Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Polished Up

Thank you for all your lovely birthday messages yesterday! I'll be back with pictures tomorrow or at the weekend. Who's going to The Body Shop event in London tomorrow? I'll be seeing you there, let me know!


Let me begin by saying: I'm not one of those girly girls who enjoys pampering, face masks, spending time styling my hair or painting my nails, all that jazz. My nails can stay chipped for ages (despicable) my toe nails currently have nothing on them (disgusting) and my hair is usually either straightened or tied in a high messy look pony, I think I'm just lazy. I just have no interest in it. Of course I have always bought the odd this and that and used it a few times then just put it back and forgot about it but I was actually really shocked to count my nail polish collection and find 44 polishes. 44 is a lot for someone who doesn't care about nails. Yesterday I got looking at loads of nail blogs actually and I don't know if I've mentioned this before but long nails make me cringe, and long nails without polish actually make my neck go all funny and I feel like being sick! So loads of blogs were making me feel funny last night. Anyway I wanted to do this last week but thought I would wait until my Nails Inc ones arrived to complete it! Here is my collection...


Opia is the cheap make up range that Primark house. Most bits are only about £1 each and I did have quite a few bits but I threw them out about two weeks ago because I think most of it is crap, I'm not complaining, I know it can't be that good for £1! These are the nail varnishes I have picked up from there. They don't have names on the bottles, just batches, the purpley colour is batch PS 847. I've used this a few times and it is actually quite nice but you do need to put a lot of coats on. The other two are smaller and came in the same batch packet - PS 1066. I have used the darker one but not the light one, I actually really like this one, I like the bottle too its really cute :)


I have had these for ages actually. How long do you keep nail varnishes for? I have had it for years but only used it a few times. I do like it it just takes a few coats and the consistency is really sticky and gloopy (its always been like this, not because its so old!) and I swore I wouldn't buy any more Bourjois polishes. But I forgot about that and picked up the other one. I don't really like this, again it needs so many coats to look even there. [Orange, 69] [Rose Show, 33]


The orange (or Tropical Island, as its called) is the one I got free the other month and I haven't yet used this, but the pink one (Jelly Crush) is one of my most used out of my collection. You can see from the picture the the line is just under the 17, I really like this colour its just a very simple every day pink. The orange is much darker than the photo IRL, think it is the room I took the pics in.

Miss Sporty

I needed a silver polish desperatly and Miss Sporty had a 3 for 2 on (or some kind of offer) so I picked these two. I picked the blue as I wanted a nice light one but I haven't actually used it yet, and the orange I thought would look great against a tan. But I forgot to wear it when I had a tan so I guess I'll have to wait!!

L'Oreal Paris

Aw these are ancient. The silver is almost gone and one of the ones I wear a lot. Its from the Chrome Shine range and is number 342 I think. It says 342 on the lid but under the bottle says 21 so... It is a gorgeous silver colour and I actually want to put it on now! The second Chrome Shine I have is a deep shiny pink and I haven't worn it for absolutley ages now. It is 350 on the lid and 18 underneath. The LA Collection Crystals I found to be an awful polish. I think because of all the glitter it it really thick to put on and its one of those that just feels awful when its on. I have no idea if these are still availble but if so and you want to try it out its number 204. But I wouldn't recommend it.


Virgin Vie, Ruby Taffeta ~ This is a gorgeous deep pink and has been almost used up. It's pretty good chip resistant too.

No 7 Stay Perfect, Pink Grapefruit ~ I was given this in a No 7 gift set one Christmas. It's hardly been worn but I love the name of it! I can never decide if it is a pinky colour or a more corally one...

Lime Green ~ I picked this up for about 2 euros on holiday in May, just because I liked the colour. Not so much when it is on, but its actually not too bad - I will wear it again, I do think it is more of a holiday colour though!

Maybelline Colorama, 48, Honey Crystals ~ I bought this to go on my toes when I was wearing gold sandals. It's got quite a bit missing but every time I wear it I seem to come across a man who says its the worst polish ever! I don't think it's that bad!

Avon Sheer Pink ~ I actually really like this, either on its own or over the top of a darker colour. It's a very light pink with tiny flecks of glitter in. I love it over a black polish.

Barry M

Barry M is my second favourite brand for polishes, first for colours. If you are looking for any colour Barry M are probably the brand that will have that exact colour. I have to restrain myself from buying more each time I go in - I really want a new dark green one and a red glittery one, I'm not sure if the name is something to do with Dorothy and her red shoes or if it just really reminds me of that. I have eight, and from left to right the colours are: 216, 47, 293, 284, 272, 296, 279 and 119. The black and grey (47 and 293) are brilliant in late Autumn, I love the grey. The emerald green one is my absolute favourite I LOVE it, the colour is amazing - buy this! I didn't really like the end one when I applied it as I found it really streaky and it looked awful.

