Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sunday Sort Outs

I feel like I've achieved a lot today! I got up just before 10.30 and laid in bed reading a little bit of my new book, Secret Life of a Slummy Mummy before totally blitzing my room. I cleared out all my bags, PJ's and vest drawers, sorted things for charity/bin/eBay/keep, emptied my wardrobe totally and re put it all back in a nice order, tidied all my shoes, vacced every corner of my room, pulled my cabinets out and took pictures of everything to go on eBay. I uploaded them to the laptop but eBay isn't letting me put pics on for some reason and I've got so mad. So now I'm not going to have all my things listing at once which frustrates me and I don't know why I'm not able to do it!

Here are the things I found whilst tidying my bag drawers out:

Waterstones Points Card
Library Card
Fast Tan Sunbed Centre Card
National Insurance Card
DKNY Delicious Night Body Moisturiser
Two hair slides
HMV Points Card
Two Contact Lenses
1 Earring
1 Compeed sticker
Tube of cream
Two half eaten packed of chewing gum
Lens cloth
Two hair bobbles
Two receipts
Sunglasses case

I don't know where it was all hiding... I found a disc also in another drawer that I have been searching for for ages, it has all my photos on it that won't fit on my hard drive, so I was pleased to find that :)

I thought I'd take some pictures after I'd tidied up of storage of my jewellery and also a quick pic of my wardrobe :)

OK so in this first pic this is on one of my sides, my set of three drawers which hold my underwear, my summer shorts/costumes, sarongs and scarfs and then a drawer full of papers etc, bills and all that jazz! This big black leather box is my jewellery box and my mum bought me this for Christmas just gone. I only had a small one before and had been searching for a big one that would manage to hold everything and after much searching we finally found this one! It's got four compartments - the top part, the middle drawer and then the two deeper drawers on the bottom. To the right you can see my kitchen roll holder come bangle holder from the last post! This was really full up to the top and bangles all over the work top until I sorted them on Saturday and now I want to have my nice new ones on show :)

I also keep all my perfumes on this worktop. I don't have many because...well I just don't, I prefer to just have a few for different occasions, I'm not one of those people who has about thirty bottles of the stuff lying around, and I like having a only a few as I love them all individually and they all hold such good memories. Don't you love it when a smell just takes you back someplace and makes you smile? The Anna Sui bottle, Dolly Girl, at the back (the dolls face one!) is my lifelong perfume buddy :) I bought this the first time when I was 16. It was a spur of the moment buy and I was in town shopping with my weekly pay for some 'cool' clothes to go to an older friends barbecue in. It became the only perfume I would own for a couple of years and wore it every time I went out. I've had God knows how many bottles since then and it's still my favourite, I hope there is never a time when it isn't! This bottle is actually empty but until I buy some more I'm keeping the still smells when you take the lid off :) The Coleen perfume to the left of it has almost run out now. I only bought this as I had smelt a friends, I don't really go in for celeb perfumes as such but I love the smell of this one. It reminds me of last summer, or the beginning of last summer anyway. Britney Spears Curious I think it is in in front of the Dolly Girl (another celeb one! OK I usually don't buy them lol) My mum bought me this for Christmas one year and I usually use it for work. DKNY Delicious Night is one I picked up in Bloomingdales when I went to New York last year. Every time I smell it I get so excited because it reminds me of the whole NYC experience, but then I get sad because I won't be doing it again soon :( The last one is the Jean Paul Gaultier Madame perfume which I got on holiday in Gran Canaria. I had been trying to get Hugo Boss Femme all holiday and when I went to buy it I sniffed this and was sold instantly! It is very overpowering I think though but it is lovely. :)

OK so to the end of the picture is my necklace stand! It is a total mess but you know, I could not be bothered sorting it out because it just gets in a mess within a week again. I have too many necklaces and I don't wear hardly any of them, just the odd few which are my faves.

This is the top part of my jewellery box. I've got my fave and best/most expensive! earrings in the top left hand corner compartment, underneath that is my dangley ones! The long compartment on the left has my ultra long earrings in and for some reason a pair of replacement heels for some sandals :-s I have all my rings and random odd bits in the middle section and watches in the long right compartment, colourful earrings in the top right hand and little hoops in the bottom corner. Can you see the Hello Kitty watch? It is so big but I got mega excited when I saw it and had to buy it!
The middle drawer of the box homes all my hooped earrings although when taking these pics I noticed a few pairs are missing, I'll have to search at work and see if they are there, I hope so. I also keep my Links of London and Pandora bracelets in here as they won't get all charred up with the cheap rubbish I have in these next two drawers...

These bottom two are just bangles and I won't really touch upon these as like I've said I am going to do a post on them all soonish, hopefully this week. I have all my pictures taken already and everything!

