Sunday, 21 June 2009

sad :(

My laptop died today :(

The battery is absolutely gone and I am very upset so blogging from my daddy's pc at the moment. I need to get a new battery ASAP!

The weather has been very good today so have been sunbathing a little bit this morning and then finishing my book off. Unsure of what I am going to start reading next...

On Friday night I went for a few drinks after work which went STRAIGHT to my head. I was hammered! I don't know why. I went to my friends and we got a Chinese (Chicken Satay, fried rice, chips and curry sauce) and after one little portion and some films I passed out asleep lol

The next day we got up, ate left over Chinese and went to see the little boy I mentioned in hospital. We made Fathers Day cards (Happy Fathers Day Daddy!) and watched Peppa Pig ♥ and then I went home after a few hours. I read some more of my book ands went to bed quite early as I felt a bit ill, then got up and finished the first half of my CSI ox set. OMG, i am so in love with this programme!! I can't decide if I should watch more tonight (I really want to) or watch some DVDs (I really need to) that I have had of my friends for ages. Hmmm....

I watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona, some stupid DVD about Malibu gangsters or something daft (didn't really like it) and The Longest Yard (fell asleep and didn't see hardly any of it!) I didn't really get the meaning of Vicky Cristina Barcelona...I mean I thought it was a bit of a pointless film? But it as worth watching to perv on my girl crush, Scarlett Johansson. She is so femine and womanly, I love her at the moment:

I love her hair in this one...Am always striving for the perfect quiff!

In fact I think her hair is one of the things I love most about her. I really wish my hair was longer at the moment :(

I'll still try and do some blogging from work but it means any posts with pics I have taken are on hold for now till I get anew battery :(

Hope you have a great end to your weekends xXx
P.S. Do you like the new blog layout? I've wanted a background for ages but never got round to it. I saw this one first and picked it and when I checked out what it looked like I found it went really well with the colours of my texts etc I already had! I have also removed the 'blogs I visit' part of my blog as to be honest they have changed since I had that list up. I could make a new list but there are just way too many to do, and I would be adding new ones each week! What I might start doing if I remember is keeping a list of new blogs and posting them each week or something.

Bye! xx


  1. Aww sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I hope your laptop gets fixed soon!! :) xXx

  2. Glad you've had a good weekend, mine's been pretty chilled but it's been nice to just relax :)

    Bugger about your laptop :( My MacBook completely died last year, the battery AND the hard drive so I know how you feel! You don't realise how much you rely on your laptop, internet etc until it's taken away from you do you? Hope you can get it fixed soon xx

  3. @HazelEyes ~ Thanks hun x

    @ Lisa ~ I know! Well, in a way I do get how much I rely on it cos I am on it ALL the time but I do everything on it! Like watch DVDs n that, my TV is a crap small one. I will die if my hard drive is gone too!! :o xx

  4. Love the layout, very cute!

    I love Scarlet's husband Ryan, he's definitely my #1 favorite actor!

  5. Your background is great! Sorry about your computer... hope you get it fixed soon! Thanks for commenting on my blog! That was very sweet of you! I will have to start visiting you as well. I have enjoyed reading your blog! I totally agree with you about the nasty blog you found. It would have upset me too!

  6. They are from Accessorize :)x

  7. Cute new background! And sounds like you had a good weekend, it's a shame about your laptop though! I hope you get your battery replaced soon :)

  8. thank you for your lovely comment, honey! :)
    ahh I love her red glasses and your background!

  9. I don't think there is much point to Vicky Christina Barcelona, its just got some fairly interesting characters in it. I love Penelope Cruz in that film, she's magnetic. ScarJo looks her best in He's Just Not That Into You.

    I like the new background, very Cath Kidston.

  10. the background is very cute!! i love scar-jo too! she just has that wow factor...and an awesome head of hair!!

  11. I saw He's Just Not into You last night and really want to recreate her tumbling mane of curls!

  12. i love the new background :) and you're so funny saying how you got hammered off a few drinks. at least you got to relax and have fun! i'm a total light weight so i feel ya on that one ;) hope you're week is amazing dear!
    and rip your laptop :( hopefully they can either bring her back to life or you can adopt a newer, stronger one. she can rest in peace with my jeep. :(

  13. I hope you get a battery quickly.

    And yes, I do like your blog layout :)

  14. @ A ~ Thank you :) I didn't actually realise she was married... :o Is Ryan R the one who is in the Wolverine film or am I thinking of a diff guy...

    @ Kelley ~ Hi :) Thanks - I love your blog too!

    @ Carly ~ Thanks for letting me know where they are from!

    @ Nikolett ~ Thanks honey, won't be too long now hopefully!

    @ Demi - Hey, I love those glasses as well! I have a thing for red sunnies atm :)

    @ FinE ~ Is it wrong I kinda fancied Penelope when she was shouting in Spanish all the time?! Her acting was amazing. Defo agree about Scar Jo looking best in that film

    @ Alicia ~ Thank you honey! Her hair is lovely I want mine that colour!

    @Kristin ~ Did you like the film? It wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be but I did like it still :)

    @ Nicole ~ Haha :) :) We light weights have to stick together! Me and my friend are still laughing today about how little it took for me! There was a guy in the pub I really fancied ... think I must have been drunk on lurve lol :) RIP to your Jeep :(

    @ WW ~ Why thank you :)