Monday, 15 June 2009


I received this in the post from eBay...really pleased with it...totally brand new :]

Ruby & Millie Eye Shadow Quad... I do love R&M and the packaging is gorgeous...I did do swatches but they looked a bit rubbish so I haven't posted them but if anyone wants to see them leave me a comment and I'll be happy to post :]

... I munched on too much gorgeous food and am currently helping myself to some of these...

But not too many as they are SO sour!! Honestly I think they are the sourest Haribos I have ever tasted. Yak!

...I gave up reading one book [too hard to get into...been trying for two weeks...] and began this one...loving it so far and here is the author's blog :)...

...I went to HMV and bought these DVDs...

Harry Potter = for me ♥ / Clint Eastwood Box Set = For Dad for Fathers Day / Peppa Pig = For a little friend's birthday

...I watched this over and over and laughed my head off every time :] (I found it courtesy of one of the many new blogs I have been reading, Teasingly Diverse...

...I got a bit mad as I think someone has screwed me on eBay {:-( I bought a pair of sandals about three, possibly even four years ago now and have never worn them and have been listing them on eBay for AGES. This weekened they finally got a bid! Yay. Then at the last moment someone else bid and won them and they haven't paid or responded to my email... I don't know how long I can wait before offering them as a second chance bid to the first bidder? eBay can confuse me at times. And I HATE HATE HATE that sellers can't leave negative feedback. What a load of bollocks. I am sick of people bidding on stuff and not paying for it and I can't do eff all about it but file a shitty little claim with eBay who seem to do nothing about it at all. Buyers rights? What about sellers rights! ARRGHHHH.

That is all.


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  2. Thanks! :) I actually was already following your blog in on rrs feed but I've subscribed now through follower thingy :) x