Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Nothing like..

A bunch of freebies to make the day go by!

UK Magazines have been really good recently with giveaways and to be honest they are the only reason I buy them. I think magazines are a waste of money...I used to buy so many and now I don't get any unless there is a good bargain!

As I mentioned before News of the World gave away some Nails Inc nail varnishes worth £10.50 for £1. I bought one using my card and one with my mums. They arrived today and I was really pleased to see that they had also thrown in a smaller one too for free!

The colours I ordered were Aspen, which is the beautiful dark red, I am so excited to use this! I think this and my emerald green Barry M one are going to be v popular come Autumn/Winter - they are such Christmassy colours. The second, which I am wearing right now, is China Town, the pink one. It looks better IRL than the picture, its more of a lovely dark pink swirled with bluey bits. My free one was Mayfair Mews and although I have just noticed it looks orange/coral in these pics it is more of a red colour. I have got about five Nails Inc polishes in total now from freebies in magazines etc and I really like them. I think the application is fantastic and the colours amazing - the China Town I only have one coat on and it is so deep it looks about three! These are def. climbing up to the top of my faves chart.

So here is a little pic of my newbies this week, mainly freebies...

James Brown Intensive Hair Mask - Free with Cosmo Mag was it? I love this - the smell is amazing!
Nails Inc polishes - As above
Bourjois Lipstick & Gloss - I love these, I think I blogged earlier about these.
The Body Shop Eye Liners (x2) - Free with InStyle Magazine

and then the not freebies, Mac 275 brush from eBay for about £4, brand new, and a Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss Limited Edition in Nude Peach, again from eBay for about the same, around £4.


On a whole I don't really buy or use Bourjois products. The lipstick is maybe a little too dark, although it doesn't look that bad on the lips. It was the Rose/Bronze combination I picked (this is obviously the bronze!). The lipgloss - I adore it!! I have been reapplying it all day. It is a really lovely sheen and makes lips feel soft but not sticky at all, it also smells so good you can taste it. I love the packaging as well! I will def. be re buying this when I run out.

The Body Shop

I've read so many reviews on the Yes Yes Yes! Lip Butter that I had to pick one up at some point. I got this in London and was planning on getting the Pink Grapefruit Body Butter at the same time but when I spotted the lip butter I picked that up instead as I'll get more use out of that. I really love the pink grapefruit one and have been using the Yes Yes Yes one this week, I love the smell of it! The swatch underneath is of my TBS eye liners free with In Style. I can't wait to use that top one! I am considering getting the other colours - I think there is a green and a blue available. I only got this as it was the last one but I'm glad in a way - if I'd have had a choice I wouldn't have got this and then I wouldn't know how good the grey one was!


I have actually had this for ages now but I keep meaning to mention it. I had seen Yinka mention these glosses a few times so thought I would have a look on eBay at some and picked this colour (Nude Peach) and I love it. When I get some spare cash I am going to hopefully get some more - I've used it so much since I received it! The colour is lovely, it smells nice and it looks really good on. Def going to try some different colours too!


As many of you know I was a Mac virgin until I went to London. I seeked advice from some lovely ladies and was hoping to spend quite a bit but I kind of ran out of money and didn't have time to go to the Mac shop, I'm a bit mad about this! Anyway I went to the counter in Harrods and after much deliberation picked up a blush in Pink Swoon and a 195 bush. OK I will admit something: I was getting so stressed being rushed that I picked the wrong brush :( Only realised on the train home that I had got the wrong one so a bit mad at myself really. I'm pleased with the blush though. (I also got some cola cubes as you can see!) The bottom picture is the 275 that I got this week. I've also had to pick some presents today for my brother to get me for my birthday so I picked a quad eyeshadow, I'll post photos when I get it :)

Night! xxx


  1. Eee! I don't really wear or buy that much makeup yet i love seeing pictures and reading about it. So weird. Looks like a good haul and some great products.

  2. why is it that I never ever get freebies everytime I buy a magazine!? I need to start looking out for the ones that come with free stuff (: xx

  3. TBS pencils do come in blue and green but the full range is on sale in the shop now - there's also an amber colour and a gorgeous purple colour!! :-) x x

  4. @ Gracie ~ That is what I was like until I started reading make up blogs then I became obsessed! I'm going to try and make you obsessed hahaha (evil laugh) xx

    @ Lily G ~ Woop woop! I love freebies! xx

    @ Adele ~ aww lol, I will email you all the magazines I buy with freebies next time!! xx

    @ Jen ~ Ooh thanks for the info - will check it out!


  5. What lovely freebies! I only buy magazines for the free stuff :)

  6. That stuff looks so cool! I wish I had it!

  7. I wish I lived in the UK. *sigh*

  8. makeup freebies are the best! wish I lived in the UK, too, just to get em :)

    AND speaking of freebies.... Giveaway on my blog!!

  9. Hey, thanks for letting me know about the comment issue on my blog. I think it's a problem with the layout so I'm going to change it and see if that fixes it.

  10. I love MAC makeup! And Bare Minerals is great too!

  11. i cant believe i missed teh free nails inc! ggrrr! great blog x

    For all things fashion:

  12. I'll bet you can watch them online!

  13. i don't think i could live without mac! and those nail polishes look lovely, luck you! i tend to stick to o.p.i nail polish but i think i need to broaden my collections :)

  14. Ooo, I love freebies and newbies! What great new things to add to your collection ... makes me want to go out and get some new make-up, haha.

    And I've left an award for you on my blog! :)

  15. Holy moley. I'm not even a make-up girl, but I feel something rushing through me and I believe it might be jealousy. I love it all, great post! :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by! :) Um, also, I think it's pretty sweet that our blog names are different by two words. COOL.

  16. Oh wow.. lovely haul you got there!

  17. This is great..I love make up!

  18. @ A Girl in the City ~ Yeah me too! xx

    @ Sadako ~ some! We can never have too much make up! xx

    @ Whitney ~ Lets swap. I wanna live where you do! xx

    @ Anna ~ to check it out! xx

    @ Kimberly ~ No probs :) xx

    @ Carol ~ I've never tried that but I do have a few things I want from that brand, I'll have to check it out! xx

    @ Missy ~ Aww no! :(

    @ Nicole ~ Yay defo - I really love Nails Inc ones :)

    @ Nikolett ~ Aww thank you sweetie! xx

    @ Girl with the Bow Tie ~ That is the coolest thing I have read today so far!!! and your comment is so funny! xxx

    @ Amanda ~ Thank you :) xx

    @ Style Bird ~ :) Thanks for stopping by! xx


  19. Hello, I'm loving your great blog -your posts are really interesting so thanks very much for sharing them. Pictures are really good too !

    Happy weekend,

  20. I really must stop buying magazines (unless there's a good freebie of course). I used to buy a silly amount each month, most are full of the same old crap too aren't they x

  21. @ Elise ~ Aww thank you, you're very sweet. xxx

    @ Sadie ~ I actually hate mags, I hardly read them even if I get them for the free gifts!xx