Thursday, 11 June 2009


Just a quick blog so you know I am still around! I have been keeping up with everyone's but I just don't seem to have time to blog, I do have a 'haul' post coming up so have been holding off until it arrives, which most of it has now I think.

I bought these tees from Dorothy Perkins last week and I love them - I have a slight obsession with all things New York and Paris and these tees are fab:

I also bought a few bits from Matalan which I cannot find on the site, but looking on the site has made me want to go back so much and buy more! I'll take some pics at the weekend as my battery is dead now.

My holiday was fantastic and I am hating being back at work. I need a new career so badly but I just don't know what...

So my dear readers I will be back in a day or too and doing a (hopefully) nice longer post with all my new purchases!



  1. There's nothing like a little retail therapy! I looove new clothes! Have fun at work!

  2. oh i likey like :) i wanna see what else u bought, i need new stuff for my hols :) x

  3. Alicia, I bought more yesterday too :)

    IC,I am gonna do a post later on I think x

    FITE, I know I LOVE it, I wore it this week it goes so well with leggings and a nice little cardi, I loved it!

  4. Ooh, I like the one in the middle. Cute!