Tuesday, 7 July 2009

This is what I like to see...

...on a boring fed up Tuesday morning in my inbox!

To: Girl with the Golden Touch (golden_touch2320@hotmail.co.uk)

Your order for C.S.I New York: Complete Season 2 (Crime Scene Investigation) (6 Discs) has been posted.

Please note PLAY.COM will show on your statement.

Please allow 3-5 days delivery.

Woooooohhhhhhhhh!!! CSI fest here I come!!!


  1. I love that show although we are so many seasons behind in Australia!

  2. haha I gave up watching CSI a long time ago because I could never find full seasons online! enjoy yours! (:

  3. wooohooo!!! YAY!!!


  4. mwahahaha... I like the show too.
    but I prefer Miami somehow..


  5. ohh have fun! i leave work and SPEED home..open the door..fly upstairs...turn on the computer and watch lost for 5 hours. im sooo addicted {and i love it} haha ohh also have you ever watched i survive? not sure what channel but sounds like you'd like that show!

    thank you for your sweet comment on my 100 followers post, you are so sweet :) <3 you!

  6. Netflix sent me the same email about Battlestar Gallactica, Season 4... and I got just as excited.

    <--------- NERD ALERT!!!

  7. Good news for you! Those are the best type of emails!

  8. thank you for your comment honey, and i'm sorry, I'm not taking a suitcase, just a stupid holdall! haha, I would if I could though! :)

    ahhh the photos of george clooney below are gorgeous! <3

  9. I loooove CSI! I could watch reruns all day. Have you ever watched Dexter?

  10. I too looooove CSI! (: I love CSI marathons - bring out the popcorn!

    La C.

  11. I love CSI! What a great purchase :)

  12. lol....i love CSI! i had to take a break from watching it though...i get nightmares!! lol...

  13. oh that sounds great!!!

    Thanks for following my blog! I've moved my book blog though to www.thesweetbookshelf.blogspot.com

    Stop on by, I'm having a Book Giveaway!!


  14. @ Kellie - I've only just discovered it really so I am behind!

    @ Adele - I hate how US shows are split into two and are so expensive!

    @ Suzanne & Iva - Yay indeed :):):)

    @ Toothfairy - I am def checking Miami out after I'm up to date on this one!

    @ Nicole - No I've not heard of that, will check it out! I was like that racing home after work to watch this first series!! Kiss Kiss xx

    @ LiLu - I love being a geek!!

    @ Underfunded - Aren't they just!

    @ Demi - Aww thats a shame lol! Ooh I know GCloon, yum lol x

    @ Linday - No I haven't but it is on my everlasting Amazon wishlist to watch!

    @ InkObsess - Hehehe :)

    @ La Couturier - Yay!! I am so doing that this weekend - got my malteasers lined up already!

    @ Blog Goggles - I know bargain!

    @ Alicia - When I watched 1st series it was all I thought about, the ins and outs of it all! Geeeeeek lol

    @ Mary - I will check out ur blog this weekend!

    @ Savvy - It's great isn't it!


  15. I love knowing that online purchases are somewhere on its way to my postbox:)