Sunday, 28 June 2009

More new things on a Monday

I've decided to make this post a new one each Monday and it's going to house new blogs I've come across in the previous week, new books I've bought/swapped, new music added to my iTunes and anything else I think of, any suggestions? I'm going to really try hard to keep up to it as I love posts like this :) I will apologise now for how many blogs I am going to be linking to ...


The blogs listed below are ones I came across mid tidy up yesterday and today, as I can't remember the ones throughout the rest of the week. {Please let me know if any link is broken or wrong}


I seriously go through so much music and just love spending an afternoon trawling through you tube and itunes chart lists for new songs. At my old job I could sit at my desk, 9-5 with my headphones in listening to music all day and I miss it so much! I haven't added much in June for some reason onto my ipod...I don't know why...probably just too busy looking at blogs instead! But here are the things that have made it to my recently added:

Have also been listening to The Saturdays album so much recently! I love these girls.

New buys from today!

So I finally check out Accessorize at lunchtime. I've been dying to go in here since seeing so much gorgeous stuff at the moment from you lot. See, this is why I love blogging - I probably wouldn't have bothered going in here but seeing some cute earrings made me venture in!
'Love' ring, £5
Chunky Anchor Bracelet, £8

Eiffel Tower Bow Drop Earrings, £5 - I can't tell you how much I love these!!

Baby Pearly Bow Earrings, £5

These are the babies I went in for originally. I also got a headband (!) which I can't find on the site but its just a basic gold wire one with a metal bow on one side, very pretty.

When I took these photos off the site however I noticed all of these lovely things I want and didn't see! Boooooo

I really want to go back and get them. I mean, have I ever told you how obsessed with anchors I am? I really want a tattoo of one. Only small, I mean nothing like a huge gross thing but something dainty and cute. I just love them. I love the nautical look. So techo, I should have the earrings! As I love them an all. And the black bows? Well they are perfect for work aren't they? Just something small and cute to make an outfit together! And then the 'rock' 'roll'... Everyone has to rock n roll sometimes!! And the Love, ahh the Love, they match my love ring :) What do you think?

I also got two pairs of headphones on sale at HMV £5 each. Does anyone else go through headphones at an alarming rate?! I am badddd. I swear, HMV need to set up a direct debit every month I spend so much in there on them.

Also, I got these two on Friday and didn't mention them:

River Island, £24.99


OK so I guess that sums it all up! I can't wait to re-do this post every Monday! Am off to try and find some new totty for Tuesday pictures now.... :) xx

my essentials: part II

I got caught up and forgot to finish this post, so here comes the end of it :]


For the past couple of years I have ranked Benefits Bad Gal Mascara my favourite and most used/bought mascara. I know a lot of people struggle to get on with the brush being so big but I have always loved it and loved the look when it was on. One month I didn't have a spare £14.50 so bought a Rimmel one to last me until I could afford the Bad Gal and I absolutley love it - it has actually knocked Benefits from the top spot for the first time in what must be at least four years.

With Rimmel Magnif'eyes, according to, what you get is ultimate lash extension and pure wide-eyed wow factor all the way and I couldn't agree more. 'Wide eyed wow factor' is exactly what it is and I love it! I have this week bought Maxfactors falsh lash effect mascara but I think I might keep that for after work/weekends and wear the Magnif'eyes through the day.

For me there is simply no better eyeline that Rimmels soft kohl liner. It is the best liner I have ever used. I have others but no where near as easy to wear than this. I don't really get on with liquid liners, its something I need to keep practising with but this kohl pencil has been in my make up essentials since as long as I can remember.

This (up until the Sleek palette) has been my most used/re-bought eyeshadow as the colours are so simple and easy and go with pretty much everything. Its the 'Effet Lumiere Trio D Ombres A Paupiers Les Roses' by Bourjois. Bourjois is a make that really reminds me of growing up. We were all so obsessed with it between the ages of 13 - 16 yet it was so expensive to buy! These days I rarely bother - I do like the glosses though, they taste and smell lovely lol.


Again here is the moisturiser I mentioned in the previous post. A fairly new matt foundation that I picked up in a spree, yet I find it much better than any of the expensive ones I have spent my money on in the past. It's by Miss Sporty and is shade number 2. I've run out of this already, need to buy some more pronto. A girl I know much prefers her Collection 2000 foundation to any Chanel or Lancome one she has ever bought; sometimes the cheaper the better I guess, a name means nothing. The product on the back is one that has lasted me a good few years. It's a Virgin Vie Masquerade Shimmer Powder that I originally bought just for the sake of it, and figured I'd pass it over to my mum. I kinda realised how much I liked it and stole it back :) It's a 'sparkling rose shimmer powder for golden glittering skin'. I love to wear it either brushed lightly on my cheekbones/body or piled on my eyelids on a night out. I honestly can't believe how long it's lasted - a little goes a hell of a way. I think it was about £15.

