Sunday, 28 June 2009

More new things on a Monday

I've decided to make this post a new one each Monday and it's going to house new blogs I've come across in the previous week, new books I've bought/swapped, new music added to my iTunes and anything else I think of, any suggestions? I'm going to really try hard to keep up to it as I love posts like this :) I will apologise now for how many blogs I am going to be linking to ...


The blogs listed below are ones I came across mid tidy up yesterday and today, as I can't remember the ones throughout the rest of the week. {Please let me know if any link is broken or wrong}


I seriously go through so much music and just love spending an afternoon trawling through you tube and itunes chart lists for new songs. At my old job I could sit at my desk, 9-5 with my headphones in listening to music all day and I miss it so much! I haven't added much in June for some reason onto my ipod...I don't know why...probably just too busy looking at blogs instead! But here are the things that have made it to my recently added:

Have also been listening to The Saturdays album so much recently! I love these girls.

New buys from today!

So I finally check out Accessorize at lunchtime. I've been dying to go in here since seeing so much gorgeous stuff at the moment from you lot. See, this is why I love blogging - I probably wouldn't have bothered going in here but seeing some cute earrings made me venture in!
'Love' ring, £5
Chunky Anchor Bracelet, £8

Eiffel Tower Bow Drop Earrings, £5 - I can't tell you how much I love these!!

Baby Pearly Bow Earrings, £5

These are the babies I went in for originally. I also got a headband (!) which I can't find on the site but its just a basic gold wire one with a metal bow on one side, very pretty.

When I took these photos off the site however I noticed all of these lovely things I want and didn't see! Boooooo

I really want to go back and get them. I mean, have I ever told you how obsessed with anchors I am? I really want a tattoo of one. Only small, I mean nothing like a huge gross thing but something dainty and cute. I just love them. I love the nautical look. So techo, I should have the earrings! As I love them an all. And the black bows? Well they are perfect for work aren't they? Just something small and cute to make an outfit together! And then the 'rock' 'roll'... Everyone has to rock n roll sometimes!! And the Love, ahh the Love, they match my love ring :) What do you think?

I also got two pairs of headphones on sale at HMV £5 each. Does anyone else go through headphones at an alarming rate?! I am badddd. I swear, HMV need to set up a direct debit every month I spend so much in there on them.

Also, I got these two on Friday and didn't mention them:

River Island, £24.99


OK so I guess that sums it all up! I can't wait to re-do this post every Monday! Am off to try and find some new totty for Tuesday pictures now.... :) xx


  1. That anchor bracelet is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! I LOVE it!

  2. I know! I love it :) They do it in red too but I love blue :) xx

  3. the purple bracelet and the love earrings are so cute.

  4. ohhh how fun!! look at all these fun pieces!

  5. @ Savy Mode SG ~ I think I need the Love earrings don't I! xx

    @ Iva ~ They're lovely aren't they :) xx


  6. Thanks for the mention, doLL!
    Gotta get my hands on those "Love" earrings...I know I can rOcK thEm OuT!

  7. OMG, this jewelry is adorable. I love the Eiffel Tower earrings. I am throwing my daughter a 13th Birthday party with a French theme and I am looking for favors. These would be perfect.

  8. Hey girlie, thanks so much for the shout out!

    I am loving those Rock and Roll earrings.


    All the best - THL

  9. Accessory Overload..I don't know which ones I like the best!

    on your post about make-up, I was saying I didn't like Rimmel lip gloss..I am with you on the crap part :)

  10. oh and TAG! check out my blog!

  11. I love the Eiffel Tower earrings, so adorable..thank you so much for mentioning my blog. I'm glad I found yours

  12. Love it all, thanks for sharing!

  13. Hehehe.. I'm glad you found that funny!

    Thanks for sharing some blogs with us! Those are pretty nice! Oh, and I love the 'love' ring!

