Tuesday, 14 July 2009


I realised when I was tying my recent post about things I had bought that I have bought too much to do in one post or you would all get bored and not read it!! So I split it, here is part two..

Please excuse the mess of my nails in this above picture - does anyone else struggle to take swatch photos?? I haven't got any pictures of the other make up so if anyone is interested please comment/email and I will post the ones I have.

When I saw this post by Tina I knew I had to get my hands on the Barry M Emerald Green Nail Varnish somehow, and when I heard her mentioning the matching eyeliner I took my ass down to Boots that very same day. So I wound up buying the nail polish (284), the eyeliner (17) and the dazzle dust (72). I love them. The nail varnish is beautiful, they are all beautiful. Thanks for mentioning them on your blog Tina! So while I was in Boots I remembered about an offer I had seen on 17 - buy two products and get a free make up bag + products. I didn't know what was actually in the bag but I picked a Lasting Fix Lipstick in Dare to Bare which looks nude but is a bit more corally/pinky when applied. I don't love it as much as GOSH Darling but then again that is hard to beat. The other product I got was a 3 in 1 eyeshadow limited edition from ther Beach Carnival range. The colour I got was Costa Rica. I haven't had chance to try it out yet but it is lovely - the colours when swatched are really bright.

I then got the above picture free and I'm quite pleased with it. The make up bag is only small but I'm actually using it at the moment, it does fit quite a bit in. It's a brighter pink than in the picture. The nail varnish is from the Lasting Fix range and is the colour 'Tropical Island'. I haven't used it yet but it's a nice corally colour with gold flecks in. There was also a mirror (shown) and a small nail file in which I have given to my mum as nail files make me CRINGE. Eeeee thinking about it makes me shiver. The final freebie was a metallic eye pencil. I already own one of these in purple and I love it, and this green totally matches the green in the eyeshaow trio so I am pleased that I picked the shadow to match this! Again, not had a chance to try this out yet but hopefully will soon.

Hopefully some of you people in Leeds or around the area will have heard of a gorgeous little shop in Victoria Quarter called Rose & Co. It sells all sorts of beautiful things including the most gorgeous smelling bath fancies I know. Me and my mum are addicted to Lush bath bombs and I buy her them all the time but Rose & Co are just as good - they are more expensive and much smaller that the bath bombs so I usually nip in a few times a year, especially around Christmas and her birthday and buy a box of 6. They are like little cakes and are so cute. They also sell rose/lavender/cherry flavoured toiletries - If you have never been here I would defo reommend a visit, even if you aren't planning on buying anything, just to have a look.

Now I always loved the Leeds store and I used to go a lot more than I do now, but when I found out they had a shop in Haworth I went in when I went last Christmas. This store is amazing - it is pictured below. It's a massive old apothecary and the products are brilliant. Much is the same as the Leeds store but it has more stock, the Leeds is only a small store. I honestly feel like I have stepped back in time when I walk into the shop! They play lovely old music and the owners, well I think they are the owners are a lovely American couple who also wear old style clothing and are very helpful. There is a little section at the back of food, homemade food in little jars, chutneys etc and old sweets. I could honestly spend my entire wage in here, in fact I would love to work here. If you are around the area please check it out!

I forgot to take a picture of the two bath fancies I purchased but this is a picture from the website - I got a lemon fancy and I think the pink one pictured. I also got a slice of soap - they make soap like cakes, I got a slice of the Bakewell Slice Cake but they do lots more which are equally as gorgeous.

I have been sent the above range to test out from Garnier and this arrived on Friday. I'm looking forward to trying this out, I have just used the 24hr Moisturiser at the moment so I will be doing some reviews on these sometime soon - my mum and brother are going to assist also!

Remember these shoes? I wore them three times and the toe part came away from the sole on both shoes - more so on the right foot. I am so heavy on my feet and scuff all my shoes, I am useless and so clumsy but I wasn't paying £25 for these to break so soon after buying them. I took them into River Island and asked to swap them and she said that I could either do that, or she could refund them and then I could repurchase the same broken pair again for 75% off so they were about £6. I chose that option because a, they didn't have any of the shoes in my size to exchange anyway and b, the second pair would only do the same. I got my Dad to superglue them but they have just done the same again.