I've got a bit of a blusher obsession at the moment and since taking this pics I have a new firm favourite (I know it's only been a week but I love it!) in the form of The Body Shop one I posted recently. But, before that my two faves depending on what look I was aiming for that day were:

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in 01, Dolly Pink. I bought this when I bought the Dream Mousse Foundation but I hated that. It dried my skin out and looked terrible so I just shoved this to the back of the stash and binned the foundation and it wasn't until I saw a post on Magpie Sparkles blog one day about putting 'accidentially too much' blush on that I remembered this and thought it would be a really nice pale-ish blush that could be quite easily blended and I realised I loved it :] A darker powdered blush I use pretty frequently is L'oreal Blush Delicieux in 04, Rosewood. I love everything about this, the smell, the colour, the little casing and the brush. I used to use this a while ago and I always seem to go back to it.

I'm scheduling this post for the first time so fingers crossed it works... I'll be doing a lil post on the bads of my make up as well later in the week. :)

Sunday Sort Outs

I feel like I've achieved a lot today! I got up just before 10.30 and laid in bed reading a little bit of my new book, Secret Life of a Slummy Mummy before totally blitzing my room. I cleared out all my bags, PJ's and vest drawers, sorted things for charity/bin/eBay/keep, emptied my wardrobe totally and re put it all back in a nice order, tidied all my shoes, vacced every corner of my room, pulled my cabinets out and took pictures of everything to go on eBay. I uploaded them to the laptop but eBay isn't letting me put pics on for some reason and I've got so mad. So now I'm not going to have all my things listing at once which frustrates me and I don't know why I'm not able to do it!

Here are the things I found whilst tidying my bag drawers out:

Waterstones Points Card
Library Card
Fast Tan Sunbed Centre Card
National Insurance Card
DKNY Delicious Night Body Moisturiser
Two hair slides
HMV Points Card
Two Contact Lenses
1 Earring
1 Compeed sticker
Tube of cream
Two half eaten packed of chewing gum
Lens cloth
Two hair bobbles
Two receipts
Sunglasses case

I don't know where it was all hiding... I found a disc also in another drawer that I have been searching for for ages, it has all my photos on it that won't fit on my hard drive, so I was pleased to find that :)

I thought I'd take some pictures after I'd tidied up of storage of my jewellery and also a quick pic of my wardrobe :)

OK so in this first pic this is on one of my sides, my set of three drawers which hold my underwear, my summer shorts/costumes, sarongs and scarfs and then a drawer full of papers etc, bills and all that jazz! This big black leather box is my jewellery box and my mum bought me this for Christmas just gone. I only had a small one before and had been searching for a big one that would manage to hold everything and after much searching we finally found this one! It's got four compartments - the top part, the middle drawer and then the two deeper drawers on the bottom. To the right you can see my kitchen roll holder come bangle holder from the last post! This was really full up to the top and bangles all over the work top until I sorted them on Saturday and now I want to have my nice new ones on show :)

I also keep all my perfumes on this worktop. I don't have many because...well I just don't, I prefer to just have a few for different occasions, I'm not one of those people who has about thirty bottles of the stuff lying around, and I like having a only a few as I love them all individually and they all hold such good memories. Don't you love it when a smell just takes you back someplace and makes you smile? The Anna Sui bottle, Dolly Girl, at the back (the dolls face one!) is my lifelong perfume buddy :) I bought this the first time when I was 16. It was a spur of the moment buy and I was in town shopping with my weekly pay for some 'cool' clothes to go to an older friends barbecue in. It became the only perfume I would own for a couple of years and wore it every time I went out. I've had God knows how many bottles since then and it's still my favourite, I hope there is never a time when it isn't! This bottle is actually empty but until I buy some more I'm keeping the still smells when you take the lid off :) The Coleen perfume to the left of it has almost run out now. I only bought this as I had smelt a friends, I don't really go in for celeb perfumes as such but I love the smell of this one. It reminds me of last summer, or the beginning of last summer anyway. Britney Spears Curious I think it is in in front of the Dolly Girl (another celeb one! OK I usually don't buy them lol) My mum bought me this for Christmas one year and I usually use it for work. DKNY Delicious Night is one I picked up in Bloomingdales when I went to New York last year. Every time I smell it I get so excited because it reminds me of the whole NYC experience, but then I get sad because I won't be doing it again soon :( The last one is the Jean Paul Gaultier Madame perfume which I got on holiday in Gran Canaria. I had been trying to get Hugo Boss Femme all holiday and when I went to buy it I sniffed this and was sold instantly! It is very overpowering I think though but it is lovely. :)

OK so to the end of the picture is my necklace stand! It is a total mess but you know, I could not be bothered sorting it out because it just gets in a mess within a week again. I have too many necklaces and I don't wear hardly any of them, just the odd few which are my faves.

