Thursday, 9 July 2009

Dreamboats & Petticoats

I'm very tired but I just wanted to do a quick post before I went to bed!

I went to see Dreamboats & Petticoats tonight at the Leeds Grand Theatre and it was fantastic. I would def recommend this for anyone to go and see - I really want to go again on Saturday for the final show in Leeds!

It stars Ben Freeman from Emmerdale, Scott Brunton from last years X Factor and Jennifer Biddall from Hollyoaks amongst other great actors.

I really love going to the theatre but I don't do it nearly enough. It makes me want to cry though because I wish so much I could sing as good as the people in the show but unfortunately I cannot to save my life.

If you have chance to go and see this and you like this kind of music (Dream Lover, Runaround Sue, Take Good Care of My Baby... you know the kind) I really would urge you to part with about £25 and go and see this show. And if you have a spare ticket, you know where my email address is!!!

PS - Ben Freeman is FIT. I mean I knew he was good looking but nope, he is pure HOTNESS. >>


  1. I looove going to see a live show! Glad you had fun, girly.

  2. sounds like you had such a nice time!

    Rest well! Good night!

  3. @ Gabby ~ I do too they are so good! xx

    @ Iva ~ It was brilliant! And good morning to you now lol :) xx

  4. Ahhh Runaround Sue is one of my favourite old songs, i don't even know anyone young that actually knows that song lol! Glad you had fun sounds amazing! xx

  5. I've never heard of this musical before! But I'm such a sucker for musicals, especially the classics. But I think I'll go back to london and catch some of the more obscure musicals soon! (: xx

  6. i've never heard of this one, but i loved your review!

  7. @ Love at first bite - I love that song so much! We can be the young ones loving old song buddies lol :)

    @ Adele - I am going to London soon and I want to see a show!

    @ Alicia - It was great, thanks :)