  14. I adore the chunky anchor bracelet and pearly bow earrings! Great finds.

  15. What an amazing idea! I love finding new blogs :) And I've just started having an addiction to anchor-related jewelry and you're definitely feeding that addiction! :) I hope you keep this up, it's great!

  16. I totally loved your picks! You got it!


  17. oh i saw my blog link here! hahaha thanks sweetheart :) you made my day!
    anyway, i love what you just buy, hard to choose which is my fave. the anchor bracelet or the eiffel earings.

  18. aw thank you! :) love all your buys they're so cute! xx

  19. i'm so glad you put up a blog list! i need new blogs to check out!

  20. Brill lists! I love a good blog list... so fun finding new people! Thanks :)

  21. LMAO! I've got the anchor bracelet too, plus the 'LOVE' ring, and I've got the Eiffel Tower necklace which matches the earrings. We have the same taste!

  22. I love love love your buys missy! the earrings, the bracelet the rings. SO nice!!!

    Looking forward to your blog updates


  23. Oh & where r the rock n roll earings from. Your a girl after my own heart with those x

  24. That anchor bracelet is too fun!!

  25. WOW hun i'm so in love with the anchor bracelet! x

  26. Thank you for the link - so sweet!

    I was in Accessorize on Sunday - I had to stop myself going crazy with my debit card. The eiffel tower necklace to match the earrings is the cutest thing ever. They also had a gorgeous horse necklace (£5) and a necklace with a little birdcage (£5 too).

    I love Accessorize a bit too much :/


  27. The anchor studs are adorable! Great finds!

  28. thank you for your comment, honey!
    loveeee that 'love' ring! I neeeeeeeed it!!! :)

  29. What a great post! (:

    la C.

  30. Hey my new fave blogger! Thanks for the sweet shout out I really appreciate it. Glad to know I could give you a giggle too:)

    Off to check out the rest of your new finds!

  31. That bracelet is the cutest thing EVER! :)

  32. wow those eiffel tower earrings are amazing! and lovely blog btw *follows*

  33. @ Alluring Interiors ~ They're great aren't they, I can't find them in store though!

    @ Neisha ~ I got the matching neckalce today, I'll post a pic soon it's lovely!

    @ The Townhouselady ~ Hey :) Yes the R&R ones are the ones I want most but my local said they hadn't had them in yet... x

    @ A ~ Ooh I'll check it out tonight hopefully, :)

    @ Bunny ~ Thanks x

    @ Classic Twist ~ Thanks

    @ Renee ~ It was lol! Thank you!

    @ Jules ~ Thank you )

    @ Nikolett ~ OMG I love so much anchor stuff!! xx

    @ Chicmuse ~ Aww thanks doll!

    @ ONiC ~ :):) Thanks xx

    @ Rosa ~ Thanks!


  34. @ Alicia ~ Cool, I love finding new blogs! x

    @ Conversation Pieces ~ I know I am so addicted at the moment to finding new people to talk to lol!!

    @ FitE ~ You know the Love ring made me think of you actually when I got it,so its weird that you have it!! I got the Eiffel necklace today and also the Love necklace. We have good taste baby!!

    @ Indie Cindy ~ Aww thanksie! They're all from Accessorize, all the jewellery anyhow x

    @ Kristin ~ Thanks! I saw some perfectly matching shoes today that I *may* just have to buy...

    @ Em ~ Its nice isn't it - they had it in more than one colour x

    @ Red Boots ~ You're very welcome :) I know - I think they are brilliant at the mo - I need to check out this birdcage one you speak of it sounds great! x

    @ Morgan ~ I *really* want to buy them!

    @ Demi ~ I got it wrong on my post - the ring is only £4! Muchus Cheapus - buy it!

    @ La Couturier ~ Thanks :) x

    @ Modern Mom ~ lol!! kiss kiss xx

    @ Carrie ~ Thank you! x

    @ Suzannah ~ Thank you :) I am following you now too! xx

  35. Great post hun, love it!!! xxx

  36. Ooh i love those baby pearl bow earrings the more i look at them, i want!!! x