This is the top part of my jewellery box. I've got my fave and best/most expensive! earrings in the top left hand corner compartment, underneath that is my dangley ones! The long compartment on the left has my ultra long earrings in and for some reason a pair of replacement heels for some sandals :-s I have all my rings and random odd bits in the middle section and watches in the long right compartment, colourful earrings in the top right hand and little hoops in the bottom corner. Can you see the Hello Kitty watch? It is so big but I got mega excited when I saw it and had to buy it!
The middle drawer of the box homes all my hooped earrings although when taking these pics I noticed a few pairs are missing, I'll have to search at work and see if they are there, I hope so. I also keep my Links of London and Pandora bracelets in here as they won't get all charred up with the cheap rubbish I have in these next two drawers...

These bottom two are just bangles and I won't really touch upon these as like I've said I am going to do a post on them all soonish, hopefully this week. I have all my pictures taken already and everything!

And this final picture is half of my wardrobe. It's just my alcove at the side of the bed with two big double mirrored doors on. My Dad did them for me when we moved in and I love them - when I look at my brothers wardrobe there is just no way I would be able to fit all my clothes in there. When I tidied out today I arranged them: Bottom rail ~ leggings, going out tops/weekend wear/vest tops (i.e. work and weekend depending on my mood!) and work tops, then at the side you can't see are my shorter cardies. Top rail: Dresses, long line weekend tops and cardies, cut off jeans, jeans, trousers, work shorts and the section you can't see is filled with my hoodies - I love hoodies! If I were to close the doors and pull to the other side you would see my little my make up box which is the same as a few of the make up girlies on here have, from Ikea with different compartments, plus all my CD racks down the side. On the floor at the bottom is all clear now and just has my GHDs and hairdryer and you can see at the top my Dad put me a big plank of wood across the top of the daedo rail (is that how you spell daedo?!) The little pink jewellery box on the top is what I had before I got the big black one so you can see the size difference! I don't want to get rid of this princess one though :) I have most of my favourite books up here as well as that big box in the corner which my mum and dad gave me for my 21st birthday - it was a pink box filled with 21 pink presents and I love it, I kept everything - even the sweet box that was in there when I'd finished as I don't want to forget any of it!

So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed the little insight into my bedroom!


recent buys

Acid and Chaos Sleek eyeshadow palettes
Quilted shopper - this is massive inside (and it is hung on my fave picture of Paris) !

No 7 powder - got this with my £5 off voucher from Boots Advantage Card so it cost about £6.50

All of these bangles. Yes, all of them in a day. Obsession number 2 - post coming soon!

Longline cardi (got it in red and blue too) and bag ~ Primark - the bag is only £7! It's brilliant

Polka dot peep toes shoes ~ Matalan, about £12 I think

The Infinite Wisdom of Harriet Rose, book swapped on RISI
Number of DVDs from Head for muchos cheapness

All the above cards on sale in Marks and Spencer! I love M&S cards and nipped in to get one for an upcoming birthday and came across these which I'm sure will come in handy one day. These should have cost £7.50 but instead came to £1!! And the little silver thank you cards and envelopes have ten in the packet! :)

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Better on the Other Side

I found this new tune on you tube courtesy of Kae and I love it...lots of my fave artists in it...

It's a tribute video to Michael Jackson and it's by The Game, Diddy, Chris Brown and Boyz II Men ( ♥ ) and it also says Usher but I'm not too sure... anyway here it is, let me know if you like it too!

yay :]

I got another award :] :] :] This makes me very happy!

The lovely Kimberly at My Wooden Heart gave me this lovely award for friends. I've got 44 followers now and have so many that I follow. You're all such lovely lovely people! (I've said lovely three times in like one sentence almost?!) Thank you all for reading. I think I will have to do a little give away once I reach a certain number :]

This award is bestowed on to blogs that are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to six bloggers who must choose six more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

I'm giving this award to my blogging friends who I feel I have got to now extremley well since I first started blogging way back when (I can't remember). These girls feel like my real friends and there are a lot of circumstances in life when I would prefer to speak to one of these than my actual friends.

