Sunday, 12 July 2009

Swatch for Lisa

I found a pic on my laptop just tonight of a swatch I said I'd do about three weeks ago (perhaps more now) for Lisa at Live, Laugh, Love. I took the pictures and totally forgot to post them - so apologies, and here they are.

The swatch was of one of my new buys, the special edition Roseflower Blush at The Body Shop. It is the first colour on the shop picture site above, and as you can see it looks quite a bit darker on the online picture.
When I first bought it the indents of the rose were filled with specks of glitter, you can kind of see this above, I've been using this everyday now since I bought it (and I have to add, I have turned into a total blusher freak. I apply it about 6 times a day - I love it!) and the glitter has worn off now but the yummy rosey smell and the gorgeous colour is still there.

Picture without flash

Picture with flash

They still have some of these in store and have some on the website too if anyone is interested. As it is special edition and now in the sale I have seriously thought about buying another for when this runs out, I am watching one on eBay at the moment for £4. But I am trying to talk myself out of it - this will last a good few months and I am sure by the time it has finished I will have found another blush to obsess over? It's just so good!


  1. i think i can even smell roses! its color is so pretty!

  2. Very pretty! I love the cases the make up comes in!

  3. WOW! those colors are so pretty!!

  4. As you already know, i've got this too and as I work at TBS I was seriously thinking about stocking up before the sale finishes but like you, I figured by the time it runs out, they'll be another one im obsessed with!! x x

  5. oh wow thats so weird haha! cute blusher :)

  6. i have some of that! i loooove's my favorite!

  7. @ Noble Beeyotch ~ The smell is amazing!

    @ Tracy-Girl ~ It's lovely isn't it?

    @ Iva ~ I think I need to buy the second colour, the lighter one lol

    @ Alicia ~ They look really pretty on!

    @ Jen ~ Oh...shall we just buy another one just in case because what if we don't find another one we love as much!! I think we should lol!

    @ Rosa ~ Haha I was freaked out lol. Thnks :)

    @ Nicole ~ It's the most worn ad favourite thing in my make up collection atm!


  8. Aww thanks for this! (I'm on holiday atm as you know but can get internet on my iphone - yay!) Can't believe how much darker this looks on the site! I wasn't too keen on the darker shade going by the site pic but it's lovely! Can I just ask though, are the glittery bits when you first start using it really obviously glittery or more shimmery? Oh and have you swatched the other colour at all? Is it pigmented? Thanks again hun x

  9. No they're more shimmery - you can kind of see it but it isn't in a bad way. They're only little bits and you can just kind of notice a sheeney glittery-ness lol! Very nice. I don't have the lighter one, only the darker one - the assistant said the lighter one would be better for more of a darker skin, but they didn't have any testers open so I just picked this up. xx