Sunday, 14 June 2009

head wear

I have a new obsession.


It began with a hairband about five years ago. Thin, black fabric, with white dotted lines round the edges.

It moved onto a thick, black plastic one [no longer with us]

They both stayed in a drawer for at least a year as I was afraid to wear them. I thought people would laugh; I didn't think I suited them. Then when I had about 8 inches cut from my hair into a pob I found the thick one was great to wear on holiday to scrape it all back.

I started buying more and I started wearing them quite a bit. Thin ones thick ones, black ones coloured ones, plain ones patterned ones, plastic ones fabric covered ones.

Then I saw one Passion for Fashion had bought and I loved it so I copied her and bought it too. This is it:

I couldn't wear it though. It looked so WRONG on my head - I have such a high forehead I looked bald! I even printed a photo of her wearing it from her blog and tried endlessly to wear it the same way she had [I still can't wear it like that >:] but in the end I threw it in a drawer and forgot about it.

And then somewhere, I don't know where from, just came this obsession with headbands like it. I started wearing it ALL the time and then headed back to the shop and bought others in different colours/styles and now I think I have a bit of a problem. I have way too many. This week alone, I have bought SEVEN headbands. Seven! Who needs seven! And I am pissed off because there was one I saw and I said to myself you do not need any more! You already have three in your basket! Leave it alone! So I did and I was proud of myself but then I got to the que and I got as far as the next in line to the till but it was no good because I'd already thought of how many outfits it would go with so I ran back and got it :] I also picked up another at the little section next to the tills as well. And I got home and went to try the one I ran back for one on - and it snapped! It bloody snapped the minute I went to put it over my head! And call me lazy but I just can't be bothered to go back and swap it :/

I bought a gorgeous one in River Island recently, bar far my favourite - I paid £7.99 but on the website it's £5.99? How does that work out.

My names [_______] and I'm a heaband-a-holic. :)



  2. oh my life i totally get your obsession! i have the same one too!! gotta love a headband!!
    great blog
    Lu x

  3. I think that they are so cute, but I just can't pull the look off. I think it's the shape of my face or they give me headaches. This didn't stop me from buying them though...I 've probably got eight or nine of them lying around. So I guess you could say I am a hoarder. :)

  4. I adore them but I hate my ears so sadly I don't wear them nearly enough.

  5. We're amassing a group to perform an intervention. Hold on!! :)

  6. lol i have the same problem, i buy them and feel stupid wearing them for some reason, i have too many now and also have an obsession with flowers in my hair!

  7. New Black - I buy ones that I *know* I won't wear because they don't suit me sometimes just beacause they are pretty :)

    Wendy - that made me laugh so much!!

    Pampered Pout - hmm flowers, not tried that one before...

  8. I've recently discovered hairbands too. I've mainly been wearing them to do exercise and around the house/garden, and I haven't quite dared where them properly out yet. My problem with them is that although I do seem to suit them, they make me look even younger and I'm probably too old for them. Still I want a dressy one to wear for a wedding in the summer.

  9. Oh ha ha ha i know what u mean wit the head bands, i have 22!!!!! i will post a photo just for you hee hee, im so glad im not alone!xx