Tuesday, 23 June 2009

totty for Tuesday :-p

As I'm at work and don't reallh have time to do a proper post I thought I would make myself a tad bit hotter - how bloody warm is it! - and post pics of people I think are hotties that I have randomly saved on my PC.

I should be getting a battery in the next two days thank god!



  1. I think we have the same taste in men! Thank you for warming up my evening!! x

  2. Thanks 4 ur comment :) They were both about £6 I think. Bargains!!


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  4. Oh you are AMAZING ma girl

    Loves a few of these hotties

    Thanks it sure has helped

    x x x

  5. Dude, where is Robert Pattinson?!

  6. hehe *blushes* ahah nice post! i have a friend named eric that i've called Totti as long as i can remember. i'm not even sure where it came from. he could def. be featured on todays post tho ;)

  7. Mmmmmmmmm. Ryan Gosling. He just looks naughty.

  8. Ryan Gosling is so hot!! I love him.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Your in UK right? Sorry you couldn't enter the contest. It's just too expensive to ship. One day if I become rich and famous, I'll make it an international contest for sure!

  9. @ Iva ~ Hehe :D xx

    @ Em ~ lol you're welcome :) x

    @ Victoria ~ Cool, I'm defo buying them on Fri, they are lovely!

    @ Indy Cindy ~ Glad to have helped lol

    @FitE - OH MY GOD!!!! I TOTALLY FORGOT!!! I have a fit pic of him and Bella so meant to post that last but got distracted!! Its coming in ten mins baby!!

    @ Nicole ~ Ooh he sounds very nice... I quite fancy the football player called Totti too :)

    @ A ~ Hotties indeed! Thanks :)

    @ Kristin ~ Wow, Ryan G is f-i-nneeee lol. I have watched that lake/kiss scene in the Notebook so many times and wished it was me!!

    @ Underfunded Heiress ~ Yeah in UK, I know shipping is so expensive internationally :( xx

  10. YUM!! You need to do this post more often :) made my day!

  11. @ Tali ~ LOL I will do it every so often I think as I'm constantly finding new piccies of fitness! xx