And this final picture is half of my wardrobe. It's just my alcove at the side of the bed with two big double mirrored doors on. My Dad did them for me when we moved in and I love them - when I look at my brothers wardrobe there is just no way I would be able to fit all my clothes in there. When I tidied out today I arranged them: Bottom rail ~ leggings, going out tops/weekend wear/vest tops (i.e. work and weekend depending on my mood!) and work tops, then at the side you can't see are my shorter cardies. Top rail: Dresses, long line weekend tops and cardies, cut off jeans, jeans, trousers, work shorts and the section you can't see is filled with my hoodies - I love hoodies! If I were to close the doors and pull to the other side you would see my little my make up box which is the same as a few of the make up girlies on here have, from Ikea with different compartments, plus all my CD racks down the side. On the floor at the bottom is all clear now and just has my GHDs and hairdryer and you can see at the top my Dad put me a big plank of wood across the top of the daedo rail (is that how you spell daedo?!) The little pink jewellery box on the top is what I had before I got the big black one so you can see the size difference! I don't want to get rid of this princess one though :) I have most of my favourite books up here as well as that big box in the corner which my mum and dad gave me for my 21st birthday - it was a pink box filled with 21 pink presents and I love it, I kept everything - even the sweet box that was in there when I'd finished as I don't want to forget any of it!

So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed the little insight into my bedroom!



  1. Great post! :) There's nothing better than having a really good sort out and tidy up! And i love finding things you'd totally forgotten about! xXc

  2. nothing makes me happier than an organized closet! i love your jewelry collection...i just want to try on all the bangles!

  3. Lucky for you, I did buy the 2 that I could. And, I only need the one. : ) I will just need directions on how to send it to you. I've never mailed anything to the UK. I leave to New York on the 8th, so if it comes in before then, I can send it to you. If not, I will send as soon as I get back. I opted for standard shipping.

  4. cute bedroom! sounds like your day was just like mine :) cleaning/laundry/organizing/groceries! i love days where you get tons of stuff done. i might need to steal your jewelry box tho ok?!

  5. Wow! All your organizing looks great! It always feels so good to tidy things up like that! :)

  6. thats so neat. i would love to organize my stuff too, but i have this habit. i kept post pone that.

  7. You're so organized! I totally need to get on that next week!

  8. Wowzers! Man were you the ambitious worker today.

    I was so lazy today and you've made me feel completely guilty and yet very inspired to get my ear in gear and get it done!

  9. I really need to sort out my wardrobe!! I've spotted a bangle that i've got too, the silver cross-over one at the back of your second drawer, love it!! x x

  10. Lovely wardrobe, I used to have my room that hot pink! x

  11. Good days work, i have the coleen perfume & love it!

    Loads of clothes the the drobe too, i like! x

  12. Great post, i love your wardrobe.

    All that jewellery...faint you have so much and I thought I had loads! Lovely things xx

  13. I feel guilty seeing how neat and organised you are! I'm awful at keeping my wardrobe in order. My accessories are everywhere as well! I think it's time I start re-organising (: xx

  14. You're soooo organised! This completely puts me to shame! xx

  15. @ Hazel Eyes ~ Ooh I do I just wish I had found something I have been looking for for ages :( xx

    @ Alicia ~ If you ever come on holiday to UK you can meet me and try them on! x

    @ Neisha ~ I simply love you. x

    @ Nicole ~ Thanks :) Um Ok I will let u steal the box! xx

    @ inkObsession ~ I know I love that feeling!x

    @ONiC ~ Do it and post pics! Thats an order lol! x

    @ Kristin ~ Jump on it girl! x

    @ Townhouse Lady ~ lol, I was really worn out at the end of the day just from going through so much stuff! x

    @ Jen ~ Yay a matching bangle friend :) I haven't worn it in SO long! I'm gonna wear it tomorrow now I think :) x

    @ Em ~ It's ace isn't it? I love pink!x

    @ Indie Cindy ~ I think I might even repurchase it I love it that much! Thanks x

    @ The Brunette ~ Thank you! x

    @ Adele ~ Aww lol my wardrobe will be back to messy before too long :( x

    @ Red Boots ~ I'm going to show this comment to my mum cos she says I am the most unorganised person she knows. Ha! xx


  16. Girl, I love it, you are so organised! :)

    I really need to organise my closets and jewellery as well!


  17. Do it and take pics Tina! I love seeing other peoples organised things!

  18. your closet is so tidy and all sorted out. How do you manage that? my mom is constantly bawling at me to clean all the mess up!

  19. Believe me it won't stay that way for I know my mum is always nagging me too :) xx

  20. Great post, Love the Jewellery Box!! xx