Monday, 10 August 2009


  • I woke up late

  • I got to work half an hour later than I should

  • I bought my obligatory can of ice cold Pepsi before I got to work

  • I ate my new favourite breakfast food, as mentioned in my previous post, Jordans Crunch Oats with yoghurt

  • I applied for a new job...interviews will be this week so keep your fingers crossed for me...

  • I did some work

  • I caught up with a friend

  • I exchanged emails between friends, colleagues and my lil bro instead of working...

  • I went on a crisp run at lunch for the office thus meaning when I went to the shop I bought In Style magazine (only for the free Body Shop eyeliners), a bottle of Ribena (the cranberry flavoured one - I ♥ it, an Areo bar (nostalgia hit, I used to live on these at school) and seven, yes SEVEN packets of crisps. I bet the shop assistant was thinking w...t..fff!!!

  • I was moody for not being able to bid on anything on eBay

  • I decided I NEED a Blackberry...I need talking out of this
I also pretty much finalised plans for something that will be officially happening in fifteen minutes and seven days..

I turn 23 :o

Four more days until the weekend...or three if you class your Fridays as the start!

I found this picture on a very lovely lady's blog tonight..doesn't it make you feel calm? I can almost hear the rain pouring down..I love it.



  1. Lovely picture, so pretty <3 Good luck with the interviews hun, let us know how you get on! Not long til your birthday then... Have you got any plans? xx

  2. yes, you NEED the blackberry!! i'm obsessed with mine!! :) and i love that picture!! so soothing...

  3. im not one to talk you out of the might actually need it ;) hehe, and that picture is amazing! i looked at it before i read what you wrote and in my head i heard the soft rain droplets! ahh relaxing i wish it'd rain here it's too stinkin hot! :) hope your week goes fast dear, hugs!

  4. That picture is so relaxing, I just looked at it before work and its calmed me down!! Good luck with the interviews!! :-) x x

  5. Good luck for the interviews!

  6. I had a blackberry pearl. I imagine our phone needs are similar so I will save you the heart ace and thinking time...if you aren't tech savvy then you need an iphone, if you are tech savvy you need something like the htc magic or hero.

    The end hehe x

  7. Great post - that so made me laugh! Yes they must have thought you were a crisp fiend! What are your birthday plans? Us nosy people need to know ;)

  8. I love that picture too I just love seeing the rain fall it makes you feel so alive. xx

  9. Ah, good luck with the interviews! And yippee for your birthday coming up soon ... mine is too, woot for August babies! And that picture is amazing ... you can feel the movement even though the picture is still. Have a great rest of the week!

  10. We've got rain here in Seattle, but it should be gone by the weekend, hopefully.

  11. Well it sounds like besides the late part you had a pretty good day!

  12. Love that picture... and LOVE your blog!

  13. Get a Blackberry. You will love.

  14. Oh, the blackberry is one of my favorite things. Must NOT talk you out of that...

  15. Wait one sec! Did you and I have the exact same day? Love your blog sweetie and you made me laugh out loud. xoxo

  16. @ Lisa ~ I didn't get an interview :( Yep I have some plans...will post soon! xx

    @ Alicia ~ Just so you know, it is your fault I want one. So thanks!!! xx

    @ Nicole ~ Nooo lol :) I know! You totally hear them when you look at makes me want it to rain! <3 xxx

  17. @ Jen ~ Glad to have helped lol xx

    @ Daisy ~ Thanks! xx

    @ PF ~ Thanks for the advice! I won't be able to get anything until April anyway I've realised today :( xx

    @ Conversation Pieces ~ :) Haha I looked like a right idiot! I will tell all soon :)x x

    @ The Brunette ~ I know, :) xx

    @ Nikolett ~ Yay us August babies rock! xx

    @ Carol ~ I hope it is sunny and nice by the time the weekend comes along! xx

  18. @ Crazy Sh ~ Yup :) Unlike yesterday..but thats another story. :0 xx

    @ Kathleen ~ Aww thanks hun! xx

    @ Whitney ~ Well if you're practically forcing me to... xx

    @ JennyMac ~ OK I'm sold! :D xx

    @ Laura ~ Aww lol :D xxx

  19. oh I need to get myself a blackberry too! so nopes, I'm not talking you out of it either...