Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I go on holiday in about 10 hours :)

Am just about to paint my nails.... suitcase is all packed and ready...need to sort my hand luggage out and am updating my iPod with new music (including The Beach Boys Platinum it bad that I am currently totally obsessed with them?)

Part of me can't wait to get away but then part of me is so....there are gonna be arguments on this holiday I know it and I can't be arsed with it really.

At least it will be good to get to a hot country rather than this shite weather we are having here!!

So bye for now :)



  1. Hey..... Im glad you share my luvs for Ian Curtis & the hot guys.....

    I dont seem to have you as a follower like ya said? i know i had problems with my page but i think it'a all sorted now? to follow me click on the right side of followers or copy & paste how ever you prefer my luvly..
    hope the holiday aint so bad?!?!?!? xx