched dvd is The Lion King! i love it

    congrats on getting so many followers.

  45. Please enter me! Congrats on over 200 followers.

    My most watched DVD is Spirited Away, I love it.

  46. Congrats!!

    Please enter me!

    My most watched & favourite DVD is
    The Devil Wears Prada.

    My blog post:

  47. Please enter me!

    My fave/most watched DVDs are my Sex And The City ones, such a great show!


  48. Please enter me !! :)

    My favorite dvd has to be ....The Notebook x

  49. Enter me please!

    My favourite dvd is probably dirty dancing! :) xXx

  50. Enter me Please! x

    My favourite DVD is......Sleepless in Seattle-Loove it!

  51. considered me entered! YAY!!! btw, I've been meaning to tell you how happy i am about the change in direction of your blog; making it more personal. It's good to see your face (that sounds weird, i know!) and aren't you a stylish girl, Carla :)


  52. Please Enter Me
    My favorite & most watched DVD is Breakfast at Tiffany's.

    I've posted a blog about your giveaway here:

  53. Please Enter Me.

    I like "Love actually". However my favorite DVD is "Amelie".

    Thanks a lot for the giveaway.

  54. hmm 52 comments..thats my lucky number.. looks like im goign to win ;) haha! but i knew i could count on you to hold an awesome giveaway.. please enter me! :) id say my most watched dvd.. well right now its twilight *sheesh im such a nerd* but before that iw as probably ps i love you. hugs! have a great weekend! ps..the word verification is blessu. how cute.

  55. Please enter me!

    I collect Disney Pixar films, so I would say they're my favorite. But my most watched DVDs are Clueless and Mean Girls ;)

  56. Enter Me Please
    My fave movie is Hackers

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  57. Enter me please..fave film MEAN GIRLS :) x

  58. My most watched is Little Miss Sunshine - love it! Please enter me :) xo

  59. Congrats on 200 followers chick, that's fab!!

    Enter me please :) My most watched DVD is probably Anchorman, I can watch that over and over and still find it hilarious! Or maybe my Bridget Jones boxset? Can't wait for the third one!

    x x

  60. Please Enter Me

    My favourite and most watched DVD is The House Bunny.

    I blogged:

  61. I love to watch Sex and The City! maybe once a week. think my bf is sick of it LOL

    Please enter me!

  62. Please enter me in your giveaway. I'm a new follower on your blog. I love to comment on bloggers posts. It's lots of fun to have a good relationship online. Get to know people and make friends. I read so many that I get behind on reading all. These are wonderful gifts your giving. Thank you very much. My favorite DVD is the old movie The Odd Couple with Jack Lemon and Walter Matheau. It's so funny no matter how many times I've seen it. Always makes me feel better to watch and laugh.

  63. Please enter me..
    I think mine has to be Coyote Ugly..
    Its fun and has me wanting to dance on those bars....

  64. Enter Me Please!
    My most watch DVD is probably.... ummm... no I cant just say one...
    I love 'Jack & Sarah' really sweet film!! Always, always, ALWAYS makes me cry
    I love ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’ (the blame for that is entirely on my dads head!!)
    I love ‘The Notebook’ and ‘I am Legend’ and ‘Pretty Women’ and ’Step mom’
    I watch 'Fifth Element' a lot....
    oh and 'Resident Evil' (scares the life out of me but once I've started watching it, its impossible to stop!

  65. My favorite and most-watched DVD would have to be ( is difficult to choose)...probably the "Thomas Crown Affair".

    Please Enter me!!!!:D

    I also posted your giveaway on:


  66. Please Enter me♥

    My favorite and most watched and never tired of watching dvd movie was..


    I really love .. love stories=]

    I posted this on my blog=]

  67. you can reach me on my email

    i forgot to mention it<3

    mwuah<3 keep it up

  68. Please, please, please with sugar on top enter me in your smashing contest!

    I must admit, I own freakishly few DVDs and tend to watch movies more on TV. In which a perpetual favourite of mine that I never tire of watching is "A League of Their Own". That film had a huge impact on creating my love of 40s style when I was child :)

    Many thanks for holding this contest, honey - best of luck to all who enter!

    ♥ Jessica

  69. Enter me please!

    My most watched DVD is definitely The Big Lebowski...I just can't get enough :D

    Wow, already more than 250 followers, congrats!!!


  70. enter me please!! :)

    My most watched dvd would have to be P.S I Love You! :)

    for an extra entry..

  71. Enter me please!! My fav DVD has to be The Holiday, I love it to bits and will watch it in the summer, regardless of it being set at winter. My most watched DVD is Freaky Friday (I know), it's a "Mother-Daughter" thing I have with my Mum!! xxxx

  72. Please Enter Me!

    My favorite DVD is Spirited Away. I love it!
    Thanks a lot for this wonderful giveaway!

  73. Enter me please!

    My favorite DVD is Grease!

  74. Enter Me Please :)

    I'm a new follower.

    My favorite at the moment is twilight.

  75. Enter Me Please.. ;)

    My all time favorite movie is A Beautiful Mind...

  76. And I also posted it on my Blog..

    here my link

  77. enter me please

    ly favorite movie all time is a cartoon "princess sarah"
    so much emotions

    here's my link:

  78. Please enter me =)

    I love DVD's too, the one my sister and I love watching is "What happens in Vegas"...we laugh our heads off every time!!!

  79. whoops, forgot to say my fave dvd is jumanji!!!! xxx

  80. Enter me please. Congrats on the 200 (and now loads more) followers!

    My most watched DVDs are Labyrinth, The Goonies and The Lost Boys (I couldn't choose between the 3) as they were all childhood favourites.

    Love Lu. xXx

  81. If I'm in time! please enter me. I'm a follower.

    My most watched DVD at the moment is Finding Nemo, not really me watching it, but my 2 year old son is totally obbessed (but at least he's moved on from WallE) x

  82. Please enter me :D
    and a DVD that is most watched would probably have to bee.. not a movie, but Grey's Anatomy Season 4 :)

  83. Please enter me :-) my favourite dvd is...*eek how hard is this!* either confessions of a shopaholic (I have always been obsessed with the books!) or meet the parents/meet the fockers - I never get bored of those films, love Ben Stiller!
    Congrats on your 200 followers hun!xx