Nails Inc

Nails Inc are my favourite polishes at the moment. OK, I will admit I haven't actually bought any of these, they are all freebies but I think I need to purchase some. I love the bottles, the names, the colours, the application and the finished look. I can't pick my favourite because I think they all look amazing, although I can't wait to try the first one, my mum is wearing it at the moment and it looks brilliant.

China Glaze

I do quite like these polishes. I picked them up from Sallys a few months ago and have had a chance to wear them all now. The blue is very similiar to the Opia blue pictured at the top but I do like it. I didn't really like the pink - I like strong pinks, not light ones that don't hardly show up. The red one I absolutley adore! I wore it about two weeks ago and I love it - it's Cherry Crystal if anyone is interested. It's such a lovely deep red, it will be perfect in Winter.


Rimmel is another range that I have always looked at the polishes over the years. From left to right, the colours are 809, Blue Me Away, 590, Atlantic, 872, Climax, 811, Pulsating, 622, Star Kissed, 840, Peaches and Cream, 366, Beige and 431, Daisy Chain. The only ones I really didn't like too much was the Blue Me Away, I think the texture of it was awful and to be honest it was a bit too dark for me. The Atlantic has been rebought and rebought, as has the Pulsating, which I love. The Beige and Daisy Chain ones are brilliant everyday colours, as is the Peaches & Cream and Star Kissed. I love Climax but again, when I wear it loads of people tell me it's horrible! I like it!

I hope you didn't get too bored reading that...



  1. Wow that's a lot of polishes!! I have quite a few, i love it on other people but coloured polish always makes me feel yucky after a while (weird i know), so i normally just stick to the Sally Hansen clear polish ;).

    I'm sooo jealous of you going to the bodyshop event, my sisters going to (how mean of they not inviting me to haha), hope you have a fab time and get lots of goodies xx

  2. Oh is she! Oh cool, wish u were! :( Is she off to the AM or PM? xxx

  3. I found one of the darker blue primark polishes in my drawer a few days ago and keep meaning to use it, looks a lovely colour! you have so many!xx

  4. Me too, we could've met :(. Ah well, maybe next time. She's off to the pm one xx

  5. Oh lots ofvy polishes. I should really count mine one day! Have fun tomorrow x

  6. Wow your collection is huge. I only have about 2 or 3 that I use here and there. Usually on my toes. I don't really like nail polish all that much.

  7. Wow nice stuff you have there.

    I don't bother with my nails because I chew them. Bad habit, I know..

  8. awww i missed out on your birthday! hope it was amazing!! i need to buy new polish sooooo bad! i'm down to only 3! its criminal!!

  9. Wow!! You have such an extensive nail polish collection! You could open up your own beauty salon, haha.

  10. That's why I scaled back from the 300, I seldom used them whereas I'm always whoring up the ones I currently have.

    Nails Inc is my fave brand too, I love the application and the no chipping (I'm a klutz so it's a great help).

    I should look into some Barry M ones, he does the nicest colours.


  11. ahaha im tempted to count mine now but i darent!!!! x

  12. oh gosh, I love the turqoise nail polish!
    And yeah, long nails are really creepy. I like bright colours on nails (I'm very bad at applying nail polish, so I don't wear it very often), but I'll keep my nails just short. It's a lot cleaner, too.

  13. ohh thats tons- so jealous
    You are soooo lucky going to the event : )
    I want to meet everyone xxxx

  14. @ Becky ~ Ooh use it and do a NOTD :) xx

    @ Sadie ~ Aww, maybe next time hun :( xx

    @ Em ~ Thanks hun xx

    @ Gracie ~ I didn't think I did either... xx

    @ WW ~ I've never chewed my nails :) xx

    @ Alicia ~ Aww thanks hun! Get some! xx

    @ Lily ~ Haha :) xx

    @ Rhamnousia ~ Yes do look @ Barry M, they're very good colours!

    @ Cats Obsessions ~ Oh go on! xx

    @ Julia ~ lol, glad someone agrees!! xx

    @ Emma ~ Aww maybe next time :) xx

  15. Wow, you're a lady after my own heart ... I like painting my nails but can't be bothered to do my hair so it's usually just straight as well. But you have an amazing nail polish collection! I might check out a few of those colours :)

    And happy happy belated birthday!!

  16. You have quite a collection! Lol!! The Loreal Chrome Shine ones look lovely! I wish they had them in Aus :( Great blog! xx

  17. What a delightful assortment of polishes! It is rather amazing how those little "here and there" purchases of items like cosmetics add up into a sizable collection after a while.

    Thank you deeply for your lovely comment on Chronically vintage honey, it meant a lot to me.

    Joyful belated birthday wishes & oodles of hugs!!!
    ♥ Jessica