Friday, 7 August 2009

one of my favourite things

I can't believe I went to see this almost three weeks ago and I still haven't blogged about it...bad girl!

I am a total Harry Potter geek. I kinda forget how much I love it until a new film comes out and I re-read the books and re-watch the films. As it happens, I hadn't even seen the last film, Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix. I went to see the other four at the cinema and then never got round to seeing the latest. I also never read the last book - I kept telling myself I would read the 6th and then the 7th to refresh my memory but I never bothered.

I caught a trailer a while back for the latest film, Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince, and got all excited again. I was going on holiday for a week and thought it the perfect chance to take the final book and get caught up. And oh my god, I loved it. I read the book in about two days and then as my brother had finished his book he started reading it but every time I saw he'd put it down I pinched it back and re-read the ending! He was going mad with me. Everytime he turned around I was back on page 528 (read it people, I love this bit until the end!) and I kept getting shouted at!

When we got back home me and the brother set aside two days to watch all five films. There was so much I had forgottern, but I'm not mad about this, it makes me quite excited actually because I guess I'll have to re-read them all!! When we got around to watching the Order of the Phoenix I was actually twitching my legs non stop I was so into it! I HATE Dolores Umbridge!!! I thought it was funny in parts too. I started to get scared about watching the Half Blood Prince. I won't spoil the ending but for those of you who have read it and know what the main part of the story is really at the end, I cried like a baby just reading the book so was convinced I would cry in the cinema!

We went to see the new film on my brother birthday. We went to an early morning showing, complete with raspberry & bubblegum flavoured ice blasts, popcorn and nachos (they were awful). We got sat down and there were so many trailers I had practically drunk my drink by the time it came on. New Moon was advertised, which got me SO excited, as was 2012, which scared the life out of me - I am so terrified of stuff like this!

I absolutley loved the film - I really want to go and see it again. I can't wait to buy it on DVD and watch it again. For some reason in my head I had this person as Narcissa Malfoy:

I don't know why - this is Kimberley Guerrero and I know her from an episode of Charmed, I don't know why but every image I have had in my head for Narcissa has been of her. This is the actual Narcissa:

My favourite character in these last two films has to be Bellatrix Lestrange. I swear, I love her to the point where I'm a crazy fan and wanna join fan groups on Facebook for her. Her character is amazing and how Helen Boham Carter plays her is fantastic!

I loved this part too:

When my brother was little he had toys for all the films. I saw this the other day (the wand) and am finding other various stuff now on the net and wishing I had a little kid to buy these for and play with myself!!

HOW scary is this mask?!! When they wore them in the film I got really scared!!
Can I just add that since I started writing this post my computer jammed, and as I had the book next to me (the final one) I picked it up and began reading the end...again. I'm hooked.

So yeah...I'm too excited for the next two instalments. And full of questions! Where will the break the book in half? Why can't they come out now? And at the same time! The final part will be the best and i have to wait until July 2011 to see it! :(

If you haven't read or watched these PLEASE do...for me?




  1. i went and saw the film a few weeks ago and I loved it, but i have to admit I have only ever read the 1st of the books, will have to read them, still havent read twilight either going to nick them off my sister and read them soon xx

  2. I really loved it too! I almost went back and saw it a second time the next day :) Can't wait to see where they break the story, and also if they manage to get some of the background stuff they left out in this film into the final(s)...I felt like some of the stuff they omitted was helpful for understanding the 7th book, so we'll see....

  3. I LOVE harry potter, too. My husband and sister didn't like the latest movie, but I thought it was pretty great. And the ending: just so touching.

    Also, I've always loved Helena Boham Carter (or whatever her name is). She does "crazy" well!!

  4. @ Becky @ Defo read them if you can!

    @ TD ~ Aww I wish I lived near u then I would make u come see it a 2nd time lol. I know there is so much stuff I NEED to know! xx

    @ Christen ~ :O I thought it was great too. I know - she totally makes that character doesn't she!

  5. o i didn't realize you were one of THOSE! just kidding. everyone loves harry potter, kind of like krispy kreme.

  6. I have friends that call me sado for loving HP! Boooo ... :)