Tuesday, 14 April 2009



Reading two books from my to be read pile over the bank holiday weekend
Selling bits and pieces on eBay - only for small amounts, but every little helps!
Having a busy busy bank holiday with friends
Winning a prize draw on the Skinny Cow website!
Pret chicken caeser baguettes


Back to work tomorrow :(
Supposed to have done my appraisal form which is to be handed in tomorrow - but I haven't
Being over halfway into my overdraft, too scared to see the actual damage and payday is still 2 weeks away :(
Having so much to plan for - holiday in four weeks, night out for friends birthday plus presents etc in two weeks, I don't know how I'm going to have the time or money to sort it out


  1. reading 2 books in one weekend would confuse me, and skinny cows yum, but then again i would want t eat another so i might as well eat a magnum even better lol

  2. You know I've never actually tasted any of the skinny cow stuff. So strange - after I read your comment Bev I went out for my lunch at work and it seemed everywhere I went I saw magnums? I wanted to buy one so badly!

    I won a teddy lou! I'll take a picture later!