Friday, 3 July 2009

hapy july :)

I love July.

Something about it makes me happy ~ It's a summer month, it's usually nice weather, a few friends have birthdays, hot summer nights, sunny days, its a month until my birthday :)

I'm sooooo tired at the moment. I haven't really had time to read any blogs :( I have over 700 in my reader unread but I'm too tired...I'm going to get through as many of them as I can tomorrow and maybe do a post about some good stuff I've bought recently :)

happy July people :) xx


  1. 700?!! Good Lord! I only have 100 and something and they're hard enough to keep up with.

    July's mu fave month too - it's my birrrrrthday soon!!

  2. Happy July 4th to my American friends...Have a fabulous holiday!

  3. Happy July to you too, miss! xx

  4. I love July too. such a fun month with all my kids on summer vacation, lots of fun
    happy 4th!!

  5. Happy july! Its so much easier to get up in the morning now the uns shining! x