Sunday, 5 July 2009

my essentials: the bads

OK, this sounds a bit sad... but I have really missed blogging this last week!! I got my google reader down to 200 and then just went on the laptop last night to check my emails and saw it has gone back to 600+ in a day - you lot have been busy!!! I'm planning on going straight home after work tonight, having some lovely tea and netting away on the laptop. I'll be doing another post later with all my new blogs etc from this week! This is the final post from my make up bits that I scheduled last week but it didn't work for some reason.

The following products are ones that are still in my collection which I hate. And should throw out. But I never do. I don't know why.

Avon Ideal Shade. Brush-on liquid foundation with innovative light adjusting pigments, leaves skin naturally flawless and matte. Oil-free formula with skin smoothing ingredients.
First up, the brush. Lord knows how this is supposed to go on and make your skin look 'naturally flawless'. I tried with the brush, I really did, but I am one of those girls who needs fingers to put liquid foundation on my face. A foundation brush never works and this sure as hell didn't either. So after a few tries I gave up. It put too much, or too little amounts on my skin, I really don't understand if I was using it wrong or whatever but hey. Anyway after a couple of attempts I began squeezing it out onto the brush, then to my fingers then putting it on my face, the usual way I do. It was still awful and I began to realise it wasn't just how I was applying it it was the actual product itself. It dried my skin out so bad, I can honestly say I have never come across a foundation or product at that that made my skin so horrid. It was dry, scratchy on my face, just the worst thing I have ever used. It retails at £10. I bought Nude. It's been used a couple of times. Let me know if you want to buy it from me for £3 inc p&p. (You might like this product! I have spoken to three others who agreed with me but I'm sure there's gotta be people out there who get on with this?!)

Bourjois Coup de Theatre. Now this one is a total mystery. I have no idea how it is there, brand new, in my collection. Because there is no way I would part with almost £10 on this mascara as I know that I hate it. I've always hated it since it first came out as I thought I would love it and it just make my eyes itch terribly. So how is it in my make up box?! The only thing I can think is that it must have been free in a magazine or something? My mum is allergic to mascara and only got this allergy when she was about 21. I'm 22 and wear it everyday even if I;m not going out. I'm terrified I might 'get' allergic too! What would I do!

Another Bourjois product on the left. It is one of their eyeshadows in number 2, Turquoise. I used to be obsessed with the cute little packaging but this was awful - I could never seem to get any product out without really pressing down and rubbing on the shadow hard and it was the most unblendable colour I own. Nice colour though, its a shame. On the right is a lip gloss I picked up from the French Connection make up range when it was being un-stocked in Boots. I got this, a bright cheek blush and a pink eyeliner. I love the eyeliner but this is awful and as you can see barely used - the only finger marks you see in that are what I did when I did the swatches below.

Number 7 lipstick. I have binned this so don't know what colour it is (I'm so crap I know). I used to wear religiously a light/frosty pink lippie by Collection 2000 which stopped being stocked and I was so upset. I spent ages browsing make up aisles hoping to find something similair but never managed and I everntually settled for this. I'm a bit of a lipstick novice - I only own about 5 - but this has defo played a part in me not buying any for the past few years. It's horrible! Dry, hard,awful colour - I can't actually describe how bad it is. I would LOVE to find someone in the world, anywhere, who likes this product. Even with soft lips, bit of conditioning beforehand, it still looks bad. Yak. 'Fizzy Orange' came in a set from Marks and Spencers from someone for Christmas. It's cute, there are about five, they all smell good but God, they are sticky!! Confession: Sometimes, I like to get in bed and put my iPod on and mime along to songs, my situation varies, sometimes I'm on X Factor, sometimes I'm well famous and hell sometimes I'm just on karaoke at the local pub(and no one can believe that me, this girl they all know, is so great at singing!! I turn heads baby). So when I'm playing this game,even though it's 1 AM and dark and the lights are out and the only things watching me are my two trusty teddies at the end of the bed, dude I like to look good. I shrug off those Primark jammies, I slip into some sexy lil hotpants, I tie my hair up messy which looks bad but this is my world so it looks good, and I slick on some lippie. I keep one of these in my bedside cabinet and I put it on. And it stays on. Through Mariah, through Beyonce, through Leona, and it stays on when some slow Boyz II Men pops on, and my eyes start to droop...and when I wake up ten hours later IT'S STILL THERE! Yeah, OK not glossy anymore but still really thick on my lips like its really sunk in. It's good for playing The Game (I will refer to it as this now) but not for everyday use. I don't even wanna think about walking down the street in it. The last lip gloss is a jelly gloss by Rimmel and I hate it because so much comes out but its the opposite to the M&S ones, its so thin and sloppy - very un-jelly like I must say. Not a nice smell either.

OK my last hate is another Avon product. I bought this at the same time as the foundation. The colours are so bright and a lovely pink and so much of it is picked up on the brush, you have to be careful notto put too much on. The reason I dislike it it below:

It cracked after like one use. You can see from the bottom of the lilac colour that it hasn't been pressed very well and all of them now have lifted and crumbled. I can't use it very well - I dardn't even open it now because it will spill everywhere so I feel a bit like I've wasted my cash.



  1. It's a shame when make-up lets you down like that.
    I have loads of stuff I've hardly worn that cost a fortune.
    It's a shame because that blue eyeshadow looks like it should be gorgeous x

  2. lol i think were all the same, i never want to part with items that i hate but have spent a small fortune on! I tried the FCUK creme blush, and its surprisingly really good, although i havent tried anything else from that range. Great Post x

  3. Ohh, it is a shame about the avon blush... :(

  4. I am the same way, I never throw out makeup, when I know I should.

  5. @ Lauren ~ I know, it's one of the main reasons I don't spend a fortune on make up really (well, I never used to lol!) PS- This is so weird, I dreamt that someone called Lauren had commented on a post of mine and then I got the notification today, spooky!!

    @ Holly ~ I was considering buying that on ebay earlier but I talked myself out of it! Thank you x

    @ Catanya ~ I know, I hate it when that happens!

    @ Bug ~ Why do we do it!


  6. I love your bedtime karaoke story...that was real funny! Girl, I'd love to hear you "sanG" to those jams! I bet you can throw down!

  7. @ AI - hahha - I'm going to go do it now, just so you know lol xx

  8. Ha! This is brilliant... have never seen a makeup I hate post! Most of mine is unfortunately things like benefit makeup other people have bought me as presents that doesn't suit me at all... like golden yellow eyeshadow that makes me look ill!

    Also I would so cry if I became allergic to mascara... I had a eye lump thing in the last year that had to be removed by surgery (yuck) and I wasn't allowed to wear eye makeup for ages – I missed it so!

  9. @ CP ~ I think Benefit can be rubbish at times, I think there are4 only certain bits that are worth it.

    OMG I had an ulcer on my pupil about two years ago and couldn't wear contacts or make up for months I hated going out!!xx