Wednesday, 17 June 2009


So I took my first ever trip to Sallys Make Up store earlier this week.

I have read a lot about it on various blogs and after reading on Hele's blog about the store near me having OPI and China Glaze nail varnishs for £2/£3 I was really excited! And when I say excited, I mean was thinking about it for two days all day excited.

So I'm sure you can imagine my disapointment when I got there and found it...pretty crap really. I guess if you know what you're going for it's OK...don't all laugh at me for being excited to go lol. I thought a lot of it was overpriced...I guess I had expected things to be a LOT cheaper than what they were.

The only OPI nail polishes I could find were still £10 or more and I'm not really into my nails enough to spend that much on them, I would rather spend the money on something else :/

I did find some China Glaze ones that were £3.49 buy 2 get 1 free so I got these colours and a CG ridge filler for £3.99 I think it was:

CG Ridge Filler, CG [Cherry Crystal] CG [Aqua Baby] CG [Rio]

I'm currently wearing the Rio one and I like it, I'm thinking I might change to the blue one tonight. Thumbs up from me!


  1. I'm right there with you. I think its overpriced. Even here in the states. Great color choices though!

  2. I love the nail polish 2nd from the left.

  3. I love OPI nail polish names! I think that red one is my favorite.

  4. Ohhh whereabouts is it?! I love China Glaze polishes and thats much cheaper than ebay! x

  5. @ KLaw - Thanks :)

    @ A Cheery Disposition - I'm thinking it will look good on toes :) By the way, every time I read your blog name I start singing the Mary Poppins song in my head!!

    @ The New Black - I know! They are ace aren't they. OK, thats really the only reason I want some!

    @ Em - Theres one just out of Leeds on Sheepscar Street but I went to one near Macro in Wortley? There is one in Huddersfield too x

    @ Iva - Its nice isn't it?


  6. Yeah that's some high prices. I do love opi though...

  7. i have a weak spot in my heart for nail polish. i would spend a fortune on it! bad, bad! haha

  8. I love ridge filler! It's awesome stuff!

  9. @ Crazy Shenanigans and Nicole Addison ~ Yeah, they are nice but for me? I'd rather a couple of cheapies and save my pounds for some DVDs or something really! LOL

    @ Hixon ~ Yeah, I've never used it before and to be honest I only found out about it a couple of months ago!! But I have used it and its great!