Wednesday, 22 July 2009

giveaway central!

There are so many fantastic giveaways around at the moment!

I have had to make the decision to postpone my giveaway at the moment...simply because I do not have the money spare to spend what I want! I do have a few bits that I have bought in advance but I would like to do kind of three winners...or a winner and two runner ups etc.. and I think you;ll agree I shall need £$£$£$£ to do so. But rest assured I shall be holding the one I promised shortly.

Please check out these wonderful sites:
  • The beautiful Kaitlin over at Life of a Busy Wife is giving away a copy of Julia & Julia to one lucky winner...even if you're not planning on entering the competition check out her fab blog!
  • Next onto the blogger with the best background, Notes from the Toothfairy. This girl is giving away a Gucci Cosmetic Bag! Yep, you read right. To enter check out her blog before 2 August!

  • A fairly new blog to me, but a great one that I wish I had found sooner! Amanda's Sunshine is holding a giveaway when some great goodies here. Oh - and is this not the cutest picture you have seen???

  • How tasty is this giveaway. Everyone loves them some sweeties...and the fantastic Shopping in Suffolk is holding this giveaway until the 27th - hurry!

  • Saving the best until last, lovely Nicole is having a giveaway over at My Teacups in Peony. She is giving away a great all in one wristlet - these are gorgeous! It's too hard picking which colour you want!

Green was my choice though :]

I wanted to leave you with this...the song, I have always loved, but the video, it fills me will happiness ♥


  1. SO many giveaways going on in blog land. Giveaways are great fun to do and to participate in.
    That song is great! I will be putting that in my song pile.

  2. Thanks for this post; I love that there are so many giveaways! I'll be hosting one soon, as a matter of fact, so check back lots! (;

    La C.

  3. oh you are so wonderful :) thanks for the shout out i will be sure to enter you twice and my fingers are crossed for you! hehe, i wish i could choose..but then i'd end up sending out a bazillion prizes and being completely broke! oh..i also see the new moon poster on your sidebar and my heart started racing..ah i cant wait!! <3 you!

  4. one of my favorite songs! i had never seen the music video before.

  5. There's a little something waiting for you over at my blog ;) x

  6. Thanks for passing along all of these fab giveaways!

  7. oh my.. that shopping in suffolk hamper is to die for. I'll eat till my teeth drop off.

  8. love giveaways! thanks fro the headsup!

  9. Very, very awesome list. I'll check them out!