Monday, 27 July 2009


I'm sure many of you pick up a copy of the monthly (I think!) Boots magazine, free to advantage card holders each time we spot a new one at the check out. I often pick it up purely to skip through for any make up that catches my eye and finally onto the back page for some vouchers. [Speaking of Advantage Card vouchers, I am really mad because I have lost my No 7 face powder that I purchased only last month with the fantastic £5 off I received! I've hardly used it! :( ] This month as I was doing my flick through, writing down any make up that I wanted to check out, this article grabbed my attention:

I'm not sure if by clicking on the pictures you'll be able to read them in a bigger style (not sure how to do that?) but I found the most interesting part on the middle picture.

I never realised 17 actually started way before I was born in 1968. If I'm honest I actually do tend to give it a miss unless I am in a desperate need of a cheap make up fix on a low budget, if one of you gives a good product a mention or if I spot a great bargain (like the freebies I got last month) and I think of it as a bit of a kiddy, childish brand? I think this also is because it's the brand I used to get when I was at school. I found it really interesting to read how it has changed since 1968 up to today and the different marketing strategies they used etc. I love looking at old advertising slogans - Girls Get Seen In New 17 - how cool is that lol - and pictures too - I just adore that first picture, on the top of the black part in 1968!

Going onto the latest and last picture for 2009, I do like the packaging the brand is using now. I have that nail varnish - it was the one they gave away free last month and as soon as I saw the lipstick I wanted to check it out in store - a quick read of the article states that this lipstick (Lasting Fix Lipstick in Blondie) has been around for 20 years!

The article has made me look at 17 in a bit of a different light and I wonder how many others of you had the same views as me before I read this? Don't get me wrong, I am not going to be going crazy over the 17 section in Boots on a lunch time (I did go crazy on the Barry M bit today though, I nearly cracked someone over the head - she wouldn't get out of the flipping way!!) but I will be more open to trying it. I did have a quick look today though and for anyone interested there is an offer on at the moment - if you purchase the new Va Va Voom Volume Mascara you get a free four shadow little kit which is quite cute - I have tried looking on the Boots site but it is very limited, the mascara itself is not even on there and I think the kit is a special offer, but there was definitely a creamy colour and a black colour, and I'm not sure of the other two - they were quite dark though. The picture in the magazine states that the mascara is £5.86 but I'm sure if had a special trial price of £4 something. I was going to get it but held back on grounds that I have more than enough mascaras at the moment!!

As a lasting note, those of you who can get there hands on one of the Boots Magazines this month will find that on the vouchers part at the back there is a voucher giving you 100 Advantage Card points when you spend £5 in one transaction on any 17 product. This is valid from the 1 July to the 8 September.

I'd be interested to know what your views are on this brand so don't forget to leave a comment!

PS - I have been very crap at responding/replying to comments as of late. I will resolve this I promise!!

PPS - If you are reading this before Tuesday has rolled round don't forget to click this link to get a Nails Inc nail varnish for only £1. These are worth £10.50 and there are eight available to choose from. It was an offer in the News of the World yesterday but by using the code FABNA0709 when checking out you will get a full sized bottle for only £1! I picked up the colour Aspen - Red Satin which looks gorgeous. The offer runs out on Tuesday (I'm actually not sure what time though!)



  1. ooo Blondie that is one of the first lipsticks I ever bought I may have to pick one up for old time sake I didn't know they still did it- the first campaign I remember is making faces god I'm old lol

  2. Really, is it any good then Blondie? It looks like a nude colour...I have a nude looking one and I put it on the other night and my lips were bright pink! Really confused!

    Who is the guy in the making faces picture with the make up on?!


  3. thanks for letting us know about the nails inc offer, just ordered 3 to the 3 people in my house lol xx

  4. We don't have the brand here but I'm sure we have similar brands that I think are kind of childish. I wish I was more into makeup. I love the look of it and reading about it.

  5. I feel the same way you do about 17, its kind of a schoolgirl brand. That said, their eyebrow pencils are pretty good. Its the same as Rimmel in my mind really, and neither brand entices me much.

    That Nails Inc offer is cracking, thanks!


  6. i saw that and was really surprised as well!!

    ps - thanks for that code, i managed to bag myself THREE!! xx

  7. I used to love 1 when i was at school too. I got the freebie last month and its cute, but ive not actually used any of it yet!! 17 nail polishes are cute i haven't really played with the other stuff in years. Happy Tuesday :)

  8. i am assuming these brands are from the UK...not sure. But i love your entries...they are oh so exciting to read.

  9. I think this has changed my mind a bit - I love something with a bit of nostalgia attached to it!
    I buy a 'felt tip' style eyeliner from 17 which is quite good.


  10. @ Becky ~ Lol! I ordered two! :) xxx

    @ Gracie ~ I'm only just getting really into it to be honest, I haven't been that into it in previous years. xx

    @ FitE ~ Yeah Rimmel too, although I do like them a bit - I buy their soft kohl eyeliner and I like their mascaras. God I used to live in the darkest reddest shade of their 1000 Kisses lipstick!! Shame. xxx

    @ Cat ~ It was interesting wasn't it! Let us know what colours you got! xx

    @ Em ~ I used some of my stash today :| Not overlly impressed TBH. Happy Tuesday! xxx

    @ Firecrackers ~ Yeah, they are UK brands. Thank you!! :):) xx

    @ Sadie ~ Yes - it makes it a lot more interesting doesn't it! Ooh thanks for that, I've been looking for a good one of these recently, will have a look tomorrow :) xx


  11. Hehehe...i flip through kid magazines too. While standing in the check-out lines in stores of course! It reminds me of the days that were. It's funny how advertising has come such a LONG way. Good luck on finding beauty products.

  12. I am so jealous you have Boots. I would kill for a tube of Germolene. You can't gt it here in the US and I can't find anyone that ships it.