Thursday, 6 August 2009

Random tidbits!


I am still so tired from my weekend of crazyness. I can't believe it is Thursday already - a whole week since my last post! I hate it when I don't post like mad. It makes me sad!

London was mad. I had a fantastic time - I want to move there! Although damn is it expensive - I got paid last Tuesday and had £1000+ in my bank, have a guess how much I have now? £100, if that. This is not good! I cannot afford to go into my overdraft this month so I am going to have to be really good. I might buy lunch out tomorrow again and then as from next week give my bank card to my mum and just have designated money. It is my birthday soon too! Woop. I will do a little post of the things I bought when I get home, I want to have a play around with some photo editing websites - I can never seem to get on with photoshop though.

I am trying to catch up on all my blogs but have so many to go through. I spotted this on the lovely Emma's blog from Weight Loss, Clothes & Make Up and thought I would re post here. With this weeks Reveal magazine you can pick up a free Bourjois Lipstick and Lipgloss for only £2.95. This should be £13.00 plus P+P according to the website but when you enter the given code you just pay the P+P. I like all freebies and am going to assume most of you do too!!

Just click on this link here and go to special offers. Click on the Reveal offer and pick your combination. I chose Rose/Bronze, I'm not sure what these will be like but I'm sure they will be nice, I'll post when they arrive. When you click to checkout enter the code RFB89 and you just pay the postage!

Oh, and this picture makes me VERY excited.


  1. Welcome back!
    I hate my own lack of blog posts, too, it makes me feel sad, as well.
    I love London, I would love to live there for a period of time at least.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! London is like open wallet surgery... I do think it's worse if you don't live there. You feel the need to splurge more! Looking forward to seeing your finds :)

  3. Girl, you did some serious shopping! Ha!
    Happy to have you back!

  4. I love love love London, one of my favorite places!

    I'm like you, I can not get the hang of photoshop. I use Lunapic :)

  5. Woahhh that's some serious spending - love it lol! Can't wait to see piccies of your buys ;) Glad you had a good time, I don't live *too* far from London but would still end up spending a fortune, there's just too much temptation!

    Thanks for letting us know about that Bourjois offer, it's annoying they don't do pics of the shades though isn't it?

    x x

  6. Oh my goodness! Dakota Fanning looks so creepy!

  7. Wow! Well done on shopping and all =p And I'm starting to get excited about New Moon! Whee!