Saturday, 27 June 2009

Better on the Other Side

I found this new tune on you tube courtesy of Kae and I love it...lots of my fave artists in it...

It's a tribute video to Michael Jackson and it's by The Game, Diddy, Chris Brown and Boyz II Men ( ♥ ) and it also says Usher but I'm not too sure... anyway here it is, let me know if you like it too!


  1. wow they must have worked quickly! it doesn't sound half bad either...i'm sure it'll grow on me.

    chris brown is supposed to be performing as part of a tribute to MJ tonite on the BET awards...hopefully you'll be able to watch from where you are - it should be good! if not, i'm sure it'll be on youtube by tomorrow!

  2. I know its fast isn't it... Oh cool I'll have to see if I can get it over here but if not, you're right, you tube is my friend!