Saturday, 27 June 2009

i love this ♥

New bloggies that I have come across this week :]

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and finally for today Crazy Little World of Mine who lead me to this fantastic band on you tube...

They're called The Baseballs and are three guys from Germany. I had a quick look on their website before heading to iTunes to see if there was anything there on them and was pleased to see their album! I love old fashioned music like this and am a lil sad that bands nowadays aren't like this...I think I have been born in the wrong era I LOVE all oldie stuff lol. This band however do todays songs in years gone by style... some songs on their album include Umbrella by Rhianna, Angels by Robbie Williams, Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis and Crazy in Love by Beyonce. I've checked them all out on you tube and this is one of my faves, I do love a bit of Maroon 5 :]

While I'm on the subject of old things, I read this book this week, I grabbed it on the way to work one morning to read on the bus from my h-u-g-e to be read pile and had to stay up until way past midnight to finish it in one sitting - I loved it.

The story is based on a journalist in 2008 called Rosie, best friend Caz and boyfriend Will and after a huge argument with Will goes to work the next day. She is sent on an assignment to the local housing estate, The Meadows which is down and out in the dumps, to interview one of the first people who lived there. As she is getting through the front door she feels funny and faints and when she comes round she is in 1950. At first she doesn't believe it, thinks it is a film set etc but gradually comes round to realising the truth. Will and Caz are both there in the past but as Billy and Carol - but are both married to each other. Rosie learns to live with the fact that she is stuck in the 1950s as her and Billy fall in love all over again, knowing she can't have him in this life...unless she can return to our time. It says on the back of the book for people who like The Time Travellers Wife, Lost Art of Keeping Secrets or Life on Mars. I never actually watched Life of Mars but I do wish I had... I have read both the other books, The Time Traverllers Wife is a firm favourite and I recommend that and this book to anyone!

To end I will leave you with a trailer for TTTW which comes out shortly with the GORGEOUS Rachel McAdams ... I'm almost as excited for this as I am for New Moon and Harry Potter!


  1. Hi,
    Thank you for coming accross my blog. I already can tell that we have a lot in common. : ) I just saw the trailer for this movie last night. I can't wait to see it.

  2. Hi! I know I am really excited to see it - strange as there aren't many films I have read the books of and want to see the movies, they never live up to how good the books are and I think this will be a really hard one! xx

  3. Hey chica, thanks for checking out my blog. I´m glad you like it! I look forward to reading yours when I get back from Europe!

  4. I really want to see this movie! It looks so good! I want to read the book too!! :)

  5. So glad to hear you like the Baseballs!!! :D I love them. Amazing what they can do. I saw this commercial and there they were singing and I was just stunned. Awesome music!!

  6. @ KC ~ Hey! I'm looking forward to reading more of your Europe advertures! xx

    @ Renee ~ Yeah it look good doesn't it! You HAVE to read the book!! xx

    @ Selma ~ Yay! Someone else who likes them! I love this kind of music :) xx

  7. Aw, that movie looks cute - maybe I should read the book first. I'm not a huge fan of Rachel McAdams but she does look gorgeous in that picture

  8. Oh, how am I just seeing this? Thank you so much!! <3