Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Body Shop Beauty Blogger Event

So Thursday was The Body Shop Beauty Bloggers Event at Sketch in London. I had such a good time. When I got the invite I turned it down at first as I was a bit scared but I'm so glad I decided to go and now I am getting excited for the next one, the Maybelline Event again in London in September *big cheesy smile*

I travelled down from Leeds with Kelly and Victoria who I was pretty scared to meet just because I've never met anyone before from Blogger or anything but they were so lovely. We couldn't sit together on the way down but managed to on the way back and it was seriously the funniest journey home, we were sounding like 13 year olds drooling over Zac Effron and Robert Pattinson/Taylor Lautner (Don't worry Natalie I kept our side up for Jake!!).

Anyway, back to the event: I don't really want to whitter on about too much because I know so many of the other girls have already blogged about it and I don't want to be boring. I had a fantastic time and want to thank Headstream, especially Natalie, for arranging everything and supplying seemingly endless champagne and lovely little sandwiches :)

The Body Shop are well known for their campaigns against various things and raising money for different charities, three of the most recent being the Staying Alive Foundation, Women's Aid and Children on the Edge.

Their latest project is helping ECPAT. Taken from the site:

We need you to lend a hand helping us to protect the innocence of youngsters around the world. Human Trafficking is now the third largest and fastest growing criminal industry worldwide and it's thought that over 1.8 million children are exploited in the global commercial sex trade every year, though this figure is thought to be much higher due to the underground dealings of the traffickers.

I must admit I had no idea the figures were this high so I was a bit shocked to hear about this. The product released supporting this cause is Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream.

As with the other products the way this works is that a certain amount of each one purchased goes to support the charity. This product costs £5.00 and that is for a 75ml tube. From that, a massive £3.45 goes to support ECPAT who are actively working to stop the trafficking and sexual explotation of children and young people in the UK and around the world. For more informaiton of ECPAT click the name in this text. I actually really like the smell of this hand cream. According to the website, it has a sparkling green fragrance with fresh citrus aspects in the top, leading to an elegant floral heart on a warm amber background. It sinks straight into the skin and doesn't feel greasy, just leaves you with lovely soft hands. I would recommend this and am going to be keeping this in my handbag, so when I run out I will be repurchasing.

We were given a little preview of some products which haven't yet hit the shelves - Nutriganics Skin Care. The ingrediants used in this range are completely organic but I can't remember when she said the products were going to be available!

Chase Aston, the make up artist, was also there and showed us two looks using The Body Shops new Autumn Trend Make Up, Precious Pearlescents. The make up is a bit similar to the MSF Mac stuff released earlier this year. I love the blush and the eyeliners (which I wrote about on an earlier post as I got one free with In Style Magazine). Chase made over Laura from Laura's Bloggy Blog and also showed us a 80's look on a model. I really enjoyed watching these make overs and made a mental note to try out a few of the things he was doing. I wanted to try a few things out this weekend but I have been really lazy. I don't know, if I'm not going anywhere I can't see the point in gettig dressed in anything other than a tee and leggings and because I have myglasses on I don't try any make up out!

After the make overs we were split into two groups. While one group went to the nearest shop to have a look at the products we learnt about The Body Shop's new perfume. Love Etc. This was pretty intersting as we heard from the two ladies who designed this fragerance and they told us in detail what went into making it; we smelt the top notes, the heart notes and the base notes (the top notes were my favourite!) and then the new perfume. This isn't yet on the website, I'm not sure when it is released. Top tip that I never knew: Don't rub your wrists together after spraying perfume on them as it ruins the smell! (Even though I made a mental note to not do this, I jsut did it testing the perfume. Duh!) We went on our trip of the store then, and I also learnt that The Body Shop gives out free little sample pots for you to try before you buy. I took a sample of the Pink Grapefruit Body Lotion. I LOVE the Pink Grapefuit range!

After that it was back to Sketch for more champagne and some pictures!

The beautiful Nicola!

Daisy, Me and Nicola
The amazing toilets at Sketch!

Aw, group pic!

