Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Twilight Rumours...

ala Perez Hilton here...

I am so excited about New Moon coming out even though it isn't released until November or something. I'm totally obsessed with the books etc and was looking at stuff on Perez earlier when I saw this little article about the third film, Eclipse...

The third movie, Eclipse, is currently in the process of being scripted. And Melissa Rosenberg, the screenwriter for Twilight, New Moon, and currently Eclipse, says she has the hottie in mind to play the role of Riley.
During a new interview, Rosenberg said “There’s a very big battle at the end with Riley, and I think Channing would do that so well. There are some complexities to that character. He really is tragic. He’s a puppet for [vampire] Victoria. So he has to break your heart a little bit at the end when he realizes that she doesn’t want him. Channing could do that beautifully.
OMG...I don't think I would cope if Channing Tatum, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson were all in the same the end....*swooooooooonnn*


I go on holiday in about 10 hours :)

Am just about to paint my nails.... suitcase is all packed and ready...need to sort my hand luggage out and am updating my iPod with new music (including The Beach Boys Platinum it bad that I am currently totally obsessed with them?)

Part of me can't wait to get away but then part of me is so....there are gonna be arguments on this holiday I know it and I can't be arsed with it really.

At least it will be good to get to a hot country rather than this shite weather we are having here!!

So bye for now :)


Thursday, 14 May 2009

I've messed up on the spending diet :(

But I honestly didn't mean to! And I don't know how its happened!

I worked it out so well, but when I came to take out this weeks allowance today I had way less than I should, almost £90 less :s

Anyway. this week didn't go to well either. I ended the week with 7p left as opposed to last weeks £20, which I cannot understand as last week I had two nights out and bought some stuff too... I haven't bought much this week, some shoes which I will post a pic of over the weekend, they were only £25 and I already have them in another colour and I love them so I had to get them. I went to see Wolverine last weekend and I loved it! Hugh Jackman is fine fine FINE lol.

I'm going for a Nandos tomorrow and to see Fighting with Channing Tatum..this guy is hot, I'm looking forward to seeing it!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Bank Holiday

I have decided to follow the lead of many others and go on a spending diet as such.

It's not particularly a strict one, as I will still have £140 a week (not including transport) so that's for lunches and anything I want to buy, any drinks etc. I know a few of you are on ones that are like £30 a week so mine will seem ludicrous but this year I have wasted so much money. At one point, last month I was spending up to £200 a week on wine alone in the local pub after work so its kind of a spending diet, lifestyle change kind of diet.

Every month I say I will save money and put bits aside, not buy this, not do that, not go into my overdraft but every month I do. So after pay day last Tuesday I worked out (after making my last purchase of the TS shoes ;) ) that I would need X amount for bus fares (£5 a day - fecking scandalous the price of a bus journey these days) and then worked out the rest of my money. I drew out the bus money which is now in a money bag in my room. I think I am just going to take it out each day instead of having it all in my bag at all times - previous experience has proved this to be an excuse to break into this travel money in the pub. I have drawn my £140 for the week out (I will be doing Thursday to Thursday) and given my bank card to my mum. The feeling of not having a card is so weird - not being able to just purchase something online or hand it over or even just have it in the space it belongs in in my purse.

Re the saving money, this is going to start next month. I still needed money this month for the holiday and I get back on pay day so I will devise a plan then but at least I will have missed the fourth week of the month which is usually when I start overdrafting, lending money etc.

So on Thursday, being the first Thursday after payday and late night shopping, it was time for my once a month trip to Primark. I drew my money out and took from that what I was going to need for my Bank Holiday weekend - I also have a friends birthday tomorrow night. I went for a drink after work with my boss and shopping partner and the boss paid for it so that was a thumbs up.

As soon as I stepped into Primark I felt the difference. I have a habit of spending £100 or so in there as from the minute I step inside the en trace I grab a basket and start filling it with anything I remotely like the look of. I might take £20 or £30's worth of stuff back but this time I didn't have that choice. I had to really think whether I would need it and whether the value for the money was good (!) as I only had £60 to last me this trip and lunches etc until the following Thursday. All in all, I only purchased this purse (£3.50):

and this batwing top which I ♥ (£8.00)

I did also buy an oversized shirt - I have one I bought from River Island last Spring and have lived in it. I spotted the newer version last week but for £40 I don't know whether I *need* it and then spotted the Primark one at £11 but when I got home it didn't look right, the buttons were all a bit squiffy. I also got a beaded bracelet in pink which I don't even know why I picked it up, it was awful. Another difference, having no bank card, was that usually when I do go shopping, I never try clothes on - hate changing room mirrors, queuing to get in them and wasting time. When I need to return I leave going back as long as I can. As I needed the money I went straight back the following morning before work to get my refund straight back in my (new) purse. Nipped for a quick drink after Primark to the pub across the road - for a small glass of wine (Blossom Hill) it was only 99p!! So had one of those and shared a bag of McCoys. I had my day rider so didn't spend any more.

