Saturday, 11 July 2009


I was tagged over at High Heels Chronicles a couple of days ago in the photo one doing the rounds.

The rules are...

1. Open your "My Photos" folder and select the 6th folder
2. Select the 6th photo in that folder
3. Post the photo along with the story behind it
4. Tag some of your friends to do the same thing

Now, I have a slight problem with this in that I blog anonymously and don't want to post piccies of myself or my friends out there for all to fact I am thinking more and more about just doing it but we'll see...

Anyway to combat this lil prob I decided to do it a little bit different. I looked through all the folders on my laptop and any which the 6th picture wasn't a personal one is below...

OK, this particular photo above is from a night out with my bestie in March earlier this year. The cherry print heels are mine peeking at the edge of the photo, and probably my favourite shoes, and my friend's were new that night. We heart our shoes! For all you Leeds'ers out there, this photo was taken in The Courtyard, which I do believe has now shut down. The staff there were rude but it was good for cheap cocktails!!

This gorgeous photo above is one I took on the holiday I have just been on in Gran Canaria. This is Ammordores beach (I think that is spelt wrong and I apologise. I'd google but I'm sleeping right now) and it is beautiful - look at the colour of the sea! I think this was day 2 and we were having an exploring walk around the beach before going for lunch alongside the sea :)

This photo is of Lady Gaga. "Lady Gaga, but you despise her!" I hear you cry. Yes, indeed, but I went to go and see The Pussycat Dolls in February this year with my friend at Sheffield Arena, and LG was the supporting act. I was gutted - Ne-Yo supported them pretty much every where else but not here :( I love Ne-Yo. We got to the arena late so LG was already on, and at the time had only released Just Dance so I didn't really know her - I knew then I couldn't stand her though. I snapped a few pics when we finally got to our seats - OMG! If I am going to a concert I am obsessed with seating plans. If a seat is in my eyes too far away I won't go. I didn't book these tickets. We were on THE VERY TOP ROW in the very far back corner. Think how high I am talking. We got there late. Everyone was already sat down. We asked a steward to show us to our seats and he showed us to the wrong ones then said it didn't really matter where we sat but we moved to our actual seats anyway. It was awful - I daredn't 'Just Dance' as Lady Gaga suggests for fear of falling head over heels down the bloody stadium!! Another thing that pissed me off here was that no one would move for us when we got there. If you pick an aisle seat I don't know how you can be mad that you have to move at some point to let someone past. Now in this case as I said we were late so maybe it is justifyable but at Dreamboats & Petticoats last night, we were in seats 33 and 34. We got to the seats about 20 mins before the lights went down and there were two ladies sat in 30 and 31. I got to them and smiled and said "excuse me". And they both just stared at me. I was so confused. Then they huffed and moved their legs (tight squeeze by the way peeps) - do any of you do this? If so, why?! I'm confused.

This photo was taken last Friday. It is on the way to Haworth from Ilkley. It was very bad rain last week and as we were driving over the hills there was just a massive black cloud over the village below. We liked to think it was something out of Charmed, a spell cast on the town...

My final photo is one of my boys JLS at the X Factor 2009 concert back in February. We went to Manchester's MEN Arena to see this (good seats, I picked) and I really enjoyed myself. JLS were the best act by far!! In fact the only thing that spoiled it was when everyone was exiting the Arena, you leave the seating part and are still indoors and everyone just stopped moving. I could hear noises, yelling and screaming and I thought OMG!! Is it the acts coming out? Then thought a bit more and realised it couldn't possibly have been and then I saw the real problem - a fight. A fight, with glass and blood EVERYWHERE, between two grown adult men (I presume the women were at is too as they were being held back crying in the corner rubbing their heads, cat fights are nasty business I guess!) at an X Factor concert??? Think of all the kids there! Who would do that? Mindless Idiots.

I think a lot of you have been tagged in this and I'm closing my eyes as I'm typing I'm that tired, so I'm going to leave it up to you lovely lot to tag yourself, either the original way or my way, whichever takes your fancy.

Night night lovlies!!


  1. Love the pictures!! You have so many fun adventures!

  2. About the huffing when someone needs to get past, i would never ordinarily get annoyed by it, but when I went to see britney, this guy KEPT getting up and wanting to get past us, he must've done it at least 10 times, never said excuse me or thank you to us, actually pushed one of my friends back into her seat and made another one spill her drink on the people in front! So I didn't get up for him, I just let him squeeze past. we were also REALLY high up and I was wearing heels.

  3. OOOh i love these posts so i'm going to tag myself! I love the pic in the courtyard, random pics like that are fun. You're right they did nice cocktails there!

  4. @ Christen ~ Thanks!

    @ MissDollyGal ~ Well that's OK :) I get it if its like halfway through the show and people are up and down but I don't get it when it's the start of the night and people are obviously going to be wanting to get past you!

    @ Em ~ And nice curly fries lol ! I miss it:(