We were given a fab bag full of goodies - this is just a rubbishy piccie I took on the train home:

As you can see I received the Vitamin E Skincare Range - the Hydrating Toner, the Cream Cleanser, the Moisture Lotion SPF 15, the Gentle Facial Wash and the Sink In Moisture Mask. I am quite pleased to have these as I don't actual have much of a skincare routine at the moment. I will be letting you know how I get on with these. We also recieved the hand cream and perfume as mentioned above. We were given the new Autumn Trend make up collection, the two eyeshadows in Moonlight Lustre and Sundown Glow, and the two blushers in Warm Sunset and Cool Dusk. I will be doing swatches of these when I get chance to use them. Also in our bags were all five of the eyeliner pencils which I am so excited about using, these colours are amazing, and eleven lipsticks! It was a fantastic freebies bag! Also we were given the 'Green is not a colour, it's a state of mind' bag supporting the Children on the Edge campaign, seen below sported by Ashley Greene... I am going to pretend I am a vampire now when I use it :)

Lastly we were all given one of these cards. If you shop at The Body Shop you will know about these; they cost £5 and the perks are found here. It is worth buying one if you shop there, I used to have one years back and I don't know where it went so I am glad to get a new one!

After the event a few of us went to Pizza Express for food and others went shopping. I was so tired the thought of the train home was exhausting!

The final piccie was taken by a man sat next to us on the train home :)

I didn't mean this post to be so long!!



  1. that event looked like so much fun! great to see your pics with the girls.

  2. Aww It was so much fun, I'm so glad I went! xx

  3. I'm glad you went too! Hopefully we can all get the train down to Maybelline together! x

  4. FAB post.

    TEAM EDWARD! haha.

    And team Zac that is for sure, lol.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was a pleasure meeting you and sharing such a funny train journey home!


  5. I have the sink in moisture mask on my face right this min - LOL

  6. @ Daisy ~ :) We should def go together, we can all sit together too if we're booking tics! So excited! xx

    @ Victoria ~ LOL! Team Zac indeed, I am so buying 17 Again on payday!!! xxx

    @ Sadie ~ :) xxx

    @ VexintheCity ~ I haven't tried it yet! Lemme know if its good! xx

  7. Sounds like fun!! I'm envious of all the free stuff you got! ;-)

  8. Wow! All that free stuff is great! I have to go to one of these things hahaha

  9. Aww the event looks so fun. Nice to see a pic of you- put a face to the name lol
    Many hugs

  10. wow this sounds so awesome! I wish they did thinks like that here in the US, although maybe they do and I'm just out of the loop; either way, I'm happy you had a great time and I got some awesome stuff :)

  11. Looks like fun

    Where did Nicola get her dress from the floral one its lovely! xx

  12. The goody bag stuff looks great...there's so much! Those toilets look awesome :D.

  13. Looks like it was a good girls day out & all those freebies too. Wish we had events like this i feel im missing out lol

    how do you find out & get invited?

    Also good to see some pics o the action :) all looking lovely! xx

  14. Sounds like an amazing event! Jealous table for one. : )

  15. how exciting!!!such a nice way to meet like minded people too isnt it?

  16. Hey hey :) thank you for your comment on my boys pic.. so sweet of you :) and thank you for becoming a follower!!!!

    Jo... X

  17. @ KC ~ Mwhahha (evil laugh) I'm gonna be giving some of it away on here I think xx

    @ Renee ~ Yeh! It was fab! xx

    @ Emma ~ :) xxxx

    @ Lizzard ~ From what I gather its a pretty new thing over here so maybe in time... xx

  18. The Brunette ~ It is Topshop I think! xx

    @ Tiff ~ They were so cool!! xx

    @ IC ~ Aww I want you to come to one I'd love to meet you! xx

    @Kristin ~ Jealous table for one thats so funny!!!! xx

  19. @ Sadako ~ It was :) xx

    @ TRTMH ~ Yes! I was always envious of all the bagger meet ups you lot had but now I've bitten the bullet I am brave enough to do stuff like that! xx

    @ Em ~ Aww, it'd be FAB if you could come, I'd love to meet you!! xx

    @ SweetJoJo ~ No probs, they are cute! xxx


  20. i am soooo jealous! i luurve body shop. i am obsessed with their products!

    i am drooling over ur haul!!!

    i also came from a bodyshop event last night, they launched the autumn trend collection, which is to die for!

    didn't get any freebies though haha darn!