Sunday, 21 June 2009

award :D

The beautiful Nicole Addison at My Teacups in Peony gave me an award :)

This is my first award and I am very stupidly happy to recieve it... her comment informing me was the first email I read when I arrived at work yesterday and she put a very big smile on my face!

It's so good to know that people are interested in what rubbish (or not!) I have to say lol. I was always one of those kids who wrote diaries when I was younger and I wish I had kept them to look back on now but they had a lot of bad stuff written in amongst the good, so they don't really make for good reading, I guess I didn't wanna remember it all when I looked back... I do know that they were filled between the ages of 13 - 15 with my love for every Leeds United footballer going....

... Jonathan Woodgate, Alan Smith *droolllllllllll even now* and Rio Ferdinand to name a few LOL. I couldn't find a fit picture of Woodgate playing for Leeds so this is when he signed for Newcastle. And the pic of Alan Smith? :-( This was his last match for Leeds. I cried like mad! I went and at the end he walked around the pitch and cried and I was so sad :-(

Anyway, it has been great these past few weeks that I have been blogging logging into my dashboard every day and finding I have new followers practically each time. I &heart;blogs so without further ado I award the following blogging friends I have found!

Passion for Fashion

Vex in the City
Team Boo
Indy Cindy
It ain't easy being cheesy!

These are my top five blogs of the moment. My list changes dramatically fast but it always makes me happy to see that these five gals have some new posts for me to read!



  1. Aww thanks ma girl, im glad you like my reads/drunken pics hee hee.

    Im slowing but surely getting there i think, thanks so much. I loved your comments

    Peace n love

    x x

  2. Yay for blog awards - they make you feel like you've won an Oscar don't they? Hahaha!!

    Thanks for giving me one. Glad you enjoy my ramblings xx

  3. Thank you!! Love your new background hun x

  4. congrats to you! and thanks a ton!! i will try to post it by tonight =)

  5. you're such a sweetheart :) thanks for amazing shout out! im so glad you like your award!! i hope you had a fabulous weekend love.

  6. what a sweet thing to come back to! I have been out of the blogging loop this week being out of town, and what a nice surprise this is ;)

    thanks for reading! and for sharing the love ;)