Thursday, 14 May 2009

I've messed up on the spending diet :(

But I honestly didn't mean to! And I don't know how its happened!

I worked it out so well, but when I came to take out this weeks allowance today I had way less than I should, almost £90 less :s

Anyway. this week didn't go to well either. I ended the week with 7p left as opposed to last weeks £20, which I cannot understand as last week I had two nights out and bought some stuff too... I haven't bought much this week, some shoes which I will post a pic of over the weekend, they were only £25 and I already have them in another colour and I love them so I had to get them. I went to see Wolverine last weekend and I loved it! Hugh Jackman is fine fine FINE lol.

I'm going for a Nandos tomorrow and to see Fighting with Channing Tatum..this guy is hot, I'm looking forward to seeing it!


  1. Oh no, how annoying about your spending diet, its so easy just to spend money without realising it though. Thanks for the gorgeous pic, he is gorgeous!

  2. I also keep a close tab on my spending and saving, especially in this global climate of economic meltdown :(