Feet in the Earth ~ I've followed this lovely lady (there's that word again!) for years and am super excited for her up and coming wedding which sounds brilliant - I am so jealous of her honeymoon!

Butterfly Wings ~ I love pretty much everything this girl buys - she has great taste! I used to kind of chat to her on a forum we used to post on and was very pleased when I discovered she had begun blogging :]

Girl Next Door ~ This pretty lady doesn't blog as much as she used to ... please come back!! :[

Lou Lou Land ~ Again I have read this blog for quite a while now and love reading her beauty and fashion ramblings, with a bit of footie thrown in for good measure from time to time ;)

Thoughts Running Through My Head ~ I love seeing what this lady has bought be it home, make up or fashion :)

Thanks again to Kimberly for giving the award to me, I'm going to place it in my side bar now!


i love this ♥

New bloggies that I have come across this week :]

A World So Small
Adventures in Normality
Confessions of a blogaholic
Lillies & Grapes
Live It, Love It

and finally for today Crazy Little World of Mine who lead me to this fantastic band on you tube...

They're called The Baseballs and are three guys from Germany. I had a quick look on their website before heading to iTunes to see if there was anything there on them and was pleased to see their album! I love old fashioned music like this and am a lil sad that bands nowadays aren't like this...I think I have been born in the wrong era I LOVE all oldie stuff lol. This band however do todays songs in years gone by style... some songs on their album include Umbrella by Rhianna, Angels by Robbie Williams, Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis and Crazy in Love by Beyonce. I've checked them all out on you tube and this is one of my faves, I do love a bit of Maroon 5 :]

While I'm on the subject of old things, I read this book this week, I grabbed it on the way to work one morning to read on the bus from my h-u-g-e to be read pile and had to stay up until way past midnight to finish it in one sitting - I loved it.

The story is based on a journalist in 2008 called Rosie, best friend Caz and boyfriend Will and after a huge argument with Will goes to work the next day. She is sent on an assignment to the local housing estate, The Meadows which is down and out in the dumps, to interview one of the first people who lived there. As she is getting through the front door she feels funny and faints and when she comes round she is in 1950. At first she doesn't believe it, thinks it is a film set etc but gradually comes round to realising the truth. Will and Caz are both there in the past but as Billy and Carol - but are both married to each other. Rosie learns to live with the fact that she is stuck in the 1950s as her and Billy fall in love all over again, knowing she can't have him in this life...unless she can return to our time. It says on the back of the book for people who like The Time Travellers Wife, Lost Art of Keeping Secrets or Life on Mars. I never actually watched Life of Mars but I do wish I had... I have read both the other books, The Time Traverllers Wife is a firm favourite and I recommend that and this book to anyone!

To end I will leave you with a trailer for TTTW which comes out shortly with the GORGEOUS Rachel McAdams ... I'm almost as excited for this as I am for New Moon and Harry Potter!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

sunny sunny :)

It’s only Wednesday and I don’t get paid until Friday and I am in dire need of new clothes!! My wish list is millions of things long and I cannot wait to buy them all. I’ve noticed a lot of you are buying lots of lovely things from Accessorize so I’m definitely making that one of my first trips. And oh, if I’m in there I may as well buy another headband…
The sky is a lovely blue sunny colour this morning and at lunch me and my colleague are going to go and buy lots of lovely food from Marks and Spencers in preparation of a picnic we are going to have tomorrow on the park opposite our office. I can't wait!! I ♥ picnics.
A little heads up to let you know that the gorgeous Cat at Reaching for the Stars is running a great competition at the moment so check out her blog for deets…
I’m hoping my new battery will be waiting for me when I get home…its killing me not being able to go through blog after blog on a night whilst watching my new favourite programme! I only have five more episodes of CSI left series 1…I need to promise myself that I wont buy the next series just yet… which means I think I am going to make a start on Nip Tuck next. The only problem is that I have so many DVDs I have no space left for anything anymore! When I get my laptop working again I might list some things on here that I’m selling so if anyone is interested they could let me know before I eBay them… what do you think?

for Feet in the Earth (and most other people!)

I saw Kellan Lutz in an episode of CSI: New York last week...H.O.T

The top picture is my favourite of R Patz!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

totty for Tuesday :-p

As I'm at work and don't reallh have time to do a proper post I thought I would make myself a tad bit hotter - how bloody warm is it! - and post pics of people I think are hotties that I have randomly saved on my PC.

I should be getting a battery in the next two days thank god!