Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Stolen: My iTunes Library

I spotted this a while ago on Teasingly Diverse's very cool blog and thought I would shamelessly steal it as I LOVE my iTunes library. I would be so lost without my iPod so it is ironic that I have today accepted the fact that... *sob, sob, sob* I think it is past it's sell by date. I have had it a few years now and am due a new one but still... waa waa waa :( It is my birthday in August so I will ask for a new one for my birthday and I hope it holds out until then...fingers crossed!

Anyway here goes with my tag...and if anyone fancies doing it feel free to tag yourself!

Number of Songs: 6,547
Number of Albums: 2,528
Most Recently Played Song: Bring It On Home To Me, Sam Cooke
Most Played Song: Tears Dry on their Own, Amy Winehouse x 113
Most Recently Added Album: Sammy Davis Jnr, The Collection
First Song Alphabetically: A'rebours, Babyshambles
Last Song Alphabetically: Zombie, The Cranberries
Smallest Song Numerically: 1 Thing, Amerie
Biggest Song Numerically: 10,000 Nights, Alphabeat
Shortest Song: 8 Bars of Soul, Sam Cooke (0.31)
Longest Song: Aside from all those hidden tracks on the end of albums... Piano Concerto No. 9, Bach (10.49)
First Album Alphabetically: The A List by A1!!
Last Album Alphabetically: Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! by Hello Goodbye
First Album Numerically: #1's, Destiny's Child (Greatest Hits)
Last Album Numerically: 8701, Usher
First Five Songs That Pop Up On Shuffle:
Honestly, I am NEVER done with sorting my music out on iTunes. Sorting the titles, artists, albums. Sorting the years, track number, disc numbers. Sorting the artwork. Adding more. Doing all over. I swear, I haven't finished doing it since I first owned an iPod when I was 16. I actually love it - I wish my job was just doing this all day for people!

Anyway, remind me of the day again...is it Wednesday? Hmm I think that might mean it is someones birthday...


... to my lovely little bloggie friend Nicole... Hope you have a great day sweetie!!


P.S Whilst searching for the above picture I found this picture: HOW much do you want to pick it up, gaze at it for all of 5 seconds then cram it all in your mouth to taste the deliciousness??!!


  1. you are SO sweet!! thank you for the bday wish love! ah if only there was a way to grab both of those cupcakes through the computer screen! you just made me smile so big. :) big hug!

  2. What a sweet post! Those cupcakes look delicious!

  3. You may shamelessly steal from me anytime :)
    And I can't tell you how much I want to shove that cupcake in my mouth, but I'm holding my arms out to each side to show you...yummy!

  4. Nom nom nom, cupcakes. Me likey.

    I think I may do this iTunes post! Thanks! :-)

  5. I love that itunes sorts it all out for us. The song that is most played on my itunes has been most played for over 3 years now! My taste never changes :)

  6. those cupcakes look amazing!! and is it bad that i don't even know how to download a song onto my ipod? i make my hubby do it!

  7. Okay, now I really want a cupcake. Yum. That last one looks delicious.

  8. girl, you got some diverse taste! the cranberries to usher to bach? nice. i will always love U make me wanna.

  9. wow that oreo cupcake is absolutely amazing!!!

  10. I love the cupcake with the candle in it. so pretty and not hard to make. I want that for dessert tonight!!!

  11. @ Nicole ~ You're welcome! Hope you had a great day! xx

    @ Bug ~ I know - I really want one! xx

    @ T.D ~ Why thank you :) Hahaha :):) xx

    @ KC ~ Nom nom indeed! Yeah do it I love reading other peoples! xx

    @ Tracy-Girl ~ I think Amy W has been my top played since I had my laptop! I love rediscovering old songs I had forgot about :) xx

    @ Alicia ~ Well, why learn if someone is willing to do it for you! :D xx

    @ WW ~ I can't remember the last time I ate a cupcake. It looks well nice! xx

    @ GB ~ LOL! I know...I have such random tastes! I *love* U Make Me Wanna...Fave Usher song by far I think... xx

    @ Suzannah ~ I knowww! I wanna make it! xx

    @ Bunny ~ I'm going to google a recipe because I want it now! xx

  12. P.S. I loved your Twilight button so much that I snagged one for my blog! So cute!!

  13. I have a supermassive liking for MUSE!

  14. OMG...that cupcake looks so good that I almost can't STAND it!!!! :)

  15. yummm that cupcake looks so good! I love how itunes does that...I play the same songs over and over no matter how many new ones I get.