Monday, 6 July 2009

monday monday

New blogs of the week :) x

That's not all of the blogs that I have followed this week but....its midnight and I am *so* tired...

I have too many blogs to catch up on people!!!! I think blogging has taken over my life. But thats OK. lol

I was going to leave you with quite possibly my favourite clip from Series 6 of Sex and the City but for some reason youtube videos are NOT uploading on here which is making me very mad!!

EDIT: Is it working? My firefox isn't showing any of my you tube vids but internet explorer is? Would be grateful if you could let me know :)


  1. hi, it seems to be working I was able to view and listen to it. I love that episode, what a great show!! I still watch it any chance I get

  2. thanks! wow how awesome of you! YES!! Maegan is an AMAZING blog!! I have to go check out a lot of the other ones! thanks for sharing your great finds!!


  3. I love that clip! You are tagged on my blog, by the way :)

  4. ahh, that is one of my favorite clips too - I just love that entire series. i can't get enough of it!

  5. I'm going to have to check some of these out. And this was one of my favorite SATC moments EVER!

  6. i could view it! i agree with blogs taking over my life... but it's a good thing :) oh but we have one problem..we may not be able to continue being blogger friends.. i just saw you are team jacob..uh oh.. ;) team edward baby! ;) xoxo!

  7. Team Jacob for me too! ;) And yes agree that blogs do seem to take over your life... will checking out all these links with a cuppa later on. New links are good but bad ;)

  8. OMG i have just started watching S&TC for the first time EVER! & i cant get enough of it! sadly im on series 6 so almost at the end, so i saw this one the other night! Oh what am i gonna do when i have finished them all? Just watch the movie again hee hee xx

  9. Hey... thanks for the comment on my halloween stuff that i posted! I am like you... I think blogging has taken over my life too. I haven't visited in a while. I am so busy just replying to comments people leave me and trying to get a card or two made before 1am that I havent had a chance. So sorry and thanks for keeping up with me!

  10. @ Bunny - I think it is 1 of my fave epis :)

    @ Iva - I hope you like them!

    @ Teasingly Diverse - Good good! :)

    @ Renee - Thanks for the tag, I adore the clip!

    @ Tracy - I know. I really need to rewatch, I have just rewatched series 6 though...I love it :)

    @ E - It's so good isn't it, I love Charlotte and Harry!

    @ Nicole Addison - Hahaha!!! I laughed so much when I saw your comment. Well I figure I was giving Edward some great love for Twilight, it's only fair I share it to Jake this film!!! xxx

    @ Conversation - They are so great, I just love blogs atm. Wooh Team Jake :)

    @ Catanya - Thanks :)

    @ Indie Cindy - There is the 2nd film out next yr! I was gutted - I think I cried when it ended!! I hope u like the final epis!

    @ Kelley - Hey! Thanks for dropping by!


  11. Thank you for this. I love finding new reads!