After much hoo hah over my cream pashmina, I went to Tie Rack to buy a new one and they were on 2 for £20 so I picked this lovely burnt orange one up as well. I love pashminas, the colours are so lovely :)

Jen wasn't the only blogger to spot the Accessorize sale this week. I had nipped in last week to buy some bits and happened to be in the centre in Leeds last week when I saw the sale banners. I am currently in love with Accessorize so much and could not miss this. I got the above bag for £15 1/2 price. The colour hasn't shown up to good in the picture, it is a marroon/red colour and huge, with two compartments and a zip section in the middle. I also wanted a gorgeous clutch bag which was £11 but I had to put it down - I would have spent too much money that I didn't have. I am really hoping it will still be there in two weeks time but I very much doubt it. I love the sales in Accessorize - I have some gorgeous things which I have picked up in years gone by. I also got the following:

I loved the cuteness and shineyness of this coin purse and it was only £6 in the sale. I don't think I would have paid £12 for it originally but it is worth the £6!

It's a bit difficult to see these earrings but they are little anchors - if you want a better pic from the actual site click here as I posted them a few weeks ago when I wanted them! They were £3.

You may remember in the post I have linked to above I had bought some cute Eiffel Tower earrings? Well someone - I think it was Feet in the Earth - mentioned that she had the matching necklace. I hadn't spotted this so I had to go back to pick it up and I love it! I also got the matching necklace to my 'love' ring which reminds me of Carrie from SATC and I picked up the cute bird cage/bird necklace too. I love this it just seems to make any outfit look cute and goes perfect. They were all about £8 each I think - I might be wrong, I have a terrible habit of not looking how much anything costs when I go shopping,

I also spotted this - the matching charm bracelet to the Eiffel Tower set! I am so excited about this I can't wait to wear it.

My final buys were bargains in the W H Smith sale. This notebook is really cute, I love anything to do with stationery and couldn't resist this for £1.99 I think it was. I also got a guest book (which I thought as an address book...I am going to use it as an address book though still!) which should have been £10 and was...85p!! It is white with beads all over, can't believe how cheap it was!

I got these fab two writing sets. Although I spend a lot of time on the internet I do miss 'snail mail' as such. I used to be part of a penpal club (called Hola I think, anyone heard of it?) and I loved writing letters. These were both about £1.99 each, one has fairies on and the other is various shades of pink.

My final buys were these two books. The Lost Book of Salem sounds all witchey and that is right down my street, and as soon as I saw I Heart New York a few months ago I knew I had to have it as I do too! Then I found out that one of my fave blogs (Beauty Mecca) is actually the author of the book! I haven't read any of them yet,and they were on buy one get one half price in Smiths.

P S ~ You can also have some hotties thrown in here, it is Tuesday after all :)


  1. Love all your fab picks. the pretty little dishes are so sweet...as are the hot men!!!

  2. OH MY GOD i used to be registered with Hola!!!! I used to write to a girl in Germany and one in Nairobi haha!! Thats so funny i dont know anyone thats ever heard of that before! :D xx

  3. The hot guys at the end are great, lol. Great post!

  4. I used to use Hola aswell. I had a penap in Spain (still have all my old letters somewhere)

    Nice haul but even nicer men :)

  5. I think I can safely say that you are the queen of shops!! :) x

  6. I love posts like this! The coin purse is adorable!

  7. Those are all great colors (for the makeup). Loved the coin purse, too, A.

  8. Fab buys. I have the 17 free make up kit and love the eye pencil. I also have that Barry M polish too, tis fab. Rose and co is amazing, i love the little bath bombs and the vintage clothes downstairs too x

  9. @ Bunny ~ The little dish is my mums and I am trying to persuade her to give it to me lol! :) xx

    @ LoveAtFirstBite ~ YAY!! LOL this comment made me smile so much when I saw it at work!! I had one in Germany and one in France! xx

    @ Bug ~ Thank you pretty lady :) xx

    @ Miss H ~ It was so good! My Mum had penpals when she was younger and she still has all the letters but I got rid of mine :( xx

    @ Red Boots ~ Hehe!! Well I was that week! xx

    @ A ~ Isn't it! for only £3 too what a bargain! xx

    @ Sadako ~ Thank you :) xx

    @ Em ~ It's gorgeous the nail varnish isn't it, I love it. Yes the vinage clothes downstairs are great! xx

  10. Major major shopping spree:) I think I am going to head down to Boots soon too! Boots is the best. love it!

  11. the 17 Tropical Island nail polish is fab, I'm wearing it now. With just the one coat it's sheer, but with two its a lovely juicy orange shade.

    Also Barry M nail paint in turquoise is another hot shade, similar to your green metallic one.

    Hope over to Chicklit sanctuary when you're done reading I heart NY - nearly bought it, but went with Pop Tart by Kira Coplin - v v good.

  12. Hello, yes it was me who has the Paris necklace! I've also got that 'Love' one. You have good taste! xx