Monday, 15 June 2009

my essentials

I had a sort out of my make up last weekend as I have bought quite a lot of new stuff recently so my intentions were to have a clear out, get rid of stuff I don't use or stuff that's run out and I threw a few old mascaras and foundations but not much. I just arranged it more prettily LOL.

Anyhoo I thought I would quite like to do a post based on my essential/favourite make up staples, and a few bits about the products I have/have used in the past which I didn't bode too well with!

So here goes:

the good

The only moisturiser I ever use is Virgin Vie Vitamin C Day Cream. The smell is to die for - orange fest - I heart it; A radiant boost for tired skin ; um that sums up my skin really lol. I'm fussy about what I put on my skin as my mum and brother have quite greasy/spotty skin at times and mine is OK, so I just stick with what I know. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it but since I got back from holiday I started using Johnson's Holiday Skin Daily Facial Moisturiser and within two days my forehead had spots all over it, under the skin ones but it's awful. Stopped using the cream in case it was that and it seems to have calmed down now, it might not be related but just in case I'm going to lay off putting the Johnson's on.


Top Row: Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect [317 Linen Beige] Virgin Vie Rio Carnival Lip Gloss [Copa Cobanna] GOSH [Darling] Carmex Cherry
Bottom Row: Lancome Juicy Tube Swirl [085 Rose Twist] Benefit [California Kissing] Lancome Juicy Tube [020 Cassis]

All the above lipglosses are ones I usually carry around with me every day and because of that are almost all used up which makes me sad :[ I love the Dior Ultra Gloss as I have a thing for beige glosses. I prefer wearing browner shades as opposed to pinky shades as for some reason a browner shade makes me feel more 'done up' IYSWIM? The Virgin Vie Rio gloss doesn't look much on the swatch, when it goes on it is a very light pinky sheen with lots of glittery particles in. This is one of my faves when I am going out and is handy for those nights after work when you end up staying out till closing time even though you said you'd stay out for one!

[Funny story about the Virgin Vie gloss which is close to my heart. (EDIT: I have finished typing the story now and erm, it isn't exactly funny like I thought. I must have been drunk when I thought it was funny. But I've wrote it now so you can read it anyway!) I once had a day at work a few years ago where me and a friend went to the pub for a long lunch and, suffice to say, were absolutely sozzled when we got back in the afternoon. Our boss, who is a darling in times like that, let us finish early and took us back to the pub where we proceeded to drink another two bottles of wine and a bottle of champagne. I was so hammered I don't know how I managed it, but I had made a promise to some low life scum that I knew through a friend of a friend of a friend that I would go out with them that night into town (twas a Friday night). So, I got a taxi home, had a shower and got dressed then rang the same taxi to pick me up and take me back out. Like I say, I really don't know how I managed it and how I didn't kill myself falling in the shower. Dah dah dah the night went on and at the end I ended up back at one of the girls houses at about 6 in the morning. An argument broke out and she smacked me in the face and threw me out of her house by dragging me through the kitchen by my hair (shoeless). She then threw a shoe at me which I rescued (they were
BRAND NEW, for the love of God, I had only just bought them that week! Patent Peep Toes!) Then followed the second shoe but it bounced off the roof of her car and she looked as though she was going to come after me again so I thought fuck it, and ran. And there was no where to go! I didn't no where I was but there was a field next to her house so I hid in that. I rang a taxi and the arsehole taxi company wouldn't pick me up so after hiding for about 20 mins I thought I would venture to the street. I snuck out of my hiding place and made my way to the gate BUT SHE WAS THERE! With a man this time, not her boyfriend and not someone who had been in the house with us so I had no idea who he was. So I ran back and thought, I have no choice but to go back there, and if she fights me I will have to fight back. I don't fight, I detest fighting in boys but more so with girls - there is just no need - so I put the things that were the most important to me and essential things in my back pockets so if I lost my bag I would still be OK. My bank card, my mobile phone, my house key, my work key just in case it was easier to go there, my id, .... and my virgin vie lipstick. Like, what the hell was my lipstick going to help me do? Make me look pretty? Nice pink lips to go with nice pink eyes and nice pink cheek mark? I'm so glad I don't have these nights anymore!! She wasn't there when I got out of the field so I flagged a lift home and ended up in some DOD-GY mans white van who told me he was going dogging and did I wanna go? Um yeah dude, take me there *rolls eyes* But anyway, even to this day when I wear the VV lippie I am reminded of this.]

Back to the lippies!

I won't really elaborate on the GOSH as so many people have, but I do love this lippie :) And the Carmex speaks for itself.

On the bottom are three of my favourite Juicy Tubes. They remind me of being younger - I started working at 16 and used to spend my weekly wage on so much shit, I used to buy two or three JT's a month and I still love them now, I just can't afford them anymore! Rose Twist is a gorgeous pinky/milky creamy colour on the lips and I pile it on shamelessly. I love the smell of them, in fact to be honest it's why I have so many of them, the smell is beautiful. Cassis, on the end is almost finished now and is so old I have no idea if I can still get hold of it, a lot of my old faves have been discontinued. It smells of grapes and is a lovely deep purple. Lilac/purple lips never suit me but this? Love it. And in the middle is the Benefit California Kissing. The blurb on the product is this:

You haven't really been kissed 'til you've been California kissed! California kissin' is a new way to freshen your breath and brighten your smile in one delicious lip gloss. The subtle blue sheen makes teeth appear whiter and the minty taste freshens breath. So pick a partner and let the kissin' begin!

I don't honestly think it does what it says but I do like the colour and the smell and the taste too, I can't help but lick it off :)

So those are my favourite lipsicks, I didn't mean to babble so much in the middle but as I did go on for so long I will finish the rest of the things I love and hate off tomorrow night.



  1. Thanks so much for your comments! :)
    What a fun idea for a post! Reminds me that my makeup drawer is in *desperate* need of some organization! I made an impromptu trip to Sephora last week and bought things I absolutely did not need, as always seems to be the case when I get anywhere near it :)

  2. Haha, I don't think it can be helped can it buying things we don't need! I love letting my things get all messed up just so I can clear them out. I have been know to actually put rubbish (like envelopes, papers etc) in a drawer just so that when I come to do my monthly clean out I will have more rubbish!