Sunday, 12 July 2009

buys from the past few weeks

I feel like I haven't posted really much this past two weeks or so, although looking at how many times I have posted in July it seems I haven't been too lax with it. I've been preoccupied reading all of your lovely blogs instead! I finally reached the point where my google reader said '0' last night for the first time in ages so I'm sorting through any pictures I had taken recently to go on here this morning. I need to list some things on eBay too but every time I try and upload photos my laptop jams. Does anyone else experience this? It really frustrates me and I don't know what to do about it.

So last week one day me and my friend both took the day off work and went to Ilkley and Haworth. I love Haworth and it reminds me of being younger; some weekends me, my mum and dad and brother would go for the day and look around all the shops. The shops I love - some are newish shops, some are really old and I just think the village is so quaint and lovely. Unfortunatly it rained like mad, my shoes were ruined but it wasn't cold, and to be honest I wasn't bothered - I was just glad for the day off shopping with my friend, the rain just made it funny! As for Ilkley, I love the charity shops there. They are much better than any of the ones locally and a bit more upmarket if you like. The better the area the better the quality of stuff in the shops I suppose! I always remember reading about a charity shop in some WAG filled area of London that coaches were actually booking trips for because the stuff in them was just designer bargain madness. I would like to go to that shop!!

The pictures of all the stuff I bought are all pretty much bundled together so I'll just post the photos and caption/mention them later:

Our first stop in Ilkley was the Oxfam shop which is one of the biggest charity shops I know - the book section at the back is massive! I usually have a bit of a problem in the book department when I go shopping in charity shops in that I by about 20 books - I am a total book addict. I have so many to read, so many to keep, so many I want! Since I have started using read it swap it I am trying to stop buying so many because I have a box with about 40 books in in my room that I have either read or really can't get into/know I won't like that are purely for swapping on this site. I have over 200 books on my amazon wishlist so I am trying to swap these for books on the wishlist. Anyway this all means that I am trying to not spend any money, even if it is £3 on books when I *know* I can swap them for free and just pay postage - there is a recession after all! I think I restrained myself pretty well in Oxfam and bought Adele Parks, Tell Me Something, which is a book I have been after for a while and one I know I will like as I love her other books. So I let myself pay the £2.49 for this - it is in brilliant condition and looks like it's only been read once, and it retails for £6.99 so I was pleased to spot this. The other book I allowed myself from Oxfam was this baby: Mary Poppins in the Park. Mary Poppins is, and has always been one of my favourite films. I loved it as a child and even now as an adult I will stick it on from time to time - I got obsessed with singing the advert Jane & Michael sing last time I watched it, it was really annoying. I remember my mum taking some of the Mary Poppins books out of our local library and they were really old looking ones. I added them to my wishlist on Amazon a while ago but they are never in stock, and I don't want new editions, I want the old ones to keep. So when I spotted this I seriously nearly exploded (in the picture, its the older, sturdier MP book, not the stripey cover one). It was only 99p!! I felt like saying to the cute old dears that I would give them extra for it - 99p is fantastic. It smells all old and musty too. Am I weird for liking that smell?!

Skipping forward a bit later in the day to Haworth, there was a little old bookshop that I went in and I cannot remember the name of it but I spotted these two Enid Blyton books. Enid Blyton was my favourite author when I was younger and I still like her books now. I think we a few in the loft but the rest all got given away which I am so mad at! When I have my own kids I am going to save so much stuff. The Famous Five were brilliant books and I still get a bit excited when I think of them - must be all the nostaliga! These books were £5 and each have three stories in - the blue one is the 'Adventure Collection' and this has Five on a Treasure Island, Five Go Adventuring Again and Five Go to Billycock Hill, and the red set is the 'Mystery Collection' being Five On a Secret Trail, Five Go to Demon's Rock and Five Have a Mystery to Solve. I spotted a third set in another second hand bookshop in Haworth and I wanted it so much, it was £4.95, but there was also another book in there I wanted, Lewis Carroll collection, same price and I knew I couldn't buy one without the other and I couldn't justify spending all this money on old childhood memories. If I go back soon and they are there then I will buy them! (By the way, my all time favourite Enid Blyton book is Five on a Treasure Island. They go camping at the beginning and on the cover Julian is wearing a green jumper.I always thought Julian sounded a bit of a dish. I bought this book on eBay for nostaligic reasons along with Enid Blytons Faraway Tree trio). In the same shop as the two Famous Five collections I also bought the second Mary Poppins book, Mary Poppins and the House Next Door. This is only about 90 pages but was about £5..Like I said, I got carried away.