On Friday after getting my money back from Primark I nipped to Bagel Nash and bought my new favourite thing. In lunch I had to go an buy some drink for that night and bought a chicken drumstick too - I don't know whats happening with me at the moment but I am obsessed with chicken! For the past four weeks now I have eaten so much - chicken legs, chicken thighs, chicken breasts - chicken mad. (I'm already thinking now how I can manage to fit eating some into my day tomorrow). I was going to my friends after work and usually as she only lives 15 mins away I would have got a taxi for about £7 but this time (for the first time in 3 years) I got the bus - like I say, something I would never have done before.

It was said friends birthday and I just took £30 out with me and put that together with my friends £30 and we got our drinks from that. It was a bit daunting going out clubbing without my card and only that much - when I go out usually I spend about £70 and we had less than that between us, to include taxi fares. As we drank so much before we went out we actually only had two drinks in the nightclub and just danced instead. So we had about a tenner each left over at the end of the night :) I had a really good night too, I don't tend to go out as much any more. I really didn't want to go out again on the Saturday (think I blogged about that) but managed to pull myself round. Saturday was OK, not as good as the night before but OK. We went over our budget though and my friend had to go to the cash point on the way home to pay for our taxi - only an extra fiver though, so I spent £35. Lounged on the sofa all day yesterday watching episodes of Charmed. I adore Charmed, it's one of my favourite things to watch, I have all the DVDs and can just watch over and over.

Today I was debating about whether to go bowling with some friends. I have £40 left until Thursday now and I have to go for some food and maybe more tomorrow night, and in the end it was a bit too late to start messing about. So my Bank Holiday Monday was spent laid on the bed with my pretty little cat, reading, facebooking, ebaying, itunes'ing, watching Waterloo Road, Shameless and The Inbetweeners on Catch Up. And I loved it :) :) :)


Saturday, 2 May 2009

8 Things Tag

LucyluvsGaz tagged me in the 8 things one thats doing the rounds, so here are my answers!

8 Things I look forward to -

  • Weekends - I go out more on a work night than I do at weekends and I ♥ relaxing sleep ins, staying in bed all day!
  • Autumn/Winter - OK, I know it's just gone, but its my fave time of year and it makes me excited! I keep my favourite Christmas songs on my iPod all year round and it gets me all giddy
  • Payday - the best day of the month :)
  • Having my own little family :)
  • Slightly related to the one above, but owning my own house and making it all pretty!
  • My holiday in three weeks :)
  • I can't wait for the day I have a job I love!
  • Going back to New York :) :) :) Actually, I want to go all around America so I look forward to this...a lot

8 Things I did yesterday

  • Bought my new shoes
  • Wore false eyelashes for the first time
  • Saw my 'second family'
  • Got immensely drunk
  • Ate a Chicken Caeser Bagel Nash - my new fave
  • Had a night out where I didn't lose anything, first time in ages. I lostmy Touche Eclat last time I went out, it was pretty new as well :(
  • Forgot to buy Rimmel Sexy Legs so put the Dove (can't remember the name of it, its the tanning one) on five times through the day to give my legs more of a tan!
  • Managed the first day of my spending diet rather well, if I do say so myself!
8 Things I wish I could do-

  • Live in New York :)
  • Sing! I'm bad
  • Do smokey eyes better!
  • Stay in bed and not go out tonight :(
  • Have smaller boobs!
  • Drive, I had lessons a few years ago and I'm just too scared
  • Find a nice, decent guy for a change
  • Go out and get a tattoo now :)

8 Shows I watch-

  • Sex and the City
  • Prison Break
  • Charmed
  • Gavin and Stacey
  • Shameless
  • The Tudors
  • Waterloo Road
  • Skins

I tag these 8 lovely Bloggers -

More shoe pain!

I am now, thanks to The Pink Jellybaby, a proud owner of these zebra print babys. I quite like the other colours too though, I didn't spot these before. They are five inches high and I don't think I've worn over four before - lord, the pain!! BUT, amazingly, I managed to stay on my feet all night. I honestly expected to fall about fifty times! I fall all the time, I even fall in flip flops (I once managed to get my flip flop stuck in the door of a Subway and didn't realise, so I carried on walking...ended up pouring a large coke over my head as I tried to grab the door handle! Took me so long to get a brush through my hair!!) so this is a great achievement for me. My tootsies are resting in bed right now, along with my painful head which is nursing a hangover. And I have it all to do again tonight :(