Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Gorgeous Feet

One of my worst parts of myself are my feet. I know most people hate their feet but mine are extremely bad. The skin is so dry and cracked. My dad suffers from really bad hands, they crack really deep into his skin and I've always thought it was awful so I was not too pleased when my feet began to go down the same road I can tell you!!

I have tried numerous products over the years to try and sort this problem out and thought I would share a few of the top things I have tried and my views on them with you.

Aveeno Cream

Moisturising cream actively moisturises dry and sensitive skin and helps to retain natural moisturising oils. RRP £6.62

As well as getting very dry, cracked heels I also have a type of eczema on my feet too. My skin flakes and peels in the middle of my foot which is a pain. I am pretty gross I can sit for hours picking my feet, my parents are forever telling me off for it! A friend gave me this to try as she has eczema on her arms and this helps calm it down. I have been to the doctors years ago about this and she gave me some cream, it was awful! It was in a big tub with a pump applicator, it was white and 'non greasy' which just meant it was like minging jelly - I hated it! I gave it to my dad in the end for his hands! Anyway I used the Aveeno cream and noticed a difference in the middle part of my foot straight away. My heels were still bad but this wasn't used to target that, I just found it helped clear up the eczema straight away. I still keep a tub of this for times when it is really bad.

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

Hemp seed oil - Has an unusually high concentration of essential fatty acids that help to repair the skin's moisture barrier thus helping to restore moisture, smoothness and suppleness. Allantoin - Helps to relieve and soothe dry skin. Panthenol - Is proven to improve flexibility of the nails, helping to reduce flaking and breakage. 30ml - £4.85. 100ml - £9.75

This is a really rich, thick cream. I know this is hand protector, but I tested a small bit in the shop and knew I needed something like this for my feet to stop them drying out. You only need a small bit and the bottle lasts for AGES - I have had mine so long now I can't remember when I even bought it. I keep one at work for days when I look down and think OMG!! How did I leave the house with feet this bad!! :) It has a very nice smell too. I have just been reading some reviews on the website and most people are giving it 5/5 although a few of them are saying it is too oily - I wouldn't say that at all. Within a week my feet weren't as cracked and dry as usual so it serves its purpose.

Whilst getting this info from TBS I noticed that they now do a Hemp Foot Protector now - as below. Not sure how good this is though as I haven't tried it - I might have to do!

Hemp Foot Protector, £9.75

Boots Gorgeous Feet Range

Boots have quite a big range called Gorgeous Feet and I really think this is a great name for them - because the products make even my feet look gorgeous. I don't think I would have tried this if it wasn't for the fact that I had been stupid enough to wear backless shoes around Christmas time. I don't know why I did that but I don't think my feet have ever been that bad again. They were cracked so deep and bleeding and so painful to walk on. I rushed to Boots in my lunch hour to see what they could do, and picked up the Gorgeous Feet Rapid Cracked Heel Repair. The product promises to repair feet within one week but within two to three days I noticed a difference. This is without a doubt the best cracked heel cream I have used. I have re-bought this probably over five times now, I always make sure I have some and as I am nearing the end of a tube I buy a new one and put the old one in my drawer at work (in case you are wondering, yes, my desk drawer is just full of half used products and make up). As I had had such good results with this, I went back to see what else they sold on the range. On Boots website there are 20 products now, when I started using this there were only about five, so you can see how the range has progressed over the years. I picked up a Reviving Overnight Rescue and an Incredibly Intensive Moisturiser. The Overnight Rescue was one of my favourite ones as it comes with a pair of little socks to wear in bed and you feel like you are really pampering yourself!

I went to stock up some more last month and found that the products had changed packaging. Instead of the old boring yellow...they were now in a lovely pink pretty tubes and glass tubs!

As you can see from the above pics I took, the top left hand photo is the before and after packaging of the Rapid Cracked Heel Repair Cream. The picture next to it is of the product itself and then the same below, but for the Reviving Overnight Rescue.

All in all I would really recommend this range for anyone with bad feet; I'd be interested to hear from anyone who uses/has used this also. You can see a full range of the products on Boots here.

Boots Gorgeous Feet Rapid Cracked Heel Repair, 100ml £4.99
Boots Gorgeous Feet Reviving Overnight Rescue, 150ml £6.49


  1. I am definitely in serious need of some care for my poor feet! Great selection of products you have here!

  2. LOL at how my two first commenters are both cats :)

    @ Cat, aww thanks sweetie! xxx

    @ Catanya, I would def recommend you try some! xx


  3. josh has THE driest hands and feet out of anyone ive ever met. and i got him that hemp stuff for his bday and he said it worked really well. he complained about smelling like an italian restraunt haha but he said it worked!! xoxo

  4. This is super helpful! Just recently I've started getting the WORST dry, cracked feet! Thank you, thank you!

  5. Scholl Cracked Heel Cream is also really good- its the only thing that worked on me. Oooh, and a Ped Egg! xxxx

  6. @ Nicole ~ I have bad hands too I forgot to mention that, it is good! xxxx

    @ Lily G ~ :) xx

    @ Kathleen ~ lol! Join the club haha. Hope it helped! xx

    @ FinE ~ I've never tried that but it has got some good recs. I have a Ped Egg too - my mum totally siled the sole of her feet off and is too scared to use it now!!! xxxxx


  7. ooo thanks for that honey I am trying to get my feet in to shape for my hols they are awful at the moment :(

  8. i love boots products and aveeno never fails. as women, we just shove our feet into painful beautiful shoes and forget...thats for reminding us to take care of it.

  9. Oh I can't stand my feet too! I am totalyl going to pick up the Aveeno stuff this weekend!

  10. ohh you remind me that my feet need an extra care too! haha thanks! anyway the generator i got from try it! its fun :]

  11. Hiya I have nominated you for an award on my blog,

  12. Hi!

    I really like your blog.

    I just started mine, and i would really appreciate it if you read it and told me what you think.

    - Jill

  13. Aveeno is one of my favorite moisturizers. I can't live without it and carry it in my purse wherever I go!

  14. @ Louise ~ Ooh def recommend these then! When do u go away? xx

    @ Firecrackers ~ :) I know.. no pain no gain right? ;) xx

    @ Carol ~ lol! Mine are gross! xx

    @ ONiC ~ Aw cool thanks!! xx

    @Becky ~ Aww thanks babe! xx

    @ Jilleesa P ~ Thank you! I;ll def check urs out! xx

    @ Kimberly ~ Its really good isn't it! xx

  15. See? You aren't alone! We all suffer...and I believe it's a topic hardly anyone wants to talk about. I have to admit my feet can get gross, too. Especially during summer when I wear a lot of flip flops, sandals, and even high heels...and the air is dry, and water ruins feet too by the moisturizers are needed 24/7. I have never ever tried Aveeno, will definitely try it. Always used anything with Shea butter in it, if not pure Shea butter only. Perfect!!!

  16. @ Selma ~ :) Mine are bad all the way through the year. I used The Body Shop Shea Butter on them too, forgot to mention that!