So in Ilkley they had a lot of sheep/lamb/ewe related things and this pleased me almost as much as my Mary Poppins finds as I *love* sheep. Well, lambs to be precise. So I had to pick up this shopper for £4.50 from a lovely little shop that also held the cards below:

The pink and yellow ones are *so* cute - real sheeps wool, the yellow one says 'Wish ewe were here' and the pink simply 'b-ewe-tiful'. :) The top Sheep of Destiny card is one of a massive range by Edward Monkton, I already have a shoe card and a book too - I can't remember if it is called The Shoe of Destiny, I might be making that up though, anyhow they are very cute.

I bought the cute lion bookmark purely because it moves when you wave it up and down to look like the lions are running. I still really want to buy this book from Amazon because the video clip makes me cry - and we're not talking a bit of tears, I mean I SOB my heart out thinking how the lion remembers them. OMG I'm getting goosebumps I need to move on. :( I got this Washington DC postcard from the Oxfam shop for 20p. There was a whole box full of postcards and I couldn't have looked through them all but this caught my eye. It has writing on the back - something about how the White House was amazing, and Roy is working while she is writing this card. The post mark is from 1988 - I was only two. Stuff like this makes me smile and feel strange. I feel weird knowing I'm holding something that someone bought, wrote and posted all those years ago. I don't know what I am going to do with this card though, any suggestions?

Now another obsession that reared itself - in fact an obsession that was born this day because while I have always loved cards I don't think I've ever felt the need to actually buy them just to keep for myself. The top one, the 5 yo one is for a friends sister whose birthday is next weekend and the three black and white ones join the sheep cards in the pile of cards for myself. I just thought they were so cute I couldn't not get them. I love the one of the couple, its so romantic, the one of the two friends makes me laugh, it's like me and my friend (I'm the one on the floor) and the eBay one, well I had to get it because it is me at this present moment in time! Again, any suggestions as to what to do with them will be appreciated - I want to put the couple one in a frame, is this weird??

These were my final buys from the Oxfam shop, well, License to Wed was actually a film I picked up in Morrisons for £2 which I thought was a good price, I have wanted to see this film for a while. The Platters double album and Sammy Davis Jnr are two CDS I picked up for about £2 each I think. I love The Platters and Only You is one of my favourite songs ever, and the SDJ CD looked pleadingly at me as I picked the other up, so I couldn't say no. I have been listening to The Platters on repeat all week and I love it. They don't make music like this anymore!


  1. Cute buys, i adore reading like you and i have so many books dotted around. Sheep are super cute too, i love them! x

  2. Edward Monkton is awesome! and I like all them little sheepies, so adorable (: I wish the oxfam shops in exeter were decent!

  3. i've ALWAYS wanted to own all the Mary Poppins books! that is so great you bought some. it's one of my most favorite stories.

    and i love those black and white photos!! so fun!

    great finds!! thanks for sharing :)

  4. lovely buys i love the quite shop till ewe drop :D

  5. I love your New Moon countdown! I can't wait!

  6. Nice buys honey I heart charity shops :)

  7. @ Adele ~ Some charity shops are so rubbish aren't they :| I love so much Edward M stuff I couldn't possibly buy it all! xx

    @ Kelly ~ Yay :) I love them, they're so cool, even better in old books! xx

    @ Suzannah ~ Thank you hun :) xx

    @ Megan ~ Aww thanks - I shamelessly stole it from someone elses blog! xx

    @ Louise ~ Was it u that bought some benefit make up from one recenly really cheap??? xx

  8. oohhh i love the platters!! and i don't think it's weird to frame those cards at could be very cute!

  9. The books are so wonderful...what great finds!! I too just adore Mary Poppins, and you just reminded me to go search for a sweet little "Mary Poppins" cookbook that I have. Maybe I'll find a lovely recipe to make my children for lunch.
    Have a lovely day

  10. Ohhh I love reading too! I'm so happy for you-the original Mary Poppins books?! How fun!!

  11. I could and do spend hours rummaging in charity shops - it's my favourite hobby, if you can call it one!

    To get the rounded edges and effects on my photos I've just started using You can upload photos and play about with them as much as you want! My (graphic designer) boyfriend has been teaching me to use PhotoShop, and has much disdain for Picnik, but I think it's fun and easy!


  12. @ Alicia ~ Yeh :) I think I am going to do:) xx

    @ Bunny ~ I know :D I am so pleased with them. I hope you found the book and some lovely food to make! xx

    @ Elizabeth Marie ~ Thank you lovely! xx

    @ Red Boots ~ Def know what u mean, me too! Aww thanks hun, thats really cool I'm going to play around this weekend. Thanks xx


  13. those cards are awesome! what great finds!